By: Bradley Loves

Here is another video from and Alex Jones!  It talks about Lady Gaga…,who was at a so-called “ART FESTIVAL” where a dead body and all sorts of blood was used in some sort of Ritual that was called “Art”.

Standing next to her is a 5 year old girl (who was most likely Mind Controlled) and should not have been looking at cut up dead bodies…, and people who use and drink blood!

I’ve written about this before!  The SATANISTS greatest “cover” is to live and work inside of ART colonies and “Artist Groups”…, and then claim that everything they do (in Ritual Satanic Ways) pertains to “art”.

Arden, Delaware, (where Jay Parker was born) was exactly such a “hiding place” for these Generational Satan Worshippers!

The video above is difficult to watch, but important stuff TO KNOW.

Also in this video, is information saying that it is also possible that Barack Obama himself has participated in these Adult/Child activities, as is talked about in THIS VIDEO!

Please Watch it and Learn something!

I’ve said it many times…, (no matter how many fake channeled messages say differently)…. Barack Obama was NEVER…, the high Soul that he was claimed to be by the Channeling Community!

That always was  a huge, huge CON…, and those people who still propagate this lie…, are doing huge DAMAGE to humanity!


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