By: Bradley Loves


It still amazes me at how many people can be so blind in their thinking.

“Distraction” is a magicians trick.  It is a tool that is used for an “actor” on the stage to point the attention of the observer in one direction while ALL of the action happens in the other direction.

Distraction is nothing MORE than a tool…, and for those who are the Illuminati, and the Freemasons…, it is a tool that is used constantly!

Lying…, and Deception are tools of Distraction!

Can you see how?

It is a way in which YOUR attention can be pointed in one direction while ALL of the important action happens in another!  It is that simple.

What do the Freemasons say about lying and deception??


So…, just by reading this slide…, you COULD say that since the Freemasons have NO PROBLEM with lying and deceiving…, then they ALSO (by default) have no problem with DISTRACTION!

What could some “distractions” to your attention look like??

  • Endless sporting events on TV
  • Endless “programming” on TV
  • Education which teaches the opposite of the Truth
  • Religions (if they are only based on Dogma and Belief)

But let us just say that YOU were trying to take over the world.  Let us also say that your main “method” of the take-over, had been identified.  (Divide and Conquer)

What could YOU do…, to regain the foothold on the planet that you were now losing??

Being very “limited” in your ability to “imagine” anything better…, you would once again turn to what has worked a million times before…, but THIS TIME…, your methods of “DISTRACTION” would be aimed only a one very small group.

You would employ distraction, with the eventual hope of later implementation of Divide and Conquer.

This is happening as we speak…, and the small group of people (world wide) it is being done to are what are termed Light Workers…, or Truth Warriors.

Having realized that these men and women are a more formidable group than was first anticipated…, this group ALONE is being “targeted” by those who have already “sold out” and handed their own souls to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The “targeting mechanism” for this group is CHANNELING!

There needed to be a way to “distract” good and loving people…, people who did not watch TV…, or Sports…, and get them “tuning into”  programs and programming…, whether they watched it on TV or not.

These people had to be “dealt with”…, since they were just not being CONNED…, and PROGRAMMED properly.

It was J.Z. Knight…, or Judith Zebra Knight…, who took “channeling” to the mainstream…, and did it in the late 1970’s.

See this link:

Here is an excerpt taken from that article:

Ramtha is a 35,000 year-old spirit-warrior who appeared in JZ Knight’s kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, in 1977.

Knight claims that she is Ramtha’s channel. She also owns the copyright to Ramtha and conducts sessions in which she pretends to go into a trance and speaks Hollywood’s version of  Elizabethan English in a guttural, husky voice.

According to Wikipedia, the “Z” stands for Zebra, and Knight was born Judith Darlene Hampton on March 16, 1946, in Roswell, New Mexico.

She has thousands of followers and has made millions of dollars performing as Ramtha at seminars ($1,000 a crack) and at her Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and from the sales of tapes, books, and accessories (Clark and Gallo 1993).

She must have hypnotic powers.  Searching for self-fulfillment, otherwise normal people obey her command to spend hours blindfolded in a cold, muddy, doorless maze.

In the dark, they seek what Ramtha calls the ‘void at the center.’

Yep…, her seminars indeed are 1,000 dollars a crack…, and in the early 1980’s, I found out she was going to be in San Diego, Ca…, but was unable to see her channel due to the very prohibitive price of about $1,200 for the weekend. (No hotel included).

Also…, from that very same article:

Knight has sued several people, but so far she has only sued those who have tried to copy her shtick. When Judith Ravell of Berlin started chanelling Ramtha, Knight sued and won. Ravell was ordered to stop claiming she was in contact with Ramtha and to pay Knight $800.*

Knight seems to ignore critics, probably realizing that followers will come to her no matter what her critics say. However banal or platitudinous her messages, they resonate with many people who are unhappy or bored with their lives. And many of these seekers have cash in hand.

Like Richard Bandler, Knight has a fondness for trademarking words or expressions. Knight, however, trademarks many items that are not unique to her teaching. Ramtha®, C&E®, Consciousness & Energy®, Fieldwork®, The Tank®, Blue Body®, Twilight®, Torsion ProcessSM, Neighborhood Walk,SM, The GridSM, Create Your DaySM, Become a Remarkable Life®, Mind As MatterSM, Analogical ArcherySM, and GladysSM are trademarks and service marks of JZ Knight.

And don’t you forget it.

All this human being CARES ABOUT IS MONEY!

She had trademarked absolutely everything…, but CLAIMS to be spiritual.

She (and many, many people like her) have provided the DISTRACTION that the magicians could not initially provide to the “hard to reach” people who were the “original” Light Workers and “Truth Warriors”…, that came before the 1990’s and anytime thereafter.

If I had to venture a guess…, I would say that just like Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Mary Baker Eddy, and others who started Fake Religions…, she was being funded and supported by the FREEMASONS!!

There are many ways to get good people to take their eyes off the target of REAL TRUTH!

“SPIRITUAL DISTRACTION”…, is one of the most recent ways!  It can now be added to the larger DIVIDE AND CONQUER method of taking over an entire world.

I call the whole thing:  DIVIDE AND DISTRACT.

The real question is this:

Is this method working ON YOU??







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