Remember back when I first started writing?

It was THE GREAT CON OF MAN…, that started it all!

Many people looked at that article and said that I must be “CRAZY” to think such things and to say that we are now being, and have been CONNED all of our lives!!

Well…, hows that “doubt” working out for you these days??

We’ve come a LONG WAY since the Great Con of Man.

But if you think we are done…, see the image below:


It’s ONLY the tip of the Ice-berg so far!    Maybe 2 percent!

How would you like to go even further?????




How would you like to learn all about Magnetics?

How would you like to learn all about Harmonics?

How would you like to learn about the factors of  “Dispersion” based upon ancient understanding of the LIQUID MATHEMATICAL DYNAMICS OF SPACE AND TIME.

(Vortex Math…, but on a “Quantum Level”)

We could…, but….



We as a society can never more forward a single step more until we GET RID OF and SQUASH FOREVER the rule of the Satanists among us!

I will not…, nor will any other being who came to Earth to help it, give another single tool for the Satanists to use against mankind!

They must be made to surrender to the light…, or submit and give up all of their power forever!

The problem is that there are too many people standing in the WAY!

Believe it or not…, as I’ve pointed out many times…., it is NEW AGERS…, who are literally blocking the advent of the great rise of mankind…, by blocking any and ALL ATTEMPTS at taking down the SATANIC DARK MAGICIANS!

They are apologizing for them!

They are hindering any and all attempts at taking them down – and forcing them OUT OF POWER!

They are begging everyone to just leave them alone and to forgive them for everything…, even BEFORE they have been taken out of power and neutralized so they can no longer HURT OTHERS!


I read countless channeled messages daily just so that I can see what they are hearing and being told by the channelers…, and I can tell you that there is an entire type of “cultist” religion being formed by what I call a (far left/fringe NEW AGE…, which is not even mainstream New Age any longer)

This group has nothing to do with a healthy EARTH and healthy SOCIETY!

These people are 100 percent ASCENSION CRAZY…, and would allow the entire Earth to be destroyed right in front of their very eyes…, and every other single human being to be tortured endlessly without lifting a finger…, if it only meant that by IGNORING IT ALL…, they could raise their own “vibration” one more degree!

These are not really even New Agers…, but the LUNATIC FRINGE OF THE NEW AGE!


(Which is what these people are attempting to do)


These are the “tiny children” who think that by covering their eyes while watching a scary movie…, they suddenly become “SAFER” than they were a moment earlier.

Sadly…, they are only conning themselves because like it or not…, THEY ARE IN FACT PART OF THE ENTIRE EARTH…, and can not separate themselves out of the mix.

This cartoon discribes them perfectly…, because it points out the hypocracy!  There really is no way to get around active particpation in planet Earth!

As I’ve said in many posts…, every decision is a CHOICE!   Choosing to “not act”…, is still a choice!

Choosing to “not judge” is still judging!   Why?  Because it is judging the act of judging!   It is a “judgement” about judgement!

These monkeys portray this idea perfectly!

When will people just learn that we must all face our future together and head on…, and just GET RID OF WHAT OUR REAL PROBLEM IS??

The Satanists among us is the thorn in our foot!  To move forward…, we must PULL IT OUT and GET RID OF IT!

(Oh and New Agers….., get out of the damn way)

All my love….







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