Bradley Loves


Whether he knows it or not…, Donald Trumps “success” and “future” is tied to the PEOPLE!

There is an all out war to unseat him…, and there is absolutely NO ONE that he can trust…, even within his own Administration.

See this article from Zero Hedge:


The Democrats (Globalist Version) will stop at NOTHING to topple him either through his own resignation…, or impeachment…, and he has not got a real “friend” anywhere who will stand by him.



If Donald Trump casts aside his “allegiance” to the Corporate System…, and his loyalty to Washington “insiders”…, and COMES CLEAN about all of the corruption…, and mostly ALL THAT IS BEING KEPT SECRET…, then the people themselves will support him!

Even those “Democrats” (who are not part of Washington) but are simply rank and file people…, will turn to support him IF HE EXPOSES ALL OF THE CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

They will take him as their champion!

What I see coming on the horizon is that Donald Trump has TWO POSSIBLE FUTURES as President!

One…, he chooses Washington…, and the Corporte System…, and that system turns on him and eats him alive! (In the end)


Two…, he chooses The People of America…, and tells them the whole TRUTH as he knows it!   (The good and the bad)…, and in doing so…, the People will rally around him…, and choose him to stay in office REGARDLESS of what the Establishment says or does!

The People will protect him!

Very strangely…, this appears to be his ONLY viable option!

It seems to me that the Democrats and the Establishment want to not only see him incapacitated…, but want to CRUSH HIM and RUIN HIM for daring to challenge them.

He will either turn 100 percent toward the PEOPLE…., or…, by choosing to continue to work for and within the SYSTEM (the sewer system)…, he will be both personally and politically destroyed!!

The “choice” is up to him!!!


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