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(As the TV doctor “HOUSE” would have put it)


It’s been a really long road of reflection, and it has taken our precious Country a long time to finally get there!

However, out of necessity, we’ve had to finally ADMIT that we’ve got some really DIRTY COPS out there!      (REALLY DIRTY).

So now that this is happening, America is finally making some real progress in it’s “Awakening”!

See this:

Donald Trump: Russia Investigation ‘an Attempted Coup’ by ‘Dirty Cops’

President Donald Trump criticized the Robert Mueller Russia investigation again on Wednesday, calling it “an attempted coup” of his presidency.

“This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of the president, and we beat them,” Trump said as he left the White House for a trip to Texas.

Trump denounced the “dirty cops” and “bad people” at the FBI who worked to send the “crooked” investigation to a special counsel investigator.


I’ve written about this subject before!  And unfortunately, the President of the United States is not the only human being who has had to deal with the fallout of the actions and behaviors of “dirty cops”!

While no one should ever have to go through what Donald Trump has been through…, this type of thing is happening FAR MORE OFTEN than those at the “top of the food chain” realize or would like to admit.

Countless “innocent” Americans are now dealing with the fallout of “directed energy weapons”, “V2K – (Voice to Skull)”, “no touch torture”.., and other DEEP STATE HIDDEN projects and programs.

Much of this harrassment and torture of innocent men and women is being done by BAD COPS/DIRTY COPS!

Gang Stalking and Harrassment has been “jobbed out” to tens of thousands of private contractors, many of whom are cops doing this work in the their free or spare time.

There are also former military, and former agents of CIA, FBI, MI6 etc doing this stuff for extra money!

These “activities” are always done in a clandestined way so that the “TARGET” who is being abused (many times by people using broadcast waves) never knows who is hurting them or even WHY!

See this (Important) article:




The most insidious part of this information in the article above is how these “contractors” have figured out how to HACK directly into peoples minds, and then “UPLOAD” thoughts and ideas into their heads simply with the push of a button!

(This includes very deviant ideas!)




I’m GLAD WE CAN ALL AGREE that America has “dirty cops”!

Thank you President Trump!  Now…, if you don’t mind…, let’s get the ones using ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY as well as the others!

Let’s also get the “dirty cops” using Voice to Skull, No Touch Torture, Directed Energy Weapons, Heart Attack Guns,  and the like…, BECAUSE my research has shown that almost ALL of the “targets” are merely WHISTLE BLOWERS and TRUTH TELLERS who care deeply about America…, and want it to STAY FREE!


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