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This is the issue that most good men and women have so much trouble with!

They are so “certain” that the level of technology has not yet reached a place where horrible and terrible things can happen in our world, that they REFUSE to consider posts like the one I am making today!



In other words: Our “ignorance” is their bliss!

This excerpt is taken from the reading assignment that I posted yesterday!

(Fritz Springmeir’s E-Book)


The World Order is actively using amplifiers, generators, electronics, listening devices, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, a snapping type sound energy that hits and burns the body, closed-circuit videos to monitor implant victims, nanotechnology, and tracking devices that scanners (incl. mobile hand-held scanners) can pick up– JUST to name a few.

This chapter will provide an indepth overview of many of these electronic mind-control gadgets.

Unfortunately, the twilight zone of Big Brother is upon us. People (such as limousine drivers) that have been around the movers and shakers report that they actually brag about these technological controls they have in their possession.

The technology described in this chapter, such as nanobots, and holographic implants are in the “R&D stage” of use.

What is meant by “R&D stage” means that the World Order is using a large variety of experimental items, but the reader should be forewarned that this does not mean that these items are any indication of where the World Order’s actual secret R&D is truly at. This author has worked with enough mind-control victims to have established several facts:

· Society is getting only the crumbs of what is known by the World Order’s hierarchy.

· The World Order is releasing technology at a control rate, much of it through mind-controlled slaves who are programmed to “discover” a particular “discovery”.

They are, in reality, only disclosing what has been known in secret, and their discoveries are actually helping cover up where the World Order’s secret research is at.

However, it’s not difficult to see the direction that the World Order is headed.

They are working at making virtual reality (aka cyperspace) the “in” thing.

They are fusing the human mind to computers. Computers/robots are taking over human jobs, and humans are becoming more like computers/robots.  Sci-fi gurus, cyberpunks, and establishment scientists are selling and advertising this technological direction as real “freedom”, and the crowds of sleeping sheep are accepting things like brain implants as “survival equipment” and “freedom”.

The “cool” technological pied pipers of our time are teaching our young children that gadgets that remove their minds from reality are giving them new freedoms to explore.

But this chapter is written because there are still a few people with the neural-receptors and the computing capacity left in their craniums to comprehend the real dangers that these mind-controlling devices have for humanity.

Witnesses have told me that the creation of “robocop” type cyborgs (the fusion of man & other equipment) has already been experimented on in secret.

Indeed, the government gave out research contracts for cyborg research back in the 1960’s. And the use of electro-magnetic waves (esp. Tesla waves), implants, and other electronic devices by the Illuminati for mind-control is on the increase.

How much of a genuine threat do these things pose humanity?

[I’ll spell it out for the reader, but we must remain calm, a fear-based response only makes things worse.]

Yes, it is TRUE that the NSA can remotely track people if they know the specific EMF waves (evoked potentials from EEGs in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range) of a person’s bioelectric field.  Each person’s emissions are unique, just like their fingerprint, palmprint, and their voiceprint.   This means that the NSA can remotely track anyone in public.

And yes, it is TRUE that the NSA’s RNM system can remotely send EMF Brain stimulation signals which then create visual images, subliminal audios, or what appear to be audible sounds, and thoughts into people’s minds.

Yes, it is TRUE that “virtual” body suits of implants are used to control people’s minds and bodies, as well as track them.

Yes, it is TRUE they have voice prints of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and can now identify & track their voices via their computers and on all other electronic communications in this nation.

Most phone calls go through about 30 different computers before they reach their destination.

The phone companies computers, according to someone who worked for AT&T and actually witnessed it, record ALL phone calls using computers.  However, to weed out the worthless from the worthwhile, the Illuminati’s fronts use a list of key words, such as names or phrases called THE WATCH LIST which the computer uses to identify conversations worthwhile to listen to.

Even though the NSA uses supercomputers, it is still monitoring most communication on the ENTIRE planet so they have to squeeze the WATCH LIST as tight as possible.

According to Bamford, James. The Puzzle Palace. NY: The Puzzle Palace, 1983, p. 459, “…according to Raven, programmers would simply reduce Malcolm X to the last two letters in his first name (lm) followed by a space and then the letter X. Then any time an intercepted data communications containing that particular combination of letters and spacing (lm X) streamed past the computer’s reading head, it would automatically be kicked Out for further analysis. Part of the reason that the computers are swamped with Watch list submissions is that many items require numerous entries.

When searching for derogatory references to President Richard M. Nixon, for example, technicians would have to program a variety of possible key words, such as “Tricky Dicky”. This, according to the former G Group Chief would be converted to The new technology which is being implemented in stages and includes computer imaging of a person which makes a “whole body map” of the person’s body being listened to, which is then stored in the computer for later.

Something that has been only developed for a narrow use by the NWO is the downloading of the holographic image of a person’s ACTUAL THOUGHTS so that they can be saved on memory, and then transmitted to another human being. (See Appendix 3 on cloning for more on this.)

(What if those “thoughts” are thoughts of MURDER??)

The majority of the few people who know that this is going on wouldn’t waste time reporting it, because the public wouldn’t believe it anyway.

However, some prominent scientists are predicting that its full use is just around the corner.

The three top research institutes in this field, Stanford Research Institute, MIT, and the Carnegie-Mellon Univ. all have people saying that this capability is “almost here”.

Austrian born Hans Moravec, dir, of the Robotics Inst. at Carnegie Mellon Univ., is quoted in The Indianapolis Star, 6/14/1987, in an article entitled “Immortality”, “In an astonishingly short amount of time, scientists will be able to transfer the contents of a person’s mind into a powerful computer, and in the process, make him–or at least his living essence–virtually immortal.”

MIT artificial intelligence researcher Gerald J. Sussman states, “I’m afraid, unfortunately that I’m the last generation to die. Some of my students may manage to survive a little longer.’’

But as fantastic as all these powerful capabilities sound, there are gliches in their electronic control of human beings!

As an outsider looking inside for a number of years, this author has been able to take note of some of the success and failures of the New World Order’s electronic mind-control.

First, the NSA picks up so much intelligence information, that they are drowning in their own information. Only so many people can make decisions, and they can only digest so much information.

They may try to manipulate people and events, but Christians (who seem to be free of the mind-control) can step through those manipulations by having the mind of Christ.

Next, if a person understands who they are & believes in following Christ, outside visions & outside or strange voices or thoughts do not alter the original course that this person will take.

Most of the people this author has met who have been subjected to remote electronic control over their mind–HAVE REJECTED TOTALLY the instructions & harassment of their electronic handlers.

Not only is it clear that the voices they are hearing are being transmitted from an external source to the victim, others can also detect that something is amiss.

The element of secrecy is missing. One man spent an afternoon talking to this author about how the World Order had tried to electronically control his mind, and turn him into a drug pusher.

He had successfully foiled them for several years. Although he has had to flee & try to go into hiding to keep his own mind and sanity. The most powerful mind-control is still (after all these years) trauma-based mind control built on a foundation of multiple personalities (dissociated personalities and dissociated parts of the mind).

It appears that electronic mind-control is being overlaid on top the mind-control based on dissociation. When this is done, the electronic mind-control is very frightening, because the victim’s consciousness is not able to think past the electronic mind-control which catches their undivided attention.

They are too distracted to deal with the deeper issues of trauma-based mind-control.

Imagine being a programmed multiple, and your handler doesn’t have to even be near you to relay complicated codes and instructions. He can use your technological implant. But again, how serious is electronic mind-control?

Let me relate to you about a guided tour that a civilian friend of mine took through a NWO’s major “beast” computer center in Alaska back in the 1970’s. The engineer, who was in charge of building and getting the center operational, gave him a tour of the site’s capabilities. At that point, the NWO had built a massive computer center in Alaska, one in So. Africa (believed to be located at the U.S. embassy in Johannesburg), and one in Pine Gap, Australia.

These three sites were very specific, because they formed a triangle on the globe, and couldn’t be located anywhere else to do their job properly, due to the naturally occuring lines of force on the planet.

These Beast Computer Centers consist of aisles and aisles of big state of the art computers. They each have several dozen people to run them.

Even in the ’70’s, an operator could speak into the computer and it would answer back!!

For instance, if you asked the computer about anyone on the planet, it could usually pull up all kinds of information about that person. If you asked the computer how could you get that person to kill someone? or how can I isolate this person? The computer would spill out a plan almost instantly, telling you all the people around that subject who could be easily manipulated, and in what fashion those people need to be manipulated to cause the end result.

This is the end result of years of “BLACK PSYCHIATRY–which means applying psychiatric techniques to manipulate people and nations against each other.

These BEASTS computers electronically connect to some of those people who are electronically controlled, so that the worlds controllers can actually control the world from a computer keyboard.  These computers also store vast amounts of personal information about people’s thought processes and thinking.

It is possible that electronic surveillance is being done to read the thoughts of people and that the computers are actually able to store this information in some usable fashion. Because this is so super secret, they can’t give any hints of their vast ability to monitor humanities thoughts, as well as organize and store those thoughts on storage servers.

This sounds like science fiction, but from people who invent & work at state of the art technology, this is actually said to be OLD technology already.

They are limited in how they use this technology because they want it to remain secret.

Meanwhile on the surface, the public system has automated fingerprint identification with the AFIS system, and has automated birth certificates electronically too.

This all ties in with the intense desire of the World System to use the potential of their computers’ memories.    Large Neural computers that have artificial intelligence using neural processing which is a type of learning similar to learning done by the human brain are being used.    Recently, the world champion chess player was beat by a computer.

This author’s friend, who toured the Alaskan computer center, was shown how a war could be created between any two nations on Earth by the computer.

The operator merely asked the computer what it knew about a certain country and then ask it how could a war be created with a neighboring country.

This is the end result of countless studies such as the U.S. military reference book Basic Psychological Operations Study (BPS) which outlines country by country, specifying where each country is vulnerable for PSYOP operations (psychological warfare).
This kind of thing has a long history.

For instance in W.W. II, the Office of War Information and the 0SS cooperated in psychological warfare projects. What this author’s friend saw was a network of Cray-type computers, perhaps similar to the EMASS system of Cray computers that E-Systems developed. Such a system can store 5 trillion pages of text and work with that data base with lightening speed.

The reason this author’s friend was allowed to see this technology, was that he happened to be at the right place at the right time, and the Engineer operator of the Beast Computer said that this system was already old and obsolete.

Which is true, today’s 9 Beast computers are much better at speech than the computers at these three control sites were in ’73.

The Beast computers can (according to another eye witness who used it) hear human voices and determine what language is being spoken and then can listen and answer in that language.

These computers link directly to thousands of mind-controlled slaves and can– via various methods– almost instantly control the behavior of numerous people. This, along with good old fashioned phone calls, allows the elite to manipulate events very fast.

Anchorage is the site of a National Security Agency NSA listening post(LP). The Beast computer was located northeast of Anchorage, and so is the HAARP project. The HAARP facility is near Gakona, a hamlet about 140 miles north of Prince William Sound and its signals travel on a field line to Australia.

The Beast Computer is also linked to Australia as well as satellite systems.

The HAARP site took a 4-wheeled truck to reach, and the Beast Computer site in 1973 was even more remote.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (which has its own super computer) and the Alaskan Poker Flat Rocket Range also were involved with the HAARP project. 30% of the U of A’s supercomputer’s use was for DoD projects.

HAARP uses 3 powerful transmitter sites in Alaska. Somewhat on the flip side, the human brain which they control can, IF it has a memex implant, interface with the Beast computer which acts as a vast repository of human knowledge as well as answering questions to essentially all previously answered questions instantaneously.

If the human brain has some type of virtual reality holodeck attachment, the computer can even walk the slave through a realistic setting indistinguishable from the real world.

Robocop or robo-soldier has an incredible advantage with such extended memex/remote viewing capabilities…..


More will be coming!!

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