Here is Q’s latest post = 1932


Was John McCain (executed) for treason…, quietly?

How many more are to come?







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  1. Megan

    Or, he could be the latest victim of HC to make sure he keeps quiet for good! He knew too much! Or, He faked it and went underground!

  2. Pete

    John McShitstain was as connected as it gets. He was from an elite bloodline and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. No real person gets that much favourable and/or unfavourable MSM coverage without such connections. Such people do not get offed for “treason”, surely? Treason is meaningless for the international elites who are above, and control all, mere national governments.

    His connections are admitted in the mainstream, see here:
    His “war hero” status is highly dubious too, as that long piece makes clear. He never had to actually WORK to achieve anything in life…….

    Further, I’m fairly sure that this guy has covered him somewhere in his large oeuvre:
    I just can’t find where at the mo. You’ll have fun looking anyway……

    Yes, I know some people think that Mathis is a committee run out of Langley. There is no certainty about that but I do know that he provides lots of interesting perspectives with NEW information. Unlike Q who seems like a big psyop to me. What NEW info does Q actually reveal? Info that you were not aware of already…..

    So my guess is that Q is run by one of the alphabet soup 3-letter agencies. NSA or some such. Who else has the reach? Q is just fucking with the hive mind for some, no doubt, nefarious reason

    And surely NONE of the 3-letter soup crew work for us plebs. If you think that they do then, you should consider reducing your meds, as Mathis often says…….

  3. John

    Tmho, I would be very supriced if that did happen.

    Q stated several times : “don’t interfere with an enemy that is in the process of destroying itself “… ( so way take Mc Caine out ? )

    The reason be that if you look at with how much precision and accuracy is handled to follow the rule of law by the Trump administration, it would be unlikely.

    Jerome Corsi also stated in a speech that the plan in the beginning was to do a coup d’etat when Obama still was in charge, but due to the fact that ppl wouldn’t understand what was going on and eventually revolt, and also democratic ( if that exixsts at all ) or legitimate process way of doing things was violated the plan changed into what we now see unfolding.

    See this vid as from 6min30 :
    ps : I’m not a fan of Corsi, but he’s part of the movement in his way of doing things.

    But in this crazy world one can state, ” never say never “…
    Just my 2 cents.

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