By: Bradley Loves


Far beyond what can be seen with your physical eyes…, far beyond what you have been “taught” (as truth) in school…, and far beyond what you can imagine in your mind,  there is MORE going on!

Those who are “fallen”, those who have taken up Dark Magic and Dark Magic Rituals, have learned that what we “perceive” as reality…, can be manipulated…, can be bent…, or can be interfered with!

There really is NO way to prove to any one human being (who does want to learn) that this is possible.  Until someone “experiences” something for themselves…, they are usually very skeptical about it.

This is why many children will place their hand on a hot burner, even after being TOLD that it is hot…, and will get hurt!

The problem is that words just can not do what experience can!  A child does not understand that something that looks harmless, can actually cause an “effect” which will be harmful and long lasting!

So then…, in the same way…, human beings (much in the tradition of small children) who have never really been exposed to DARK MAGIC…, and it’s real, harmful, and long lasting effects, will think or believe that such things are NOT possible.


This is the attitude of the Illuminati…, and those Fallen Ones…, who dabble and practice the arts of dark magic!

They see mankind as a bunch of stupid, gullible, animals…, with very little intelligence, and because of that…, as a whole, they DESERVE to be lied to!

Do you doubt this??   Here are their very OWN WORDS, taken from: Morals and Dogma!


Even worse than the statement above is this one…


Well, you can’t get any more “honest” than this.  Masonry hides its secrets from those who: ONLY DESERVE TO BE MISLED!

(That’s you by the way…, at least according to their standards)

Now…, if you want to “argue” the idea that Dark or Black Magic even exists…, then what pray tell, is this book here:


You see…, to these Magicians and Fallen Ones…, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and like greedy little children…, they have hoarded knowledge and kept it from the rest of humanity for thousands and thousands of years!

In a video interview with Jeff Rense…, Preston James talked about the secret Vatican Library…, which really is mis-labeled, because it’s not really one single building!  In that interview, it was revealed that the so-called Vatican Library…, (which is underground)…, is really a series of “warehouses” which is Eighteen MILES LONG!

Yes, you heard correctly…, 18 miles long!

All of the knowledge of the Earth’s past…, going back to even before Atlantis and covering a time span of hundreds of thousands of years is LOCKED AWAY in those underground warehouses…, because even the knowledge of our own history…, would make human beings far more difficult to CONTROL!

How can someone be “fooled” or “conned” once they know the truth?

This is why the Nazi’s had “book burnings” when they took over Germany!

The Catholic Church has had their own versions of book burnings over and over again.  The purpose of this “tactic” is to wipe out KNOWLEDGE before new laws are passed in order to CON those human beings who are under new rules into thinking “nothing else” exists or is possible.

This is also why the Alternative Media is now being directly attacked!  Make no mistake here…, what you are seeing is a modern day BOOK BURNING!
The so-called attack on FAKE NEWS is really about censorship…, and is really about keeping KNOWLEDGE out of the hands of the people!   PERIOD!!!!!

Book burnings…, were done for no other reason than to CENSOR KNOWLEDGE.

It is sad and disgusting to me that countless “young people” are so stupid and controllable…, that when their “teachers” (especially on the high school and college levels) tell them lies and propaganda in their schools…, they immediately mobilize to DESTROY their own future!

They however, (in their defense) are being MIND CONTROLLED to do so!   Here’s something you may not be aware of…, but was made very clear to me in my many conversations with Shane Bales…aka..THE RUINER.

He said:

…mind control IS BLACK MAGIC!   It forms the basis upon which all other magic works…, and naturally involves your “perceptions” of reality!

So you see…

Everything that is happening upon our planet is based upon “misdirection”…, “deception”…, and a CON! 


I will keep writing about this FACT…, until my fingers fall off…, because apparently, no matter how many times that I write it…, it falls on “deaf ears!”.

The VATICAN…, because it hides the TRUTH…, is EVIL…, and will always be EVIL!

No matter how much lipstick you put on a PIG…, it will always be a PIG!

You can even dress the Vatican up in a new “party dress”…, and claim that it has changed it ways with a new Pope!  However…, instead of being conned and fooled by “feel good” words and “soft language” meant to assuage doubters…, DEMAND that they stop hiding the 18 mile long warehouse of books and documents…, which truthfully belong to MANKIND.

Until they do this…, anyone who supports the Pope…, is actually a TRAITOR TO HIS OWN SPECIES!  

If you support these lies and deceptions…, then you are taking responsibility for those lies and deceptions unto your own SOUL!  

If you do not speak out…, then it is assumed that you were consenting to covering up and hiding the TRUTH!

Taken from this “link” given by Ben Fulford

Just what (exactly) do you think that these people are up to…, if NOT a “celebration” of Satanism and Magic??




Do NORMAL people find it amusing to bake a cake of a NAKED WOMAN…, only to thrust a dagger into the spot where the heart would be??


How brain dead are human beings IF they think in their foggy brains that this DOES NOT MEAN SOMETHING

Did you Notice that the woman (who is actually doing a “mock sacrifice”)  is dressed in ALL RED??

[And yes…, it’s just a cake…, but still, the SYMBOLIC MEANING of what she is doing, has significance to the people are are present!]

Here are more pictures of what these Movie Stars and Elites find fun!


Heads (without bodies) as center pieces on the table!

Just from looking at this one photo…, it appears to me that this is a real man in this image (an actor) who was hired for the night, and who is sticking his head up through a hole in the table and is being PAID to simply be still on night and to make it appear as if his head is sitting on the table without a body!

But the REAL QUESTION that you must ask…, is WHY would anyone find this interesting and…, what kind of MEANING does it really represent to those men and women who came to the dinner??

Don’t just pass it off as harmless play!  Don’t look the other way.., and don’t sweep it under the carpet!!



Here is a picture of WILL FARREL…, (an actor) who apparently finds this type of dinner party to be “his thing”!

Also NOTICE that everyone attending the meal (except the woman in the red dress) is wearing a WHITE COAT!  (What could that mean)??


Those who support LUCIFER…, are considered to be pure and right, and holy!

(Up is down…, and down is UP)



Here, it is said in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS…, that to the FREEMASONS, Lucifer is the Spirit of Love and Intelligence!  Lucifer is the Holy Spirit…, and the agent of Magnetism (MAGIC).

Therefore…, to participate in the MAGICAL CELEBRATION that is pictured above…, (including stabbing the heart of a naked woman cake) is considered to be pure, loving, and holy…, AND IN CELEBRATION TO LUCIFER!

(Just like raping little children is considered to be sacrament to Lucifer).


Notice that the VERY FIRST PART of the cake…, that the woman in the red dress cuts out is the HEART…, and see how in the image above…, she is holding it above her head like a TROPHY…, and showing it to the dinner guests as if to “suggest” this is a good thing… (to cut out the heart first)!!

But this is all just “innocent fun” right?

How stupid does one have to be to think that???


Isn’t this a picture of former Los Angeles Mayor…, Antonio Villaraigosa??

See this page:

It was also said the the current Governor of California…, Jerry Brown was present as well!

This is what SATANIC HOLLYWOOD is doing while you are watching your football games…, and IGNORING REALITY!

More will be coming….



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