By: Bradley Loves


Here are two videos I would like you to watch.  It is about the year 2030…, and what the “World” is supposed to look like!

Alex Jones is the host and he also mentions his older internet movie called: ENDGAME!

I am posting both for your consideration!

The “only” reason you might not want to actually take time out of your day to watch these two videos, is if you are 100 percent certain…, and know for a verifiable fact ( and I’m not talking about hope, faith or belief…) that there will be some kind of divine “intervention” that puts a STOP to the global cabal before it reaches this goal!

In all honesty…, I can tell you that I personally have seen NO SUCH PROOF…, (even though there are literally thousands of channeled messages telling us all that good things are happening).

There are two reasons for the statement I just made:

  1. I have seen NO PROOF whatsoever…, that anything “good” is happening within the global governance structure (so far), whether it be a switch to a fairer form of government…, mass arrests of the global cabal…, a raising of the awareness of Joe Average, or ANYTHING else that we are being “told” in the Alt. Media…, which in my opinion, could simply be MORE CONS!
  2. I have seen NO PROOF (at all) that ANY channeled message (out of many thousands) that are telling us that there is an Ascension coming, or that there is an “event” that is near is accurate…, because nothing these entities have ever said has been proven to be correct!

What we do have, is a whole lot of “HOT AIR”…, “URBAN LEGENDS”…, and STORIES coming from countless “channelers” telling us that many things “MAY HAPPEN SOON”!

But after these “channeled messages” are given and read…, we never get to see any proof…, or any “visual progress” toward the outcome they are claiming!

What we do get are many “updates” about classified and secret things happening “behind the scenes” which CAN’T BE PROVEN!

And so…, we just have to “take their word” that this stuff is happening, or did happen, without any proof!  (This is called: BLIND FAITH)

It is blind faith because there is NO WAY to verify that an intervention of any sort from the “good side”is either happening now, or has ever happened at all!

Many New Ager’s constantly “beg” the rest of us for patience, and talk about how it all needs to be given time…, and that it’s really a very complex and complicated task…., blah, blah, blah.

However…, I would like to remind you that this is exactly how the Germans got overrun by Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s.

Those few people who saw a “real problem” with where things were going in Germany…, were SHOUTED DOWN by many other people who wanted to have “faith in” and give lots of “time” to Hitler so he could fulfill  his promises.

You see…, they all wanted to OVER LOOK what was actually happening to Germany as Hitler was coming into power…, (For example: The Gestapo, the SS, people disappearing…, gun confiscation…, etc. )…, and instead, focus their attention ONLY on what HITLER was saying in his speeches!  (Because what he was “saying” sounded good to them.)

In the same way today…, New Ager’s want us to OVER LOOK what can easily be seen to be happening IN REAL TIME…, (all of the Draconian laws, military movements, and other things) and only focus our attention on what the channelers…, and channeled entities…, are telling us!!



(Demand it)

Proof of progress MUST be seen, and must be given, by those people (or entities) claiming that good things are really happening. (Otherwise, it is all a sham!!)

We are not robots…, and they can not just “tell” us about…, or “talk about” these things on the internet…, without some kind of VISUAL CONFIRMATION!

That is a recipe for FOOLS!

This is why I can honestly say in TRUTH…, that I have seen…, NO REAL PROOF, what so ever, that what the “channelers” are saying is happening, or going to happen…, will EVER happen!!

Therefore…, without 100 percent certainty that the GLOBALISTS are being stopped…, you may wish to watch these two videos by Alex Jones to find out what they are planning so you can be prepared!


Here is the FULL MOVIE called: ENG GAME!







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