By: Bradley Loves


I don’t how many times and places that I have read it or heard it…, but it is starting to add up to an impossible to count total.

THE HEAD OF THE ILLUMINATI SNAKE…., (what we call the Cabal) are a bunch of very old men who are deeply into the psychology of the MIND!

The teachings and the lessons of the ancient mystery schools going all the way back to Babylon…, and most likely before to the Sumerians and their Annunaki “gods”…, (small “g” thank you) …, were ALL ABOUT THE MIND!

The “mind” is really the last frontier!

You can forget about Antarctica, the Moon, and the Universe actually, if you want to learn the greatest truths and gain the greatest knowledge!

All you need do, is unlock the mysteries of THE MIND!

You see…, one wonders why the Vatican is hiding 18 miles of underground warehouses FULL of books that describe Earth’s History and all accumulated knowledge going back hundreds of thousands…, (if not millions) of years!

The ONLY reason to do such a thing…, would be “USE” the ancient knowledge that had been accumulated about the mind…, against those who did not have that knowledge!

So what exactly am I getting at?

What we are “seeing” taking place outside of us and all around us on the world “stage” is the implementation of DIVIDE AND CONQUER, which is actually a very ancient “battle tactic”!

Look, if I wanted to put way too much effort into this article…, I could very literally post (honestly) about 20 videos and 50 articles that I have watched and read in the last 10 days alone…, and pick out and point to each and every “sign”, “clue”, “signal” that has been placed before us to show us this is what is happening.

I consider those who read on my blog to be very intelligent however…, so I’m not going to do that.

We are moving into “tough times”…, is all I’m saying!    We are moving there “collectively”…, becuase all of the:

  • videos
  • articles
  • books
  • speechs/lectures

of the modern day “Paul Reveres” went unheeded and ignored by the masses.

When people who could see this time we are in now, coming on the horizon, and  started calling attention to it, we got “shouted down”!

You see…, words like:

  • Fear Porn
  • Unbeliever
  • Negative Creator
  • Low Energy/Bad Vibes

And countless other names and attributes were pasted as LABELS onto good-hearted men and women who only wanted to call attention to what they saw coming from a distance.

You see…, too many people still think and believe that “individuals” can live in completely separate “realities”…, and remain unaffected by what is going on around them.

I’ve said it before…, and it is a good analogy.  It is like a few of the vegetables in a pot of soup…., trying to separate themselves from the rest of the soup and “CLAIM” they can remain “unaffected” by all of the other ingredients in the pot.

This is just bizarre, crazy, ludicrous…, and is exactly where many of the NEW AGER’s still hang their hat, and call home.

Now, here is where I’m going to bring up a certain term…, and I don’t know who really came up with it first, but the first time I heard it was from Corey Goode!

So…, I will attribute it to him. (He may have gotten it somewhere else).

The term is “Reality Bubble”!

Goode has used this term quite effectively to talk about New Agers (and others) who walk around (inside of) a particular “reality bubble”…, which is quite separate and removed from the ACTUAL REALITY…, and the ACTUAL COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of the planet at this time.

[On a technical and spiritual basis…, I have found many grains of truth in the things that are written by Corey Goode, which is why I am using this one.  Most of what he writes…, however, is “given” to him in my opinion…, which is why I don’t support what he is doing.]

So what is a “reality bubble” ?

It is “slanted”, “distorted”, “mis-informed”, or otherwise “out of sync” point of view, that NEGATES what is really going on and happening IN REALITY!

New Ager’s are incredibly good at walking around the world with such blinders on…, that they could pass by hundreds of homeless people, a few raging wars, and famine, as they were walking down the road…, and then CLAIM that nothing “bad” was happening around them…, that it was all “okay”…, and that the world was a “great place”!

You see…, this is a massive, and monumental DISCONNECT…, from reality!  It is like walking around in a separate “reality bubble”…, where nothing that is happening around you is taken as “real”…, “important”…, or “even happening”.

Just like little children…, who like to believe that playing on the freeway is a fun thing to do…, New Ager’s who are stuck inside of  “reality bubbles” have no ability to connect where they really are…, and what is really happening around them…, with their own bodily survival!

This is actually a metal sickness that has come from BRAIN IMBALANCE!  This is the same thing that Mark Passio talked about in his long 7 hour New Age Bullshit video!

This is why you will NEVER hear a New Ager talk about:

  • Satanism
  • Ritual Child Sacrifice
  • Child Rape or Torture
  • The “connection” of Satanism to Hollywood
  • The “connection” of Child Sacrifice to the Ancient Mystery Schools
  • The “connection” of Child Torture to CIA programs of MIND CONTROL

You see…, its the:  lalalalala…., fingers in the ears…, and I’m not looking at that syndrome, which comes after studying any New Age “teachings” for any length of time!


“That’s NOT my reality”…

….is what you will hear them say over and over again…, just as if they somehow can “separate” themselves out of the “soup” of the collective world we live on.

They are the “carrots” who want NOTHING to do with the rest of the soup…., and somehow think and feel that even while sitting in the pot with the rest of the soup…, THEY can remain unaffected by all of it!

Therefore…, since they are going to remain unaffected by it (damn it)…, there is NOTHING they have to do to try to change ANY OF IT!

So where am I going with this??

Well…, where are we as a world right now?  What is happening on the world stage…, AND…, was there an opportunity to put a stop to any of this BEFORE it got so out of hand??

I would say that there was MUCH that could have been done…, simply in the way of education, concern, getting the word out, being an advocate for TRUTH!

However…, what I have seen and witnessed is a large group of spiritual people, pull back, sit on their hands…, and basically TEACH OTHERS…, that everything that is happening is okay…, it can’t affect you if you don’t want it to…, and that you can control your OWN REALITY!


As long as you are living on the Earth…, you are going to be affected by every single thing that happens here, whether you  believe that is true or not.

For those “seekers” who claim that people like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or others could live in the world and remain unaffected…, I would say to them:

Perhaps…, but YOU are not those people!

Just like Yogananda once relayed to a student of his, who wondered if he should go to the doctor for a broken arm…, Yogananda asked him one simple question:

“Can you heal your arm with your mind yet?”

To which, of course,  the answer was “NO”.


….was Yogananda’s response!

Tell me this…., why do we have so many DELUDED spiritual people walking around who think they are much farther along the spiritual path than they really are??

The New Age community is filled with millions of people who think they are ready to fly…, heal broken bones…., walk on water…, etc.  and THEREFORE…, the world around them, does not matter!

Here is some free advice to those millions of New Agers!

I will phrase this free advice…,  just like Yogananda did!

“Can you fly yet?  Can you heal broken bones yet?  Can you walk on water yet?  If not…, then every single thing that happens around you….DOES IN FACT MATTER!

These things happening around you…., WILL HAVE AN AFFECT ON YOU!  PERIOD!

So…, it’s time to start deciding what “kind” of world you want to see around you!  Because your “input” and “effort” is REQUIRED!

So…, if you “see” with your own two eyes…, Satan Worship…, Spirit Cooking…, Deception…, Mind Control…, and other very negative things happening around you…, then YOU ARE REQUIRED to speak up and to say something about all of that…, because if you don’t…, YOU will end up being affected by it!

So how does this relate to the tactic of DIVIDE and CONQUER?

The CABAL knows exactly how to manipulate events and circumstances in the world to create a very dark reality!

It is part of their “knowledge” of how the MIND works!

If you do not actually have this ancient knowledge deeply within your grasp…, then YOU have become part of the pawns on the chess board…, and are being moved around by them…, whether you think you are…, or not!

The only way these men and women can be defeated…, is to STOP being “divided”…, which means STOP thinking that you are better than the person standing next to you.

Which means that if you do happen to pass by a homeless person, a raging war, or a famine…, then there is something you need to do to put corrective measures into the world!

Simply CLAIMING that these things are NOT REAL…, will not change anything.

Why would you claim these things are not real?

Only if you were trying (desperately) to live inside of a REALITY BUBBLE…, instead of REALITY.

(Thanks to Corey Goode for the help in defining this term)












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