By: Bradley Loves

A “strange” military tactic…, that is ages old…, AND has been “used” to conquer many other planets in the Universe, not just the Earth!

DIVIDE means to “divide” the people that you want to conquer!

DIVIDE means that you “pit” them against each other in a plethora of ways…, then you weaken them…, by having them destroy their OWN homes, shelters, businesses, families, farms, crops and every other thing that a culture or society needs to be strong!

In the simplest sense of the term…, this is what is being done to our society in almost every way you can name!  I DARE you to find me a part of the system that is NOT designed to weaken or destroy the unity of Earth’s peoples, by pitting them against each other!


Make NO mistake about it…, this is what is being done there…, End of Story!

If you can’t “see” that, ….if you can’t look past the spin, the lies and the rhetoric (which is in reality, just propaganda)  then even though you have eyes…, those eyes are BLIND.

The “EMPIRES” that are now waging WAR in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, and countless other plots of land around the world…, are in the process of: DIVIDING AND CONQUERING these areas of the globe so that they can then be very easily “moved into” and occupied by outside forces.


The tactic of pitting one man against another man…, has come from OFF WORLD…, because ONLY those who are NOT men.., and not our species could be so callous and so cold as to feel the human beings were expendable!

Who really could believe that human men could not get along with each other, and figure things out eventually after thousands of years?  The spin…, the lies…, the propaganda that tells us that we live in a world of endless waring humans…, is getting OLD…, so I recommend to my readers that you please WAKE UP!

There are OUTSIDE forces that are stirring the pot.

The ORDERS and STRATEGIES that pit one man against another…, and one culture against another ALWAYS COMES FROM OFF WORLD, or is “other dimensional!



…..We need to weaken them damn humans!  They are too strong…, and too united still!  We need to create a reason that they will fight with and against each other if we are going to easily take over their world!  – Off World Entities

Thus…, Endless Varieties of RELIGIONS have been developed and given to differing cultures in different parts of the World. Education in each culture has been co-opted and then steered so that one group thinks and believes differently than another group.

Myths and Lies are told to these people as concerns the “other” groups and cultures…, all driven by beings who WANT THE EARTH, and could care LESS about man-kind.


There are men and women living on the Earth…, who are WEAK…, and are great COWARDS!

They are scared of life, and fearful of their weakness…, so they “run” to what they see as strength and pledge their allegiance to outside forces for POWER and PROTECTION.

The politicians, the bankers, the military leaders, the secret society members, the Satan Worshipers are ALL some of the biggest cowards living on Earth, who have given over themselves to be in SERVICE to those who they see as MORE POWERFUL.

They have agreed to “betray” their fellow man…, and their own species for MONEY, POSITION and STATUS!

They have agreed to do horrible things to innocent men and women…,  and to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL in order to live a good life in the here and now, at the expense of all of the other men and women of their own planet, culture and species.

They are NOT WORTHY to breath the same air that true human beings on Earth breath…, because they have decided (CHOSEN) to sell out…, to betray…, to turn on…, and to ultimately torture and enslave other beings like themselves…, only because they ARE COWARDS.

LOOK DEEPER and you will see this is happening NOW!

What we are seeing happening all over the planet…, no matter where you look…, and no matter what the situation seems to be…, if you could only LOOK DEEPER…, what you would see is:  DIVIDE AND CONQUER taking place.

A few articles ago…, I said the system that we live under is:  A Satanic System!

That Satanic System which is everywhere…(Banking, Religion, War, Secrecy, etc,…)  is in reality a MILITARY TACTIC being used on the ENTIRE PLANET and all of it’s people.

If WE who are living under that system…, can’t WAKE UP…, and see that this type of “system” (or way of doing things) in reality weakens all of us…, and pits us against one another…, THEN THERE IS NO HOPE for the Earth…, or for Humans.

This article is the alarm clock ringing!  This post is the call to those who have ears to hear to WAKE UP!

If you continue to give “support” to the very system that is DIVIDING and CONQUERING humans all over the planet…, then you will soon reap the consequence for your lack of action.

Talk to others!  Tell them how you feel! Look beyond what you see and hear on Television….

All my Love,




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