My apologies for being away…, but I’ve been experiencing a twofold attack.   My internet connection has been either hacked or compromised where I live…, (and I seriously doubt that it was the Russians)…, more like the CIA or NSA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly…, my (used) laptop (only 3 months old) is about as hacked and compromised as it can get and still turn on! (Running extremely slowly now)

It seems that every 3 months like clockwork that this is the case, the consistent time element is to co-incidental not to be connected.

[I’m beginning to wonder if 90 days is some sort of COURT APPROVAL THING with a “waiting period” in it for government permission to “F**K with innocent peoples equipment”]

Virus protection – anti malware – software debugging…, and other programs are no longer having any affect!

Please be patient as this is very frustrating to me because I constantly have to trash nonworking equipment…, and get more…, which is costly.

Hope to have his resolved soon!





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