This is an article that is really made up of a whole bunch of “WHAT IF” questions!  It is meant to provide food for thought.  It is meant to stimulate critical thinking! But most of all…, hopefully, it will make you take a look around you and “SEE” things in a whole new way.

WHAT IF…, there were beings from another planet…, or another dimension, or some other place such as another place in an alternate timeline or parallel universe, and they wanted to take over the EARTH?  (Just for arguments sake…, let’s ask…, what if)

WHAT IF…, these other beings (who were part of a group that came from one or more of these “places”)  had come here with the knowledge of really advanced technology…, but still did not have the numbers of beings with them to do what they wanted to do, since there were way MORE beings already living on Earth than in their own group?

WHAT IF…, even though their numbers were small, they had the technology to TIME TRAVEL and to change TIME-LINES since this science was familiar to them?


ALSO, WHAT IF…, sitting there right in front our noses…, was the  PROOF beyond a doubt that there were some very powerful people living among us who actually had FUTURE INFORMATION about ALL events happening a full 15 years before they occurred?  Or maybe 40 years before they occurred?  Perhaps, even 100 years before they occurred?

If indeed such a thing was true…, (and it is not just as we are speculating…, a  “what if”)  then the PERFECT PLAN, and in fact…,  the only plan, to achieve these goals that these beings (coming from one of these afore mentioned places) could have that would work, is called:


The first and best place to start a Divide and Conquer plan is to infiltrate and take over ALL MAJOR RELIGIONS…, and to change the narrative of the belief systems of those who they are trying to control…, and then to train people to think and to believe that one is better than the other, ONLY in order to cause conflict and dissent among the inhabitants of the planet.

The first and best place to hide during the early days of a such a major move against an entire planetary population, naturally is to hide INSIDE OF their most cherished and respected system of belief and hope.


Certainly that is the LAST PLACE anyone would think to look for a dark and evil agenda!  The best place to hide evil is under a cloak of innocence and truth.

This is called:  The wolf in sheep’s clothing…, and is a well known battle tactic of the DIVIDE AND CONQUER system of warfare.

YES…, in the divide and conquer rulebook…, The best place for EVIL to hide is the one and only place no one would think to look.  Inside the very organization that almost everyone considers to be beyond any evil what so ever.

DECEPTION is also key to Divide and Conquer Plan…, so control of the Media is absolutely required.  Who is it that OWNS the MEDIA??

But, could such WHAT IF statements be plausible?

Could such WHAT IF statements even be taken seriously?

Look around!  What do you see happening.  What is honestly going on out there?

I encourage EVERYONE to stop and watch this really important video.

Let it sink in…, could anyone have known years in advance of what was coming?  If they did…, can we admit that TIME TRAVEL and bringing back of future information is happening?

Once you have looked at this video…, please stay tuned for Part Two of: WHAT IF…,

the Divide and Conquer scenario!

All my love!


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