By: Bradley Loves


My last post was a teaching moment for my readers!

I basically took something that was said (very much like CNN does) and turned into something totally scandalous and outrageous!

I turned up the rhetoric to level ten and then some!

Do you see how easy it is to divide?

Do you see how easy it is to say something about someone and turn what they said into something they may not have meant?

I used what was happening at CNN…, and what Hillary was saying to show my readers what is really going on out there with words, rhetoric and how easy it could be to start a civil war!

Just like a man holding up a MIRROR…, I mirrored to all of you how easy it is for the words people use, and their rhetoric to go from one to ten thousand…, and just how easy it is start a huge divide between people!

If you do NOTHING else today.., PLEASE LEARN!


Those men and women screaming about race, gender, and other rights are working very hard to DIVIDE US!

Learn from my tiny teaching moment!   It is so easy to drag people and even entire Companies through the mud!

CNN does this daily!   Why do people still even watch that network?

Naturally, CNN is not pushing for a revolution…, but their words and rhetoric give people the IMPRESSION that this is what they want!

Think about this…,

A WINK to the Time Travelers!

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