This podcast is a doubling down of the last podcast.

It is a further commentary on the FROM THE HEART podcast posted two days ago. The key word in this new podcast to know and remember is:  TRANSMITTING UTILITY, because that is the word or definition that they have given to every man, woman, and child living on Earth.

In other words, it affects all of us (in every country and nation) on the planet!

Instead of just being a “corporation”now everyone is being called a Transmitting Utility!

Find out why, and just how deep the rabbit hole of pure evil goes!

Here is the podcast:


Here is just one homework video from David Straight which is a part of his out of Babylon Series that proves (beyond all doubt) just how evil, just how insane, and just how purely criminal the systems and institutions that we are living under really are:

Watch on Rumble:

If you have any extra time at all – I highly recommend this entire series, because if you had any doubts about what I’ve said in my last two podcasts – and IF YOU ARE WILLING to do the necessary homework – you’ll find out that every single word I’ve said in my last two podcasts is not only true, but that I was probably not being emphatic enough.

Here is a link to the full OUT OF BABYLON SERIES with David Straight:

Finally, here are some support articles written by Anna Von Reitz who talks about the “new” way that they are labeling all of us and uses the word: Transmitting Utility! 

They were planning this for a very LONG TIME!

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