By: Bradley Loves


Another break in the avalanche of information coming from this absolutely EPIC SERIES…..BIGGER FISH TO FRY.

By now…, you will see that the NEW AGE (if you’ve actually read the entire series) was actually “predicted” by many OUT OF BODY entities that were being CHANNELED and COMMUNICATED with in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Few (if any) of these entities have proven that they can be trusted, and many have proven themselves to be down right evil!

The particular entity that was CHANNELED by Aleister Crowley in 1904 (AIWASS) told Crowley that the New Age was all about doing whatever you wanted with no rules or restrictions whatsoever!

Germans were especially interested in this type of “spirituality” in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and AS A RESULT The entire world was “blessed” with the NAZI’s!

This is NOT hyperbole.

Make no mistake here…, the NAZI’s were “born” out of the very people who frequented NEW AGE gatherings of the early 1900’s!

It started with the GEMANAENORDEN, then transformed into the THULE SOCIEITY  after World War I.

Many of the members of both of those groups were also either members of Helena Blavatsky’s THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, or kept close contact with it’s members.

The early members of the elite SS were taken directly from members of the THULE SOCIETY!

Take away lesson here:

These people claimed to be very SPIRITUAL!


This fact alone should give every man and woman following the New Age great pause!

IRONICALLY…, these “spiritual people” almost destroyed or enslaved the ENTIRE PLANET!

As the old saying goes…,

There is no man more dangerous – than one who is convinced that he is RIGHT!


Our modern day Democrats here in America…, are treading a very parallel path that the NAZI’s of early 1900 Germany took!   In fact…, their path is so similar…, that it is odd that a WORLD WAR has not already started!

And unless you are hiding under a rock…, these “Democrats” claim that they are RIGHT because they are the ones who have “higher understanding”.  They are better than the rest of America who are Deplorable…, and are “haters”.

They are thus BANNING the haters left and right because they are the gifted and spiritual interpreters of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG!

The only logical question an intelligent man or woman should be asking is WHO EXACTLY are these “out of body” entities that send “messages” to the very people who are channeling them?

Furthermore…, WHAT is their agenda?



Believe it or not…, living in a human body is a GIFT!

There are beings and entities all over the Universe who are NOT ALLOWED to take human form simply because they can not get along with others, are pure EVIL, and have been forbidden!

Imagine if you will…, an entire “REALM” of existence that is a blessed place of real power…, but YOU can NEVER go there!

YOU are not allowed.

But…, this realm exists in a place that MUST (out of necessity) have a base rule of FREE WILL in order to operate.

Now…, YOU are not allowed to take a physical body…, BUT…, you just can’t help yourself…, because you see all of this great action happening right in front of you (like live action taking place in a virtual reality game) and you are NOT ALLOWED to participate.

So you do the next best thing!

BEING EVIL…, you pretend to be some sort of “god” or “master” or “teacher”…, and you FIND some unsuspecting schmuck living on Earth who is very lonely and looking to “connect” with HIGHER BEINGS.

So you find a way to connect with this human and give them a great CON JOB story about who you are and why you want to be in communication with them.

Then you began to “instruct” this person in NEW WAYS OF THINKING…, and give them all sorts of FAKE and FALSE IDEAS.

Thus, even though you are not allowed to actually be a “player” on the game board (because you’ve been forbidden by the Universe itself) …, you are STILL having an affect on the game!

Nothing can be done about it because NOW…, one of the Earth Players has used their own freewill to engage with you, and none of the Games Referee’s can stop it.

So…, from an UNSEEN REALM…, you start dictating massive changes to the action, and hatch all kinds of diabolical schemes to alter the flow of the game!

Effectively, you PRETEND to be a “GOD”.

You give yourself a very important sounding name like: Sananda, St. Germaine, Meitreya, Dwal Kul, Aiwass, Root Hui, or any other of a million names that will gather attention to yourself.

You start diverting peoples attention and energy to yourself because an ADDED BENEFIT of “god pretending” is that “worship energy” is now being sent your way.

WORSHIP ENERGY is a very real phenomenon…, and when many thousands of people send loving energy YOUR WAY…, it is like a massive battery charger sending power your way!

Now…, this has worked SO WELL for a few really EVIL ENTITIES…, that thousands of them are now flocking to the Earth and trying to “connect” with lonely and confused Human Beings who have been convinced that there are HIGHER MASTERS out there who will help them with their sad lives.

Instead of focusing on the the game in front of them and using their own creative abilities and gifts and talents to make EARTH a better place…, they are off on the sidelines in a huddle with BEINGS WHO SHOULD NOT BE HERE…, and taking advice from them.


Now…, take a moment to breath!    Deep breath…, in and out!

Relax and regroup!   Clear your head!



This is what happened to Germany in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s!

This is what gave rise to THEOSOPHY…, THE VRIL SOCIETY, THE THULE SOCIETY…, and eventually spawned THE NAZI’s!

Recall everything you’ve read in BIGGER FISH TO FRY…, and then I dare you to argue with this!

As an awakened “player” on the Earth game board…, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that WE (collectively) have not yet recovered from the outside INTERFERENCE from THAT period of time!

The diabolical interference gotten from all of the Channeling and Fake Teachings funneled through the Germans of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s is still having a profoundly NEGATIVE EFFECT upon our planet!

Now…., Americans, Britians, Austrilians, Canadians and many other nations are FOLLOWING down the same dark path!

They are LOOKING OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES for advice and coucil when the true CREATOR of the UNIVERSE exists within them as their own conscience!


Furthermore…, due to the endless channelings and endless “communications” of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with OFF WORLDERS and other beings who SHOULD NOT BE HERE…, treaties have now been made…, and thus those who were once FORBIDDEN have gained access to the Earth and have been allowed to come here physically.

Our government (STUPIDLY) built them underground bases and allowed them to take habitation there!

Now, naturally, these beings could not actually come here and build their OWN bases!  That was forbidden them…, so…, they made deals with and made false promises to the GERMAN MILITARY…, and then the US MILITARY in order to get them to build the bases…, AND THUS INVITE THEM IN!

You see…, cosmically this is the ONLY WAY it would have been allowed!

Naturally.., neither the GERMAN MILITARY under Adolf Hitler, nor the US MILITARY later on were aware of how the UNIVERSAL LAWS actually work…, and so were unaware that by building these bases…, and then INVITING these beings to inhabit them…, they were effectively giving EVIL and DIABOLICAL beings access to the entire planet – which they were NOT supposed to have!

So…, through lies, deceptions and cons…, these entites and beings were (once again) able to achieve what the ENTIRE UNIVERSE had forbidden from them!

I say once again…, becuase they have been “kicked off” of the planet many times over many different eons.

The last time they had access to the Earth was in Ancient India!

They were many of the Darker Hindu “gods” and “goddesses”.

The “snake people”.

Countless WARS were fought between them and evenutally NUCLEAR WEAPONS were deployed…, the radiation of which can STILL to this day be found in many places in India!

Hindu literature is filled with accounts of these GREAT WARS…, and of the fantastic Weapons and Flying ships which deployed them.

These beings and entities NEVER LEARN…, and NEVER STOP trying to use mankind as a weapon of destruction!

This is enough for now.., consider this a Part One…, Part Two is coming.



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