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I am asking “Jenny” to contact me again so that we can set up a SKYPE interview!

Laura Eisenhower (in my opinion) is fairly trustworthy, as is Stewart Swerdlow.


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Subject:The Montauk Project Meets Q
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The Montauk Project Meets Q

Dear Jenny,

Twenty years ago, I was the Line Producer of the main segment of a TV pilot about the Montauk Project for a series that was successfully sold to British Channel 4, which you can see here.

At the time, I was in the middle of writing a book about the Montauk Project that had been commissioned by Peter Moon of Sky Books, publisher of the notorious underground series by survivors of the Montauk Project, including the late Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow. Having met and interviewed the main proponents of the story, I was able to convince them to let me bring a TV crew into their homes.

I was later mortified when the Producer edited the footage into a takedown of Preston and Stewart. Preston was past caring but Stewart was furious at me and I felt as used as he did.

During that very strange 4-year period, I immersed myself in this story and became close friends with the late Glenn Pruitt, son of Jack, who everybody claimed was the Director of the Project, in charge of hiring, firing and paying personnel.

It was all very disturbing. I felt as if I were being swallowed up in the parallel universes of the Montauk Project. I felt that I began to understand the toroidal architecture of how these timelines propagate, while they bled through into my normal reality.

My dreams became more “real” than my waking life. I also experienced many precognitive dreams, including one about 9/11, down to the detail of the WTC rubble still burning four months after the attacks. That dream was literally the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. I was in the presence of pure Evil.

When I landed a demanding office job, I was finally able to turn my back on this dark world that had so thoroughly consumed me and shut it out. Others, like Stewart Swerdlow, interviewed here by Laura Eisenhower did not have that choice, though he has long since achieved equanimity.

It’s so interesting, twenty years later to hear his views on CERN and parallel timelines that are completely in alignment with my own. He also talks about the history of the human species, extraterrestrials, DNA, humanity’s spiritual immaturity, the process of ascension and so much more, in this excellent interview. I was also very surprised to see him weigh in on the Q phenomenon.



Laura Eisenhower: What are your thoughts [on Q]?

Stewart Swerdlow: …If you were to ask me that question a year and a half ago, I may have had a different answer for you but on July 18th, 2018, I was asked to do an interview with a radio host by the name of Max Steel. That’s not his real name but that was his public persona and it was a radio show where you would see yourself on the screen and you would see him and then they’d be the questions on the side and so on and there was a code that you’d have to enter in, in order to be participatory in that radio show.

So a little bit into the show, all of a sudden, something broke in to the audio and to the visual and it just started typing, “This is Q.”

And I thought. “No what’s – what’s going on, here?” I didn’t really accept [Q], up until then and the host became absolutely livid, saying, “Who are you? How did you break in here? There is a code. You can’t get in here,” and it typed in, “We know everything.”

And then the host said, “Unmute yourself and speak.” And it unmuted itself and it was a computerized voice. In other words, it wasn’t really a person’s voice but it was a computerized voice and the host said, “How do you know Stewart?” And it said, “We have been watching him since the year 2000.”

And at that point…it started asking me questions about the alien agenda, human history, DNA – everything – I felt like I was in a deposition and just on and on and finally, it went silent again…

And the host was absolutely in shock and so was I, to be honest. The very next day, the host called me and gave me a private line that he said was a secure line and would I please speak to him. So I spoke to him and he said…this group, Q called me after the show and said to tell you a message that, from this point on, you are protected by them.

I have no idea to this day what that really means but that’s what happened and unfortunately, a few months later, the host suddenly passed away. That show is not on anymore…

The Q movement, as I have subsequently found in this past year or so is legitimate. Q is not a person, it’s a group. It’s less than ten people; approximately nine, six of whom are deep military intelligence. The other three are alien/ extraterrestrial and they have been monitoring, for a very long time – they are connected, the extraterrestrial part – to what I have been talking about for the last 12-13 years, as being part of the Kuiper Belt group, which I know we will discuss in a moment and they have an agenda to remove the Deep State from this planet.

Because, out there in the universes – and I and I say plural, not just in this universe but the parallel ones, in the alternate ones – that the Earth is considered to be a very dangerous place.

For all intents and purposes, the Earth is like the Syria of the universe…Humans are considered to be hostile, dangerous, unpredictable, uncontrollable and so on.

So, from my perspective, the agenda of Q is to eliminate the Illuminati and the Deep State and the hybrid reptilian race that seeks to occupy and control this planet and human race and then, to incorporate it into a galactic, universal inter-universal group, to continue our progression through our spiritual evolution – not physical evolution but spiritual evolution.

And so, the Deep State – or the Illuminati – [they] know that their days are numbered. This is why we are seeing such attacks; why we’re seeing such hostility, at levels never seen before and unfortunately, this will continue.

My opinion is that we are in an unannounced civil war. In other words, it’s not a declared war. Its unannounced and most people out there wouldn’t be aware of it but we are deeply in a war. And the war is spiritual…it’s both physical and spiritual but mostly, it is spiritual…

Laura Eisenhower: You used the word extraterrestrial for the Q group?

Stewart Swerdlow: I would say it’s both human and extraterrestrial. It’s both…You mentioned the Draco, the reptilian group who were actually the first ones here. They were the first ones on this planet, to colonize. So from their perspective, it’s their world. We are the ones that came subsequently.

So here’s the thing, as they hybridized the [human] race, from the Sumer civilization onward, as we got to the formation of the Illuminati in the 800s AD, that there’s subsequently been an agenda within the Illuminati to usurp and overwhelm the agenda of the Draco, so that the Illuminati now perceive themselves as the rulers, not the Draco. So I believe that it was the Draco, themselves who called the Kuiper Belt group into coalition, to overwhelm and remove this Deep State.

So, it’s a very complicated situation and there are factions within factions. So that you don’t know who to trust, you don’t know what to believe, because even within one group, there can be saboteurs.

Laura Eisenhower: Right, rogues. Those that branched off and are doing their own thing to join another alliance and all these different levels of – just like the human race and that’s, you know why there’s not just “negative” or “positive” – it’s a mixed bag, would you say, within pretty much most species?

Stewart Swerdlow: Yes. Correct, correct. Even within Q there have been infiltrators, if you will. I should not say within Q – within what they call QAnon; those who support Q – and by the way, President Trump is known as Q+, so he’s not exactly Q but he’s working with Q.

Q recruited him in 2015 and that’s why he has become President. I think he was as shocked as everyone else, as far as that’s concerned and that’s a whole ‘nother mystery, in itself.

Laura Eisenhower: It’s one that’s so hard to talk about without people going completely – the political part and how people have been so ingrained in the division and just needing to fight their side, without seeing the bigger picture, which is so important.

Stewart Swerdlow: Yes…[in] my observation, the majority of the population of the United States actually does support it. Many remain silent for fear of ridicule, attack and so on…

And by the way, [Epstein’s] not dead…He’s been sequestered somewhere until the proper time and there will be very soon, I think by October if not sooner, there will be the release or declassification of indictments against people that you would not believe.

Laura Eisenhower: Well, at this point, nothing can – I don’t feel shocked by much but it certainly will be interesting…I can’t imagine the shake-up this is going to do to a lot of people that have attached themselves to so many of these folks. So, is there anything else about the Kuiper belt that you would want to share before we kind of shift gears?


Stewart Swerdlow: Well, I think most people don’t even know what the Kuiper Belt is.

So, if we can envision the our Solar System, you know the Sun with the planets around the Solar System, in orbit, at the very edge of our Solar System – actually, let’s say from planet Neptune outward, there is this field that is called the Kuiper Belt.

This is an energetic location. Think of it almost like a membrane surrounding the cell of our Solar System. And beyond that is something called the Oort Belt and people think that our solar system ends with let’s say Pluto but in fact, there are planets that go out even into the Oort Belt. Pluto is actually in the Kuiper Belt and there’s planets into the Oort Belt.

And this is where this fleet of universal and inter-universal vehicles and civilizations have been conglomerating. So almost putting a ring around our Solar System, almost like an embargo, if you will and then they’re working their way in now.

Actually, they’ve been there since 1930, so it’s not new, it’s just it’s only been discussed, let’s say in the last 12-13 years but they’ve been there and now they’re finally taking action…

Laura Eisenhower: Help us to understand just where humanity’s at; what the timelines are all about.

Stewart Swerdlow: We could be here for like a month or two. I will try to condense all of that as best I can.


So, in the Montauk Project, one of the agendas of [what was] at that time secret government…[which, since then] became the public one – but at the time, the secret government in those days had an agenda of wanting to go back into the past to change things, so that their position of power would be greatly consolidated in the present moment and they did various things to try to do that…

For example, they went back in time and tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler and it failed. And they went back and tried to change different things in Roman history and Greek history and they tried to kill the Christ figure. It failed.

What they learned is every timeline is unique and there are infinite timelines. So, the God-Mind has created every possibility that could possibly exist simultaneously, so that in actuality, you can’t change anything, because all the changes already exist elsewhere.

So, if you want to accept one of those changes, you must then by default go into an alternate timeline, where that change has already occurred.

So, everything already exists. There’s nothing that needs to be changed. So, for example, there’s a timeline where Atlantis never failed. It still existed. There’s a timeline where the Germans won the war and took over. There’s a timeline where there was no life on Earth – everything you can think of exists.

Now, fast-forward to this moment, if we look at CERN in Switzerland, the Hadron Collider – so, what’s a “God particle” – which, of course is a cover story, because everything is a God particle – everything comes from God – everything is a God particle!

What they’re really trying to do, as you mentioned…is that they’re trying to take the alternate timelines, where their agenda is in force and collapse it into this one.

And this is why people are experiencing anomalous time situations; things appearing and disappearing.

Laura Eisenhower: You mean like the “Mandela Effect”?

Stewart Swerdlow: I don’t like that term. I think that it’s more like bleed-through – however, you will notice every time CERN starts to do something, they’re sabotaged, they’re constantly shutting down the equipment.

The last time, a ridiculous cover story – a squirrel chewed on a wire and it shut down their machinery. You have billions of dollars of equipment and there’s a wire outside that a squirrel can chew on! Really?

Looks like a cover story because the beings in the Kuiper Belt are sabotaging them, to prevent them from collapsing these timelines. So, the good news is we’re being watched, helped protected, if you will and so CERN will not succeed.

It will not succeed and the danger of what they’re doing is that they could possibly overload the equipment to create a black hole that could swallow everything up, so they have to be sabotaged; they have to be stopped and they are being stopped…

Here’s the thing. In the Kuiper Belt…some of these beings are not there because they care about us. They’re there to protect themselves, because every time there’s a nuclear explosion, every time there’s a radiation leak, it affects their reality, because it bleeds through.

We are actually attacking them in some way and so there are species there, especially the insectoids species that are a part of it, they want to annihilate the human race, because they’ve said, “The humans are vermin, they’re useless!” There are others who want to just contain us, like we were in a zoo and you know, put a fence around.


And yes, there are also those who are on a little bit higher spiritual level who want to help us in some way but here’s the cosmic – or God – law when you enforce or you impose knowledge on a species that’s not ready to accept it, you are creating bad karma for yourself.

So, for example, if you take a child and you give them the keys to a Maserati, they’re going to kill themselves, eventually. So you have to teach that child to grow up and learn to drive and so on before they’re ready.

So this is the dilemma, because so many things are going on now, with the Deep State/Illuminati, that there isn’t time to have humans grow up, if you will, so there’s an agenda now to eliminate the negativity and then allow a new, more benevolent control system to take effect, until humans are ready to accept a higher spiritual reality…

On this planet right now there’s almost 8 billion people. Of those 8 billion, maybe a little over 6 billion are [of a] very low-level spiritual mentality I would just say. That has nothing to do with racism and nothing to do with prejudice; that’s the way it is.

See, most people on this planet don’t have clean water. They don’t have technology. They have nothing. Zero. People don’t understand that, see? You don’t see those 6 billion. So, those other 2 billion-almost, they are responsible to uplift the others. Because the more you know, the more responsibility you have to take care of things and to help others, see?

…Here’s the other issue going on in our societies, whereas transhumanism…because people are so involved in taking drugs, working on computers all the time, sexuality issues; they have opened themselves to astral attachments and this is why we see so much cruelty and crime and a complete destruction of morality, not only in the United States but across the whole world and so this is another issue where people are not humans, anymore.

And quite honestly, Laura we aren’t really human, because we have such a mix of DNA from elsewhere that we are hybrids, so in effect, we aren’t even a natural species to begin with, see?

We are not natural to this planet. A natural species can go out and you know, feed itself, clothes off, no problem, no question. We have to find clothing and a home and food – it’s like a struggle to be alive! So, we’re not natural to this place. We are alien to this place, because we’re not natural beings…


OK, so human beings on this Earth use less than 3% of their DNA capacity and only 10% of their brain capacity, so that is extremely inefficient.

From my perspective, to ascend is to open up the rest of your DNA sequences at capacity; open up the full capacity of your brain and allow the mind, which is different than the brain – the brain is the equipment that the mind uses. You are a mind – this is just your equipment.

So, when you open up the capacity of the equipment to allow the mind to manifest, that is an ascension and there’s all different levels of it, so that it’s not like you know, “Christ is going to come back and everybody’s gonna be floating around with wings and harps, you know. It’s up to each one of us, individually to work on ourselves, to increase our capacity to understand, learn and to teach others.

That is what I consider to be ascension, because everything you ever need for eternity is already in you. It’s already there. It is the question of being aware of it and using it properly. So, that’s my understanding of ascension.

Laura Eisenhower: Absolutely. Really just resonates! And in our commitment and devotion to doing that, do you feel…that this could offset things like 5G?

Stewart Swerdlow: OK, yes, let me explain this. First of all, if I can go back to Q for a moment – Q has stated that President Trump is altering the 5G technology in the United States so that it is not harmful to DNA and the person.

So, that’s in the United States that’s why we don’t also we don’t have chemtrails anymore, because he has stopped the chemtrail program. You don’t see that anymore, hardly ever. And that will eventually become global.

So, the agenda of the Deep State was to alter DNA and mind patterns so that humans become a robotic piece of their computerized system. That’s going to come to an end.

We also must look at the species’ mind pattern of vulnerability and of being controlled by others, so when you have a vulnerable mind pattern, you allow others to take advantage of you. If you remove that, then all of these hostile technologies cannot have any effect on you.

So that is why I do my work, to teach people to release the mind patterns that are negative; to remove the programming and mind control; to open up their DNA; to open up their mind capacity, so that they can project out a benevolent, positive experience in the world, so that none of these things can have an effect. There cannot be tyrants, there cannot be oppressors and so on.

But it’s up to us, that’s basically the bottom line.










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