By: Bradley Loves


This post is not necessarily for my regular readers, but for the stray NEW AGER who may come around from time to time.  It is really an important post and has real meaning for those who have been taken in by the NEW AGE!

You see, apparently, no matter how much I try to “explain it” in very simple terms, the TRUTH goes in one ear and out the other when it comes to these unfortunate souls who are terribly “hooked” (addicted) on Channeled Messages and “Spirit Beings”.

I am going to try to lay it all out in simple terms as to how all this is going down, and maybe at some point in the future, a few of these New Agers will be able to “get it” when they are finally ready!



When “fighting” a battle for a planet or a species, you first have to DIVIDE them against each other.

This can happen in many ways, and it is not just pitting half the population against the other half.

To think this is to be naive’.  There is a real “art” to dividing people.

In order for any “division” to work well, and for this division to have a noticeable effect and weaken a population’s resolve, you have to make the REASON FOR DIVISION either very apparent to everyone, OR, you have to hide it!



This means that you are going to take shots at BOTH SIDES  in a conflict, and blame it on the two opposing sides.

We’ve seen this tatic over and over again being used by the CIA when it wants to infiltrate and take over a country.  They start killing people on BOTH sides of an argument and blame it on the other side.

This is exactly what was done inside of the Ukraine during the overthrow of it’s government.

Both sides have to suffer losses, and think that the “other side” is doing it.

This works very well in dividing entire populations if the situation is right, and is quite effective!


There is a group of people however, that do NOT DIVIDE easily. These are men and women who pray!  These are the spiritual people, they are the people who would normally just LOVE!

For this group a very different tactic is necessary, and it is extremely EVIL.

It is risky, and it is calculated, but it is the ONLY WAY to target spiritaul people and possibly DIVIDE THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER!

If you are going to DIVIDE AND CONQUER SPIRITUAL PEOPLE, the best tactic is to “arbitrarily” divide the entire group in half, and then “take shots” at only ONE side, while treating the “other side” exceedingly well!

Spiritual people have a very keen sense of justice and a keen sense of fair play!    They do not understand “arbitrary injustice” and usually can not even IMAGINE IT!

This tactic is being used on EARTH as we speak!!


You see, in the SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT all over the world…, there is a huge division starting to stir!

On the one hand, you have New Agers, who are being coddled, petted, and  “treated” really well by some very dark forces who are “impersonating” Ascended Beings!

But this loving and caring treatment is totally ARBITRARY!

It is not that these people have “earned” or “deserve” this treatment, any more than others have “earned” or “deserve” torture or poor treatment!   It is just the nature of this particular tactic!

On the other side of this equation, you have men and women who used to be PART of the very same larger group of spiritual people, many of whom are very sincere, and who pray and meditate long hours a day (and have done so for many years).

These people may be slightly more intelligent, or have a slightly better ability at logical reasoning and the processing of facts (which is dangerous to any Invasion Force).

These spiritual people are being HORRIBLY TORTURED through the use of super advanced technology!

Would it surprise you to find out that both “treatments” could actually be coming from the exact SAME source?

Okay, the only logical question in your mind would be:   WHY?



You see, the most difficult “group” of any planet to turn or “weaken” in the end, are going to be the SPIRITUAL ONES.

So, this “group” must out of necessity become horribly DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF.

Spiritual people do NOT REACT in the same way that normal people from the general population react.  It’s different!

So taking random “pot shots” at a large group of spiritual people would rarely DIVIDE THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER.

Something much more sinister and far more DAMAGING needs to be used to SEPARATE SPIRITUAL PEOPLE.

The best way to do this, and a favorite tactic of the reptiles, is to impersonate very loving, very caring, and very “giving” beings for 1/2 of the Spiritual population on the planet!

The other half, they ruthlessly attack with super advanced energy weapons, like the ones being used in VOICE TO SKULL/VOICE OF GOD, and other Directed Energy Weapons.

Remember these are “spiritual people” they are attacking!

The level of attack must be unrelenting and vicious!

While they are attacking half of the planet’s Spiritual Population mercilessly…, they are actively “coddling”, “making nice”, and talking about “deep love” to the other half of what used to be the same larger “spiritual group”.  (I told you it was evil!)

Can you see what this does??

The group that is being “loved” and “coddled” is so deeply hooked by the beneficial treatment that they are getting from the “unseen realms, that they can’t possibly imagine in their wildest dreams what the group that is being tortured is talking about.

They just don’t want to believe it.

The “loved” group, feels that “the tormented group” must have obviously done something “WRONG”, where their group that is being LOVED and CODDLED, has done everything “RIGHT”.

They think that they said the all right prayers, believed in ALL the right masters, and did ALL the right meditations!



  • They feel NO SYMPATHY!
  • They feel NO EMPATHY!
  • They do not “understand”



But you see, the tormented group ALSO prayed!  They also meditated, they also loved!  They did so for many, many years, but very suddenly and for no reason they are arbitrarily being tortured, and they don’t understand why!

So they reach out to other spiritual people who are not having these experiences…, and ask for HELP…, but get NO SYMPATHY!!

They are told to meditate more…, (even though they no longer can). They are told to “embrace” the Masters…, but it is the Masters who are torturing them!

This is exactly what is supposed to occur!

This is a REPTILIAN TACTIC – specifically designed for dividing SPIRITUAL PEOPLE so that they can be weakened and then more easily conquered!

You see, there in no rhyme or reason why one group gets loved, and the other group gets tortured!  This is the insanity of this tactic, and why it works!

This is the only way the REPTILES know of how to drive a deep wedge into a group of very powerful and very spiritual people.

In our world (as we speak) this is actually happening!

There is a “tortured group”!   And that group is looking toward the “coddled” group for some real help!

But the “coddled” group is so busy lapping up and absorbing all of the loving attention that they are getting from “higher entities”…, they can’t imagine that the very entites who are loving them, are torturing OTHERS!

In addition to this, the “coddled” group, never having experienced the “torment” or  the “torture” of Directed Energy Weapons, can’t imagine they even exist!

Even if they could imagine it, they still FEEL that any being who is getting that treatment MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG TO EARN IT!

Their own “Channeled Sources” are telling them so.

But in TRUTH…, the entire goal of this “tactic” is to deeply divide the SPIRITUAL PEOPLE of a planet into much smaller and more easily handled “groups”.


There is only one reason for dividing SPIRITUAL PEOPLE against each other!  

That is preparation for a WORLD WIDE TAKE-OVER!

Now, many human beings living on the Earth have already “sold their soul” to the Reptiles!

They are actively “working” with them.

Jay Parker told us in a video interview that his own mother informed him as a child that SHE KNEW very well that the Illuminati and the Satanists were working for the REPTILES!

She gloated that “they” were on the “winning team”, and did NOT CARE how bad the world got in the future!

Many Illuminati/Cabal people know of the DEW’s, or Directed Energy Weapons that are being used on men and women as we speak!

They KNOW that these weapons are being used on innocent civilian populations.  They may even be helping to do it!  They just don’t care.

Every single population has turn-coats within it that will sell their own kind out to others for money, status, or for preferential treatment!

George Soros was one such human being, who during the second world war willingly helped the NAZI’s against his own countrymen!



It is to “remind” people who call themselves “spiritual” that you may not have the WHOLE picture!

And, just because you find yourself being “loved” and “treated very well” by other worldly beings, out of body entites, or so called ASCENDED MASTERS…, this does NOT MEAN that they are who they SAY they are!

There are hundreds of thousands of really “GOOD” men and women who are being tortured as we speak!  They are just as “spiritual” as YOU ARE!

They fact that they are being “tortured” and YOU are not…, is a DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactic!

It is meant to pit YOU, against THEM!

And so far, from what I’ve witnessed, it is working PERFECTLY!

The “coddled” and “loved” group has shown NO SYMPATHY what so ever to the group that is being horribly tortured!  And this has caused and  created a deep divide in the larger spritual group of the planet!

In fact, in the face of huge and undeniable proof, or massive evidence that what they are being told by their “higher beings” is a LIE…, (as in the case of Barack Obama) the “loved” or the “coddled” group will run back to the “higher beings/entites” who are treating them so well, and will beg to understand what is happening, believeing ONLY what the entities tell them, and no one else!


They do NOT want to LOSE the “favored treatment” that they are getting and experiencing – because they have become so used to it, and quite dependent on it!

And thus, they willingly turn their backs on their suffering brothers and sisters, in order to stay in the good graces of beings who have given them a preferred status!

Not one, single channeled entity has ever talked about, or admitted to the use of DEW’s (Directed Energy Weapons)!

I wonder why?






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