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ELECTION THEFT 2018: Deep State Democrats Stole Every Election In Sight


State of the Nation

For those in the Patriot Community who are really worried about this mass election theft just committed by the Democrats throughout the entire nation, don’t be unduly concerned.

It absolutely had to happen this way.

Now why would that be?

Because the American election system and electoral process is in total shambles, as it has been for many decades.

Everyone now knows that elections have been routinely stolen in America as long as there have been elections.

Today, there are so many ways to successfully rig and fix and steal an election, it’s become a veritable science.

So, with this critical understanding, it’s an obvious leap to the necessity of reforming the whole God-forsaken system BEFORE THE 2020 POTUS ELECTION.


Do we agree that if the DEMs can so easily steal so many elections — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — during the most highly contested midterm election season in U.S. history, that stealing 2020 will be a cakewalk.

No Constitutional Republic 
or Representative Democracy
Even Exists 
without Fair Elections 

Do we all understand the preceding statement?

Not only must it be properly understood, this fact of political life needs to be acted on before the American Republic is no more.  Many say it is no more.

Trump’s wrecking ball

If ever there was a job for President Trump’s wrecking ball, it’s the election system and electoral process.

Truly, this is perhaps his greatest task.

If he doesn’t knock down the present system, it will come back to haunt him in 2020.

“The globalists know that, if the status quo continues with regard to America’s elections, they will be able to steal the 2020 POTUS election. On the other hand, if the Right demands that Trump reform the entire process, it will be considerably more difficult for the Democrats to rig 2020.”
(Source: Deep State had to change the topic of conversation across the Internet from the “pervasive election thefts by Democrats”)

It’s true that the prez called for a massive overhaul right after the 2016 elections.

However, he was stymied at every turn, and by both sides of the aisle.

After only a few months, he dropped the brave initiative because he knew that the only way reformation would come was by absolute necessity.

Well, guess what, that time is now here.

In point of fact, “absolute necessity” is now dire urgency.

What has been revealed thus far about the Democrat Deep State conspiracy to steal every 2018 election that counted is just a tiny tip of the iceberg.

Wait until the body politic really hears about what went down during the 2018 election cycle.  Most will not believe it!

Let’s be clear: Trump himself knew that the Democrats would attempt to steal every election that really mattered this November.  And so they have.  And they are still in the act of stealing them in key swing states like Florida.  As follows:

The bottom line is that Democrat attorneys only show up in droves in Broward County when they know there’s a LOT on the line, and needing to steal an election or two or three.

And there really is, a lot on the line, as follows:

• Florida Governor

• U.S. Senator

• Agriculture Commissioner

Each of these races in Florida is currently undergoing a recount.  This is unprecedented in Florida and U.S. election history.


The Democrats really did steal every election in sight

What is sort of difficult to comprehend is that the voters were forewarned for months that this would happen.  This website — SOTN — alone published numerous articles on the certainty that election theft would be rampant.  And, yet, very little was done by the Republican side to prevent it.

Was this willful neglect with purposeful design?

Did the GOP permit the pervasive and profound Democrat crime wave to occur so that the Deep State perps would be caught by their own criminal acts … after the fact?


If there is one entity / institution / system that President Trump must take his wrecking ball to, it’s the U.S. election system.

Only when it’s been completely knocked down will the space be created for a new, high integrity “voting and tally” process to be established.

Let’s get busy building a system of elections that really works.  If we don’t before November of 2020, the American people may never get another chance.

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