This is the last video for today…, AND…, I think it is a very important (and fair) balancing post to what I just put out for William Tompkins!

I think it is really important to look at ALL SIDES of the information we are being “spoon fed”…, so we can think about all aspects.  And this video does that!

In addition…, Dr. Greer calls attention to something the I have believed WHOLE HEARTEDLY since the very beginning of his appearance on the scene, and that is that “Corey Goode” is a Milab…, who’s mind and whose memories have been implanted and messed with. (He thinks they are real…, but they could just as easily be implants).

I think that David Wilcock has “used” Corey for his own ends…, and is basically feeding into the hands of the Military Industrial Complex…, who want to “do things their own way”…, which is to CONTROL (over many long decades) how disclosure rolls out.

There are more videos than this one put out by Dr. Steven Greer which are recent…, and I ask you to seek them out!


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