By: Bradley Loves

ALL of the world’s Religions have “told” us (because that’s how we learn things…, we are TOLD what is going on by others) that GOD lives in the SKY!

If you ask ANY…, (try it) school aged child where GOD lives, he or she will point upward!

Almost NO ONE, adult or child, will point to their own body/chest and say: “God lives here!”

So then…, it must be true…, GOD lives in the Sky!

However, if NOT TRUE, then how could this one idea have come to pass.

GOD…, or “the gods” rather, really do come from “up there”.  But are they REALLY gods?

Over the course of human history (a history that has been re-written hundreds if not thousands of times) we have been “visited” by beings from “up there”!

(Imagine a little child pointing upward to the sky for emphasis!)

So naturally there is this “idea”…, which is MORE than just fanciful imagination or superstition that “the gods” live in the Sky!   “They” in all probability DO!

The real question we need to ask ourselves is this:



Not only were we “told” by our Religions that GOD lived “up there”…, we were also told that HE was watching everything “we” are doing!  We were “told” that HE is like a benevolent PARENT figure…, and has an “interest” in what we are doing DOWN HERE on Earth.

If one thinks logically…, then one could make the case that “the gods” actually live in huge SHIPS, have very advanced technology…, and DO INDEED live “up there” in the SKY and could very easily be  sort of like parental figures and even indeed (with advanced technology) be WATCHING all that we do!

However…, just as anyone on Earth who has had really crappy parents knows…, parental figures are NOT always kind or benevolent!

All the same, the idea that almost every RELIGION on Earth teaches…, even up to this very MOMENT, seems to be based on more than just imagination.

If there were a group of men on the Earth WORKING with these “gods” from “up there”…, and they wanted to change things “down here”…, how easy would it be to rewrite what it was that people understood about GOD?

Perhaps they would create a RELIGION to do it!

Maybe…, they would even write a law saying that EVERYONE had to be part of this new RELIGION.

If we look back in time, only 2000 years…, we will find this very thing.

A ROMAN EMPEROR named Constantine created a brand new STATE RUN RELIGION that everyone at that time had to join (or be killed), and to prove that this Religion had a little something for everyone…, he named it the ROMAN UNIVERSAL CHURCH!

Catholic…, by the way (in Greek) means UNIVERSAL!

The Roman Universal Church took everything that most people thought of as truth at that time…, and very cleverly RE-WROTE it to fit the idea that it was “GOD” who lived “up there”…, and not “the gods”.

The Roman Universal Church taught that GOD demanded certain things of us and that he was always watching.  The idea that there were in fact MANY gods…, was dropped in favor of the IDEA of just ONE GOD!

We were “told” that this ONE GOD could be seen as a PARENTAL figure…, but that we should “be good” and try NOT to piss HIM off too much!

Now WHO was it that was going to “tell us” HOW to “be good” and what things would PISS off the ONE GOD?

The ONLY ones who could do this…, THE ONLY ONES…, were those men at the very top of the ROMAN UNIVERSAL CHURCH!

They were the only men blessed with the understanding to interpret the WILL OF GOD.

Perhaps…, they were simply “interpreting” the WILL of “the gods”…, who lived “up there”…, in SHIPS!

As it stands today…, a HUGE percentage of the world’s populations BELIEVE with all their heart and MIND, that the ONE GOD lives up there in the Sky…, and that HIS WILL has been written down for us in HOLY BOOKS from centuries ago.

ALL of the WARS on EARTH being fought today are RELIGIOUS WARS over GOD and HIS ideas.

What IF “GOD” did not live “up there”?

What if HE lived “in here”?

Would that change anything?

My brothers and sisters…, Think On These Things!








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