I labored over whether I wanted to post this recent video interview done by Dr. Michael Salla on Love Truth Site.  There is a tremendous amount of unverified information in here, and I have never spoken with Mary.  However, over the course of the hour long interview, she said some things that I had heard before.

A few of things were told to me by people that I have personally interviewed or talked to myself.  All in all, it is just more background information coming out that can be looked at in order to find out just what has been hidden behind our backs for so very long by those we trusted.

One of the more disturbing things she spoke about is that the Deep State military was taking young children and age progressing them and then age regressing them multiple times in order to use them in secret and hidden operations.

This kind of thing (in my mind) is simply not acceptable, and would never have happened if the people who were doing it were moral people.

If you have time to watch it – this interview can fill in some gaps and puzzle pieces as to how the authority structure operates behind the scenes and it is not always pretty.

I decided to post the video interview above because of this next short video clip that was put out by Michael Salla that contains information sent to him by Elena Danaan.

It suggests that ET DISCLOSURE may be close to taking place and is being orchestrated between the Alliance Military (U.S. Navy and Space Force)  – and the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

This second video above could be “good news” for the world with a whole bunch of “IF’S” attached.

I for one know that the world can never truly heal until an honest disclosure happens and what has been hidden and kept secret from We the People for so very long, comes out into the open.

However, watching the first interview in this article gives me pause, and reminds me that many HORRIBLE things have been done behind the scenes to innocent people!  Good people were used and abused like cattle when no one was looking and when no one really knew what was going on.

Therefore we must take great care IF AND WHEN disclosure begins to occur that we INSIST that all of the really evil stuff that took place does NOT get swept under the rug while shiny space ships and other space toys are being rolled out and shown to the public on camera.

This is only prudent given the fact that if we do not disclose ALL of the bad that was happening, like human slavery, cloning, genetic experimentation, inter-species breeding, forced labor and abuse, 20 and back programs, age regression and age progression programs, time travel, teleportation, and everything else that is still so highly classified – then it will simply continue to happen somewhere else!

And, the very same corporations that were doing it here (and making tons of money doing it) will simply move their horror and terror shows off planet with the blessings of the military and set up shop in a new location.

This is why, even though I pray for the TRUTH to come out – I want ALL OF THE TRUTH to come out, so a great human healing can begin.

Thanks for coming to Love Truth Site, and Thanks for reading!

All my love


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