By: Bradley Loves


The Question that was posed on Skype was this one, and I have edited and added to it to make it more complete for my blog!  I am posting it because I think that it should be made public.


Are Demonic entities or beings holding the EARTH hostage and are the rest of “us” prisoners because certain humans are doing their will on EARTH in exchange for power, knowledge, and divine secrets?

If so, do the demons actually take over a human host, or do they just influence them?

What is the process of the demons, how do THEY do this?


Great question, Here is a simple example!

  • Let’s put it this way, how does “water” actually fill a sponge?
  • How can a sponge hold a completely different substance than what it is made from?

Water exists in a very different “state” than the sponge does.  So therefore, water can permeate and exist within all of the holes, pores, and empty spaces within the solid mass of the sponge by a process of INFILTRATION!

Spirit is rather like water in this regard.

Even dark spirits which are DEMONIC exist on a much finer level of creation than what we can normally see with our own eyes, and thus exist in a different STATE than we do!

It is as simple as a dark demonic entity (just like water does to a sponge) entering into the EMPTY SPACES of your physical body and saturating the empty spaces of your body which is far more solid than than the rarified “energy” that the DARK SPIRIT exists in.

The entity, once saturating your body…, now exists inside of your formally “spiritually clean” spaces much like water now exists inside of a sponge.

You’ll notice that a sponge that is filled with WATER is far heavier and harder to move around than a “dry” sponge.

Have you ever seen how easily an innocent child moves around?  They are light on their feet, and they can jump, hop and skip with almost every step!

They are “light” because they have no demonic entity inside of them weighing them down!

Most adults (who have defiled their own systems) move around as if they are loaded down with a heavy weight!

There is an actual physical “weight” that can be felt upon the human body frame due to the dark spirit…,  and if it can be forced to leave…, the human host will feel as if a huge weight has suddenly been lifted off of them and they will feel light as a child again!

Any Channeler (who is actually channeling and not faking it) will tell you that they can physically FEEL the weight of the energy of the spirit descend down onto their bodies and literally take it over as they channel!

(Sadly…, they do this willingly)

Human beings are given “shields” by GOD to block these entities from taking over your body without your permission…, but human beings sadly engage in all manner of bad behavior!

The SATANISTS who are already here (and most of whom are demonically possessed)…, are pushing many forms of BAD BEHAVIOR AS NORMAL!

This is done to weaken our shields and defile our bodies!

Satanists actually do Rituals and Sacrifices in order to try to DRAW DEMONS into their own bodies and willingly hand over their bodies to the demons in exchange for what they think is GREAT MAGICAL POWER and long life!

The bad behavior that the Satanists are pushing (like a drug) here on Earth “LOWERS” the vibration of normal human beings “shields” so they can be easily penetrated by other demonic entities who are waiting for a physical body to grab hold of and control!!

It is like seeing a huge game board with lots of people playing the game…, but you can’t play unless you have a game piece that is physically on the game board! (Like Monopoly).

So these demons who want to have an influence here are desperate to hijack a game piece…, it is as simple as that!

Listening to RAP MUSIC (courtesy of the Satanic Los Angeles Music Industry) as well as many other forms of music, drinking alcohol excessively, taking recreational drugs (even prescription drugs)…, injecting huge doses of VACCINES into little children, spreading pornography everywhere, placing images and videos of violence and killing everywhere (TV and VIDEO GAMES) are all being pushed as very normal…, but have devastating effects upon our human shields which block out DEMONIC ENTITIES!

Pushing ABORTION as normal…, etc…, these are all very devasting to humanity and are weaking our shields!

All of these things are having a very detrimental effect upon YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM!

These things are specifically designed to weaken or lower your “shields” (harmonically) so that DEMONIC ENTITIES can then penetrate you and live within you like water lives inside of a sponge!

The Satanists want even TINY CHILDREN to be “possessed” by Demonic entities ASAP…, which is one of the MAIN REASONS why they are so heavily VACCINATED almost out of the womb!

I have written before about the Satanists who are doing magic spells which are designed to DEMONIZE A FETUS while still in the mothers womb!

This is called creating a MOON CHILD!

Once possessed by the Demonic Spirit Entity, (like water fills a sponge) the human host starts to say, think, and do things that are not GODLY!

They suddenly are no longer acting on their own, and their behavior is noticably different!   These are the words, thoughts, and actions of the DEMON however, not the human host!

The demon is now acting through the human hosts body!

If the “host” is a rather low consciousness human being…, he or she will barely notice the demons presence inside of them…, and simply think that their new thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions are THEIR OWN.

They will barely notice they lost the skip and the hop in their step, and think they just are feeling tired and sluggish!  But they now are carrying the actual physical weight of the DEMON on their bodies!

Hollywood is especially pushing very DARK AND EVIL MUSIC…, SUBLIMINAL MOVIES and excessive SEXUALITY unto children to weaken their shields!

Liberal teachers in American schools (almost ALL of whom are possessed) are pushing sex ed in school to kids as young as 5 and 6 and want to teach them to masturbate and other awful things.

They teach them about oral and anal sex…, same sex preferences etc at 5, 6, and 7 years old now!

This is done to try to get little kids possessed as soon as possible!

  • For every human being possessed by a dark entity…, that is one less GODLY human being that can fight back against their take over of the Earth!
  • Their goal is to completely TAKE OVER this level of creation!
  • The ILLUMINATI and the SATANISTS are helping them to achieve this – which is why “they” are the enemies of mankind!


For those people who are spiritually STRONG, who can’t be possessed (yet) there is also now AI…, artificial intelligence – which is working through ALL OF OUR TECHNOLOGY and devices to MIND CONTROL them.

Have you ever wondered WHY…, ever single device sold is BLACK in color??

In the 1960’s and 1970’s TV’s, Stereos, and phones were NEVER BLACK!

That is because they were not yet being used SATANICALLY!

The color BLACK is the “symbol” (cymbal) that what you are holding has a DARK PURPOSE!  It is also why priests wear all black…, and why judges wear all black!

They are working for the DARK SIDE!

Human beings are currently being hammered from two different sides – one demonic…, and the other technological.

WE are 100 percent AT WAR – and are currently fighting for our very lives…, although TRUTHFULLY…, it is an unseen and invisible WAR!


Pray for the Earth, pray for the people of Earth because even now…, with a few people trying to reverse the course…, they are moving FAR TOO SLOWLY and squabbling over dollars and bank accounts…, when the entire human race is in serious jeopardy!

This is what we are now facing!

All my love….


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