By: Bradley Loves


I feel like the long nightmare that was the Wizard of Oz has ended…, and the Wicked Witch has finally melted!

The ending of that movie is now running through my mind this morning…, with the (Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Song) and I feel we should all be dancing in the streets!

So, as far as I can “guess” (and so far it’s just a guess) we will NOT have a SATANIC PRESIDENT for America!!  Horrray for that!

Now…, let’s just hope he delivers…, and that the cesspool of career politicians in DC do not get to him and INFECT him against America!

Now…, for “other” issues!

Remember when “Ben Fulford” told us 3 weeks ago that the election would not even take place??? (According to his “insider sources in the “agencies”)

Or, how about all of those “DINAR” people who have been telling us for months and months that either Dunford or Ryan were already President, and that Trump would never get elected and that “Announcements” would be made ssssoooooooooonnnnn??

Can we finally agree that these people have been lying?  Can we finally agree that rogue elements all over the world…, (paid by the Cabal) have been psy-op’ing the American People and the entire World??

Can we finally just STOP all the NONSENSE?

Look…, if people in this country can’t USE THEIR BRAINS…, and start thinking intelligently…, then why in the world are so many really LOVING SOULS still desperately trying to SAVE THEM?

What really happened in the final days of the election is that “agency” people like Steve P.    Broke cover and actually “vindicated” people like:

  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • Mark Passio
  • Jay Parker
  • and yours truly Bradley Loves!

They told us that it was the Agencies themselves that sent all of those e-mails to Wiki-leaks…, NOT RUSSIA!

He said they did this because the extreme SATANIC LEANINGS of the Clintons and all of their surrounding minions…., where…, dark rituals…, blood drinking, pedophilia…, and all manner of sick and depraved corruption was taking place…, and he said they were NOT going to allow that back into the White House!

All I can say to those who fancy themselves as NEW AGERS…., WELCOME to the world of the REAL!  Welcome to the world where there is a huge difference between Channeled FANTASY…, and what honest and sincere PRAYER can do.

Donald Trump is not a perfect human being by any stretch of the imagination…, NO ONE IS.

However…, if he puts America first…, and stops the GLOBALISTS from destroying this country…, then he’s achieved something.

Additionally,  it has come to attention that many of the sick and depraved CABAL is headed for “Bases in ANTARTICA”…, and just like the fleeing NAZI’s at the end of WW II…., they are headed for secret enclaves where they hope to escape justice and more importantly CONTINUE to operate…, hoping to once again rear their sick SATANIC HEADS in the hopes of taking over the entire planet at some time in the future.

I hope the “MILITARY” this time has learned their lesson from recent History, and does what ever it takes to root out the Satanists even in the far corners of the Earth!

If left unchecked, future generations will have to deal with them all over again!

Let’s just be glad that for the time being…, “sex with little kids”…, “ritual murder” and “blood drinking” has NOT gone mainstream…, and will not be taught as the new global religion!


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