The “only” reason this is VERY necessary to post is due to the fact that so many “bloggers” and “website owners” are STILL PUSHING CHANNELED MESSAGES.

The problem with doing this (not that Channeling is inherently evil -it’s not)…, but that MOST CHANNELED MESSAGES are deceptive!

The entities that are saying that “nothing bad” is happening out there are working for the DARK SIDE!

Their purpose and goal is to lull the entire world to sleep so that it will be FAR EASIER to do a massive, world wide take over!

Only when people REALLY LOOK…, and REALLY SEE just how rampant and everywhere the darkness is…, can we collectively put a stop to it!

The first step to fixing a problem is KNOWING and ADMITTING that there IS a problem!


Oh…, and when you’ve got NETFLIX putting TV SHOWS on like this one:


What do you THINK that young people are going to do???

Oh…, and never mind that BARACK OBAMA is working with NET FLIX!








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