By: Bradley Loves


The mostly “young” men and women who are working for and running the “TECH” Companies we all use…, do NOT believe in GOD!

Instead they believe in “magic”, “sorcery”, “wizards” and “paganism”.

Well why not…, they are the Harry Potter Generation after all!

GOD is so “yesterday” and so “old news”!

This goes FAR DEEPER than you might think…, and because it is these very men and women who are doing ALL OF THE CENSORING of conservatives, and who see ANYONE who believes in “GOD” as being out of touch with reality – we really need to look into the HISTORY of what happened before…, so it does NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

Americans have got to stop making excuses for what is happening out there and wake up to the fact that AMERICA has lost it’s soul!

When our “young people” believe more in “spell casting”,  “channeling the spirits”, and trying to “align” themselves with the stars and planets…, then the world as we know it is once again in DEEP TROUBLE!

This newest article from basically says it all:

With the globalist elites in the European Union now contemplating if they can even survive the next year as American car giant Ford becomes the latest company to abandon them and lay off of thousands of workers, and whose globalist ally Canada is, also, is seeing bankruptcies soar in their socialist-leftist tyrannically ruled nation, this report concludes, these malign forces now have only one means left to destroy President Trump before he destroys them, collapse the entire global economy—and whose only hope of keeping this from happening being the American people who have just been told by one of their most powerful Christian leaders that they no longer have to obey the Ten Commandments, and whose US Navy sailors have declared themselves heathens as they hold religious services rooted in Norse paganism aboard one of their nations aircraft carriers—thus leaving Russian officials to wonder not just if the United States can survive, but if it deserves to as Trump not only fights for his nation’s life, but its soul, too.

Yes, you read that correctly, American Navy Sailors are now holding “NORSE PAGAN RELIGIOUS SERVICES aboard our nations Aircraft Carriers!

And, if you have read BIGGER FISH TO FRY…, then you will understand that this is EXACTLY where the NAZI’S started their “cult” of German Warriors who were very determined to take over the world!



You’ll see clearly how it all played out.

Start at BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART EIGHT…, and please read to BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART SIXTEEN…, then you will clearly see EXACTLY how turning toward “pagan magic” and “channeling the spirits” led to World War I and World War II!

BIGGER FISH TO FRY lays it out!

But wait…, didn’t I already “assign” that as a “review” just three (3) days ago??



But the WHATDOESITMEAN article I’m quoting from only came out today…, (3) days later!


IF you do the review I’ve asked you to, you will see that it was in fact normal people who started looking toward “pagan magic” – “spiritualism” – and a “return to the old ways”…, that forced our world into these horrible wars because the common man was DUPED!

It was the ELITE OF OUR WORLD…, (who always lean toward magic and sorcery) who convinced basically “good people” during the days of WW I and II to support a resurgence of MAGIC and OCCULTISM over basic Christian morals – ethics – and goodness!

And why?

Because the “common man” is INCAPABLE of making good decisions…, or so say the ELITE!

According to this report, most hated and despised about President Trump by the globalist forces arrayed against him is his being a symptom, not the cause, of the Western peoples now rebelling against their socialist-leftist elite leaders and governments—with Trump’s examples of how ordinary peoples being properly led are able to take back control of their nation’s economies and borders standing starkly opposed to these globalist elite’s views—best exampled by British leftist political leader Sally Wilton who spoke for these elites when declaring “The working class are not capable of making important decisions…That’s why they are ‘working class’ instead of leaders and professionals”.

Once again…, the young people working at FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE etc…, are taking their “marching orders” from the SAME GLOBAL ELITE that started WW I and WW II …, and are about to do the same to us once again.

The REASONS that “normal people” …., (young people) who are working at these TECH COMPANIES are helping their ELITE MASTERS by “banning” almost everything Christian or Conservative…, is that they have turned to:

MAGIC – SORCERY – PAGANISM – CHANNELING, and countless out of body forces as a “belief system” and once again (go back to the 1920’s for a preview) have forsaken GOD!


President Trump’s timing of bringing neocon John Bolton into his administration, this report says it’s critical to note, came at the same time a new application called NewsGuard was discovered being pushed out across the entire spectrum of the American news media with a public image of its being a dispassionate and unbiased arbiter of truth and reliability—but whose ranking system is systematically destroying tens-of-thousands of alternative news sites supporting Trump, his agenda, and specially targets anyone speaking against elite globalists—and today sees the leftist US mainstream media, along with America’s tech giants, like Google, Facebook and Twitter, forcing it upon every American citizen—none of whom area allowed to know that NewsGuard is, in fact, funded by and deeply connected to” the “Deep State” faction of the US government opposing Trump, and whose top advisors are a “whose-who” of warmonger neocons that includes Tom Ridge, a former Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, former CIA Director Michael Hayden and Richard Stengel, a former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy under President Obama, who at his former post at the State Department was known as the “chief propagandist” for the US government.

Now…, what we are seeing happening on the world stage today is the FINAL DESTRUCTION of the old guard!

These pedophilic magicians have fostered their LAST WORLD WAR!

And in January of 2021…, I will be writing extensively about just how the divine forces of the UNIVERSE…, and American Patriots once and for all brought down the OLD GUARD!

That SERIES…, will be called:  THE TRIUMPHANT



Coming soon…., January of 2021


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