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To a “magician”…, (one that is very dark) the “cutting edge” is all about THE SOUL!

This is where the high tech BATTLE GROUND is, and this is where they are focusing MOST of their efforts!

Even the DRACO and the Alien Grays are desperate to learn everything they can about the HUMAN SOUL.

This is part of the reason that DULCE even exists!

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The EVIL activities of Dulce go way beyond genetic experiments!

“The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams.

Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body, and place an ‘alien entity’ force-matrix within a human body after removing the ‘soul’ life-force-matrix of the human.


Beyond KARMA DUMPING (which horribly affects the Human Soul) and Soul Migration (which affects the local hiding place for a Laggard Soul) these DARK MAGICIANS have been desperately trying to figure out a way to permanently STEAL another beings SOUL!

Souls (made exclusively by Prime Creator) are like self contained Nuclear Power Plants!   They are pure energy and can “power” things. However, they are also much, much more.  They are the “intelligence” gained from thousands of lives, and as I’ve said before, the Illuminati seek all KNOWLEDGE!

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Because they are “pirates”…, they simply STEAL what they want!



The need for “stealing” SOULS was first seen when they started developing CLONES of real human beings.

A “Cloned Human” is a duplicate or replication of someone else’s real time DNA pattern.

(This by the way is why they are currently “collecting” every single human being’s DNA)

These humans are “grown” to adult size in a very short period of time…, but are very limited in what they can do!

The reason for this limitation (according to Shane Bales)  is that while the fully grown human body is like the “hardware”…, the SOUL is like the “software”.

I don’t care how much money you spend on the greatest computer hardware (it could be Billions)…, it is only a pile of scrap metal unless you INSTALL an equally awesome “software” to run it.

This is the crux of their on-going problems with CLONES.


This is where “old souls” or extremely “spiritual souls” become very valuable to the Dark Magicians…, and it for this reason that they “WANT” your SOUL.

They want to “capture it”…, force it into a “cloned body” and get it to run the damn CLONE!

(A clone THEY created and THEY OWN, and THEY can control!)

While new souls are like a “basic” version of software (In a manner of speaking) …, and are capable of running a cloned human body…, OLD SOULS are like the super advanced version of “upgraded software” and are far more desirable.

The “problem” here is WHERE do you get a very “old soul” to willingly jump into your brand new HARDWARE!   And, furthermore, how do you CONTROL that hardware, once the advanced “software” is installed!


That DAMN PESKY FREEWILL keeps getting in the way of these Dark Magicians!

However, they ARE making progress!

According to Shane Bales (who actually worked with some of the cloning technology available to the Illuminati) he claimed that the Draco and the Grays already HAVE super advanced machine technology that can “transfer” a human soul (for a short time) from their original human body and into a cloned body (while keeping the original body alive).

Apparently – DNA is so unique to each human being – that even if a human body is CLONED…, that “body” will not work correctly unless the SOUL that matches that DNA somehow “boots up the system”.

So, let’s say that the Illuminati has STOLEN your DNA and made a clone of you (by using your DNA).  This is just the “hardware” and is useless without adequate “software” to run it!

Becuase the clone was made from YOUR DNA…, that body needs YOUR SOUL (or even just a tiny part of it) before it can run properly!

What the DRACO discovered is that another soul can in fact operate a body cloned made from YOUR DNA if they can temporarily USE YOUR SOUL to “boot up the system”.

This is where the “temporary” SOUL TRANSFER MACHINE” that Shane has seen – and was apparently trained to use – comes in!

They will clone someone, then use that persons soul to boot up the clone, and once it is up and running, they give it another soul.

However…, for the really GOOD CLONES…, this is still not enough.



When Bryan Alexander was experiencing all of the horrible things he went through as a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL…, he told me that he could “hear” the scientists talking about him  as if he was there in the room with him.

At night (when he was trying to sleep) they kept talking about “SPLITTING HIS SOUL” …, which terrified him…, and he told me so.

See this link:

I contacted Shane through Skype – and asked him what this meant.

He told me that this was a real and actual Illuminati proceedure – and was part of a CLONING PROCESS!

He told me that instead of just “temporarily transfering” a human soul into a cloned body to “boot it up”…, if it was a soul they were desperate to get…, they would use extreme torment and torture in order to try to SPLIT the SOUL into  “usable parts”.

In this way, they could STEAL A PORTION of a human beings soul -and place it permanently into one of their controllable CLONED BODIES!

Once again…, just like they do with “everything” else…, these dark players have decided to STEAL what they need!

They have decided to try to STEAL actual human SOULS and then “INSTALL THEM” into these cloned bodies in such a way as both the SOUL and the BODY can be controlled (BY THEM).

This is quite advanced stuff!   We are no longer on the Kindergarten level here Toto!

This is NOT for newbies!  Welcome to “Grade Five”!

This is something that the DRACO and the Alien Grays who were working at DULCE – were endeavoring to do in the 1980’s!

Apparently they’ve pretty much perfected it!

With the help of “our own” CIA and FBI…, (who protected these screwed up scientists that were working on such projects) and who also knew full well that the Grays were living  there and directing them…., this type of SICK, SICK, SICK science was being done!

The DEEP STATE knew that these types of EXPERIMENTS were taking place – and the Dark Alien Grays were given free reign to do whatever they wanted in trying to figure out how to “transfer” an unwilling SOUL from it’s original body into a cloned body – and then back again!

So, here is where we have a huge problem on Earth!

As I’ve already mentioned…, as we speak…, the Illuminati is very busy STEALING every single human beings DNA!

You think they just want it for their “records”!

HA! – How Gullible and Naive’ you are!

You’ve got to THINK BIGGER!

What would you say if they were getting ready to manufacture clones of every single human being they wanted to keep for their purposes – and planned on STEALING your very soul so as to imprison it into one of their highly controllable CLONES?

NOW…, you are starting to get just a “tiny idea” of the level of EVIL we are up against!

As “Q” Anon…, (who I am very certain knows of this has said)

These people are sick…, they are PURE EVIL!


Why do you think all of those who “know” about this stuff are going insane becuase of Donald Trump?

Trust me…, HOLLYWOOD knows all about CLONING technology!

These men and women have been a HUGE part of the Illuminati System for years…, and most of these RATS know a lot of the top level secrets!

‘This is why they are SO DESPERATE…, and you can see them “frothing at the mouth” over Donald Trump (who is getting ready to EXPOSE THEM)!

People like Whoopi Goldberg KNOW about CLONES!   She is terrifed of being exposed as complicit in all of Hollywoods EVIL!

This is why they are screeching like wounded animals and using TV and the MEDIA to yet again LIE TO and DECIEVE YOU!

As Q said…,



Anyone interested in more?   Or have you had enough?


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