By: Bradley Loves


I’m undecided as to how to approach today’s topic!  I know what I want to say…, but not exactly “how” to say it clearly.

And, (admittedly) it is going to have to go into the realm of speculation and some “WHAT IF” scenarios.   The reason for this truthfully is that I DON’T KNOW for sure.

I suspect…, but am not certain.

This article is going to read sort of like a dot to dot.  With one point getting a straight line drawn to the next point.  Still…, none of these points are really numbered.

Let’s start here:


The Freemasons (who clearly have been shown to worship LUCIFER after the 33rd degree)  equate TRUTH with what they call LIGHT!

The symbology for this is EVERYWHERE in their teachings!


Every cross symbolically represents the “SUN”!


But wait just one minute here…, to the Freemasons…, LUCIFER is the “LIGHT BEARER”…, he is the SON(SUN) of the morning!  It is he, and (he alone) who bears the LIGHT!


With this in mind…, we have to (re) ask ourselves just WHO it was who “started” the NEW AGE RELIGION!!


It was the Freemasons (of course).  Above is an image of the original Scottish Rite book of Freemasonry…, AND…, it was literally called:  THE NEW AGE!

In the New Age religion…, we are constantly bombarded with people and souls who are “striving” to get to the LIGHT…, or the LIGHT OF TRUTH!

I know people myself (who are actually really good people)…, who daily say prayers to “surround” themselves with the LIGHT…, or the LIGHT OF TRUTH!

But hold on a minute here.

“IF” (and here is that if that I warned you about)…, the NEW AGE was started by the Freemasons at the highest levels…, and we KNOW for a fact that the Freemasons really, honestly and truly believe that it is LUCIFER who is the LIGHT, or the LIGHT OF TRUTH, and the SON/SUN OF GOD…, then…………………, all of the people within the NEW AGE…, (without really even knowing it) are seeking out and giving mental, spiritual, and “energetic” support TO LUCIFER as the GOD of the Earth!!

Is this not a logical assumption??

I mean…, what am I missing here????

Could it be that the ENTIRE “NEW AGE” MOVEMENT (without really knowing it) is adding (every day) to the energy of support (through their prayers, desires, and mental state of mind)…., a perfect “creative force” which will eventually bring into manifestation the LUCIFERIAN AGE?? (The age of LIGHT)

Can we at least consider that this is a possibility??

Where you personally put your “energy” does mean something when it comes to manifestation on a global and a collective scale!

Are you clearly aware of what all of the signs, symbols, names, places, and words that you latch onto, and use every day, are really in support of??

Do you really and truly understand what these things represent??

Or…, are you ONLY using them, because they sound good and you were TOLD to use them by those who are running the NEW AGE??

Could this be the FINAL CON…, the FINAL SCAM that was going to “get” every man woman and child living on Earth desperate to bring LUCIFER INTO POWER??

Remember the CON inside the courtroom…, where, when the “judge” asks if you “understand” the charges against you…, what he really means is this:

Are you willing to stand under these charges and consent to them!!

Symbols are substituted for reality!   Words are substituted for reality…, and without knowing what these words and these symbols mean…, you are incapable of knowing what you are really asking for!!

Those who do this kind of thing…, are great CON artists…, and more simply put:


However…, YOU…, (yes you) are being used…, because YOUR OWN ENERGY OF THOUGHT is creative!

“They”…, (the supporters of Lucifer…,) can NOT bring Lucifer into power unless a huge portion of the population on the planet AGREES to this…, and asks for it.

We all have FREEWILL!

So how do they get the rest of us…, to actually support…, and ASK FOR…, something that they KNOW we don’t want???

They use LIES…, and DECEPTIONS…, and CONS…, to get all of the rest of us…, to “ask” for and pray to have manifest something that they seek…, while keeping HIDDEN or OCCULTED the truth of what the lies, deceptions and cons are covering up!!

I mean…, is this too far of a “stretch” to at least ASK OURSELVES??

Here is what the Luciferians really want:


They want BLOOD SACRIFICE to Lucifer!


How many people in the music industry have gotten onto You-tube and claimed that in order to have “success” and “fame” in the industry they HAD TO SIGN their soul over to Satan (in blood)?

Do we really KNOW FOR SURE…, what these Freemasons are all about…, and what they are HIDING?

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to LOOK DEEPER into this before we actually (by accident) help to create or to manifest (collectively) a LUCIFEIAN REALITY here on Earth?????

What would all of the New Ager’s really think of themselves.., IF…, (here is the if again) after they die and pass on…, they find out that everything they did here on Earth…, and prayed for…, was a HUGE CON in order to get them to support the return and the installment of LUCIFER??

Wouldn’t this be the “greatest” MAGIC TRICK ever pulled on the population of the planet??

Can we (as adults) at least consider this possibility??

And…, IF (again)…, this were the case…, then WHO PRAY TELL are all of these “Channeled Entities” who have told us over and over again to pray for the LIGHT?

And…, who are these “entities” who have consistently told us that Barack Obama was a very high soul…, when we know for a fact that he has lied to the American people consistently about almost EVERYTHING!

We know that Obama was in support of Hillary Clinton…, a known supporter of “magic” and “satanic ritual”…, and whose own campaign manager was: John Podesta…, who likes this kind of art, and has it hanging in his home:


Could these (so-called) Channeled Entities actually be:  FALLEN ANGELS??

Didn’t the Bible say that when Lucifer left heaven…, he took many Angels with him…, and that they then became FALLEN ANGELS??

Didn’t the Bible say that Lucifer was the father of all lies and deceptions?

Well…, have we seen any real TRUTH coming out of Washington DC or from the Media lately??

Who then are these men and women in support of??

More will be coming!


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