By: Bradley Loves


People who come to this blog often may just wonder “WHY” I am so adamant about “choosing” one way or the other!

Why is it so important that our position be recorded as one way or the other?



Many people have asked me privately IF I would be willing to teach them MAGIC!  They are very interesting in becoming MORE powerful and having abilities that normal people don’t have.

And yet…, here is one of the most BASIC elements to greater power…, and every single human being casts it aside as if it is useless.



  1. Deciding what it is that you want (clearly)
  2. Choosing between all available options
  3. Speaking forth your single minded choice for what it is that you want to see made manifest into reality!
  5. Continuing to put prayer and focus on your choice until it comes into manifestation!

These are the five steps for CREATING things into the physical!


Now…, listen up campers.

These are the steps and rules for creating things into the physical!  But…, you can not possibly be any kind of MAGICIAN at all…, if you merely dabble with what you can SEE!

There are far more (by legions) elements within reality THAT YOU CAN NOT SEE!

These also are powerful…, and they can and DO attack human beings daily!

You can NOT POSSIBLY fight with these elemental demons IF you have not got a strong MIND!

These things will rip you apart!

Once again…, a strong mind means a MIND that follows the rules of the physical world!

The first exercise to a strong mind is to MAKE A CHOICE (for or against) and stay there!

Wishy Washy…, middle of the road people get RUN OVER BY THE UNSEEN FORCES!

They get paralyzed into non-action and get beat down by them every single time.

Wishy Washy…, middle of the road people are incapable of learning MAGIC because they can not STAND IN THEIR POWER and wield it properly!

Power of the mind is strength of WILL…, and starts with a CLEAR and HONEST DECLARATION of every single position that you hold!

You can NOT hold a dozen different positions on the same subject or idea!


The universe recognizes FOR or AGAINST…, YES or NO, UP or DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT,  NORTH POLE or SOUTH POLE, MALE or FEMALE.

That is our Universal Reality…, and those are the physical LAWS we are governed by!

This is why it is imperative that you always make a choice and stand by that choice!  That is also why you should deeply consider all facts and all ramifications BEFORE YOU CHOOSE!

Guess what campers…, listen up!

The process of considering is called:  JUDGING!

That is what you MUST DO in order to come to a position of YES or NO…, so that the Universe recognizes where you are!

Only then…, can you enter into the realm of MAGIC!

Finally…, if you think creating and winning anything on the physical level is difficult…, then HOW pray tell do you think you will EVER create or win anything on levels that YOU CAN NOT SEE??

How will you EVER be able to fight demons or dark forces with a MIND that can not choose…, and does not stand for anything ????


Tacit consent operates on the UNSEEN LEVELS as well.   If you are one of those men and women who never make choices and always say…, I JUST DON’T CARE…, the Universe sees that…, and when you get ATTACKED by an Astral Demon…, who wants to cause problems in your life…, the demon makes the “claim” to the Universe that you never CARE either way about anything…, and never hold a position!

So based on that…, it claims to have a RIGHT to torment you!

Only people who say…, I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT…, over and over on the physical level…, and state their positions on each issue clearly…, earn the respect of the UNSEEN FORCES on the ASTRAL LEVEL who are then compelled to leave them alone!

Now…, do you understand why…, I am so adamant about this??

Think about it…

All my love….




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