By: Bradley Loves



I used to love to go to movies.  That is…, I used to love them back in the 1990’s and 2,000’s.

Then Barack Obama became the President…, and the quality of the movies dropped down to almost Satanic!

Gone were good clean stories filled with a moral message.  The movies simply got darker, more strange, and unwatchable.

Now…, I can’t bring myself to walk into a Movie Theatre knowing what I know about Hollywood and it’s connection to Satanism.

In 2010…, even though I was doing heavy research into UFO’s, Underground Bases, Ancient Civilizations, Hidden History, and the Illuminati, I had barely scratched the surface of Satanism and it’s connection to the New Age and to Hollywood.

It was because of Obama that I began a crash dive down the rabbit hole of all things Satanic for five long years before I began to write about what I had found out.  During that five year period I learned just how horrible, how deviant and how messed up human beings really were on the Satanic Level.

And they were EVERYWHERE….

About the very same time I began my studies down that really nasty road…, the New Age community was blowing farts of sugar plumbs and unicorns all over the internet and telling everyone just how “perfect” humanity was and that we were soon all going to ASCEND because “evil” no longer existed!

Furthermore…, the very guy that I knew to be the least honest on the planet…, the LIAR IN CHIEF…, was sitting in the White House…, and millions of people were writing about how ENLIGHTENED he was!!

I knew at that time that a huge CON was being played on mankind…, and it was a doozie.

Nothing that I said to others personally was having any affect, especially in New Age circles…, and therefore…, I wrote my very first article called:


It was an expose’ of everything I had learned in 25 to 30 years of Deep Research into every subject I had ever studied.

It was an honest assessment of where I thought we as a culture were, and where we were actually heading…, as opposed to where the “regurgitators” thought we were heading.

The difference being night and day!

Today, almost five years on from the start of my writing mission, one thing I know for sure is that you can NEVER unknow the TRUTH.

I can not “unlearn” how sick humanity really is, and can instead only pray daily for the great broom from Heaven to come down and sweep up millions and millions of heinous human beings who just need to go!

I understand why a huge percentage of the human population does not want to “wake up”.

They are quite clever actually, because they know they will never be able to go back to sleep once they know what is really going on down here on Earth.

They prefer “dreams” …, NOT reality.

It’s easier.

Yet…, the TIME HAS RUN OUT simply because they have slept to the very last possible minute before a burglar comes into their bedroom and gets rid of them in their sleep!

We are that close and our next few moments in history are HUGE!

They have no choice but to wake up or simply die in their sleep.

If those that still slumber “wake up”…, then humanity has a real chance to survive this…, and come out on the other side stronger than we were.

If those that still slumber refuse to “wake up”…, there will not be enough of us awake…, and the Satanists will have their New World Order.

Few will survive that grand deletion of decency, ethics, and morals and most just won’t want to.

So even though I can never step foot in a movie theatre ever again…, because I can’t stand seeing a single dollar of my money going to just one of the Hollywood Horribles…, I would rather be AWAKE…, and know the TRUTH so that I can be counted among those who are aware and thus give humanity a fighting chance to survive!

Here’s a hint for those who want to help save the planet…





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