By: Bradley Loves


The Satanic “mindset” is a very complicated one…, but it helps if one remembers that much of it is based in BLACK MAGIC.

Please remember during the reading of this post that “magic” really is a substitute word for “magnetics”.   So if we say “black magic” we could just as well say “black (or dark) magnetics”.

I hope this makes sense – so please file this away!

I brought this up before and naturally no one paid any attention to what I wrote. It still it bears repeating however.   Black Magicians are incredibly  good at “energy transference” and “energy transmutation”.

I’d like you to take a moment to read this article located at: What Does it Mean.

On Same Day, Two US Federal Judges Slap Special Counsel Mueller In Face Over Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

This is the part of the article I’d like to highlight.

Knowing, though, that neither the Democrat Party, nor its mainstream media lap-dogs, would even question in the slightest his fantastical made up fairy tale indictments of Russians, this report concludes, Mueller did make one fatal mistake—his failing to remember that under US federal law, a company, no matter if it’s Russian, has the same legal rights as a human being—and was why Mueller was shocked when Concord Management hired one of the top law firms in the United States to defend itself—and whose attorneys have discovered why Mueller is trying to keep everything secret, because everything he charged Concord with, Hillary Clinton was discovered doing, too—that specifically includes:


Please read the last part of this paragraph a few times, and let it sink in.    What exactly is going on here?

Everything that Mueller charged the “Russians” with doing, Hillary Clinton was also discovered doing too!  In fact, almost down the exact charges!  This is not a co-incidence!

Think deeply about this!


What is “Projection”, and why is it used so often when it comes to the DARK CABAL when they are “discovered” doing something criminal?

If you are the Cabal, and you get “caught” doing something truly evil…, why is it that the very FIRST thing you always do is blame someone else for the EXACT SAME CRIME you’ve just be caught doing!

Come on people…, you’ve got to use LOGIC!   What are the “odds” that this is co-incidental?  Especially if it happens over and over and over again…, over the course of 100’s of years?


When ever a Luciferian gets “caught” doing something evil – their religion requires a “sacrifice” from them.  As long as they do not get “caught” – they are considered to be CLEVER and POWERFUL.  

If they do “get caught” – they are considered to be clumsy, stupid, and reckless!

Normally, the one who got caught doing the criminal acts must now “sacrifice something” huge!  In the case of Hillary Clinton…, her leaked e-mail debacle cost her the Presidency of the United States Corporation. 

It was her own Illuminati Cult Members who took the Presidency from her.  SHE GOT CAUGHT – thus she is stupid, clumsy, and reckless!  She had to make a SACRIFICE, and losing the Presidency was that sacrifice.

Now…, Hillary, of all people, knows the rules of her CULT better than anyone, and she knows that to climb back up the “ladder” of prestige and importance in the Illuminati World she must once again PROVE her cleverness and her POWER over the ignorant masses.

The way that most Illuminati do this is by BLAMING someone “completely innocent” of the exact SAME CRIMES she got caught for, and then getting the entire world to BELIEVE IT!  

This “act” demonstrates her absolute power over the people of the world as an ADEPT WITCH, and her “power” over the crime that she got caught doing!   

To normal people like you and me, this all seems totally crazy…, but it is all very steeped in ESOTERICS and MAGIC.  It is the world “they” live in.

If she can pull it off…, she is once again considered a powerful witch and can once again climb up the CHAIN OF COMMAND!

I’m not going to get into this much more deeply than this…, but just know that this kind of thing is really all about “energy” “cosmic payback” – and “balancing the books” – kind of stuff in terms of ENERGY.


Many stories abound about the man that they call St. Germaine!  Some say that he only spent time with the most wealthy and elite men and women on the planet!  His normal company of friends were Kings and Queens or heads of State.

It is also said that he had an Alchemy lab (much like one that the Great Merlin had) and he could be frequently seen in that lab dressed in purple robes complete with a dark purple cape and had flaming purple light coming out of his energy field as he did his magic.


There is also little doubt that he was part of the LUCIFERIAN HIERARCHY!

This picture above shows the “connection” of St. Germaine to Helena Blavatsky (Founder of the New Age Movement) and a KNOWN LUCIFERIAN!

If you read my EPIC SERIES: BIGGER FISH TO FRY – then you will have seen the connection of the NAZI’S, the “SS” and the THULE SOCIETYVRIL SOCIETY to Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society in Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Why did Hillary Clinton wear PURPLE during her concession Speech?

WHY did Hillary and George Soros start something called:


Think people…, use LOGIC!

If you are a WITCH – (or a Magician – as St. Germaine was)…, then you must TRANSFER and TRANSMUTE through a magnetic (magic) and Alchemical process – the ENERGY which is now around you because you’ve been caught doing evil!

Thus, we get to Muller and what he is currently doing to Donald Trump!

And, which is exactly why Trump calls it a “Witch Hunt”!   He knows what is going on!



Most normal people who are “CAUGHT” doing something that is PURE EVIL – will simply have to surrender to COSMIC PUNISHMENT!

Witches and Magicians do not think like this!


Now…, if the “caught” person is a WITCH like Hillary Clinton is…, then there is a single loophole in the Luciferian Handbook which allows you to “re-claim” your power and your status as a GRAND WITCH.

SHE can only escape punishment if she can “BLAME” someone else who is innocent of the very SAME CRIME SHE COMMITTED…, and get them fully prosecuted and sent to jail…, and thus the ENERGY that is around her…, has been “paid for” and “accounted for” by someone else! 




In Luciferian terms…, the slate is wiped clean…, and she does not have to sacrifice anything of her own, because she offered up “innocence” on a sacrificial platter…, for the exact same crime that she got caught doing…, and due to some fast talking and some slick words, she got SOME ONE ELSE to pay for her debt.

This is also called – KARMIC TRANSFERENCE, and is something that I’ve written about and hinted at before on this blog.

This type of thing is real, and is done through a means of BLACK MAGIC…, or rather BLACK MAGNETICS.

Normal thinking people would assume (wrongly) that this is pure “nonsense” and is wholly impossible!  But this would be talking from “IGNORANCE” and not from “KNOWLEDGE”.

On the higher Astral levels of being, it is all about “energy”“karma”“debt payment” and the like…, but remember, these witches and warlocks have been studying Meta-Physical theories, Black Magic, and Alchemy for a very long time!

Why was Heinrick Himmler considered to be an uber Fuehrer – and the only man in the “Third Reich” higher than Adolf Hitler?  (A man many Germans feared)

Perhaps he was the Greater Magician – and that was why he ran the SS!



No WITCH the calibre of Hillary Clinton would ever go down (having to make a huge sacrifice in her own life) without first trying to TRANSFER HER COSMIC DEBT (ENERGETICALLY) TO SOMEONE ELSE.


This transference could only be done through a process of magnetics or magnetism and Dark Black Magic.

Thus, what I wrote in my first few paragraphs: BLACK MAGNETICS

I mentioned before in earlier posts (look them up) that the ELITES were doing countless criminal things here on the Earth, and were also quite effectively – through a process of “magnetic transference” (and tacit consent of the victim) – transferring ALL of their horrible KARMAonto to other souls.

This is how they (Dark Magicians) can continue to be SO PERFECTLY EVIL for so very long a period of time – and never seem to encounter any bad luck in their lives, or have anything go wrong in their lives. 

Even though evil, they seem to be blessed!



They are using the arcane knowledge of the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLSthey use knowledge that deals heavily with planetary and personal magneticsin order to transfer very heavy bad karma (energy debt) unto innocent souls…, who then immediately will have very horrible things happen to them in their lives when these innocent souls should have had NOTHING BAD happening to them.

Once the “energy” debt has been PAID…, (by someone else) the Universe – at least on this level – no longer seeks any PAYMENT for that debt…, because the “debt has been paid”…, albeit by someone else who should NEVER have had to pay the debt at all.

This is simply another VERY HIDDEN SIDE of the Religion of Lucifer – and speaks to why “they” who practice it can seem to “get away” with so many horrible crimes while living here on Earth…, and seem to live such blessed and happy lives.


And now you know the rest of the story…..


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