Perhaps the last nine months have given at least one or two of my LOVE TRUTH SITE readers some pause! What was at that time very (very) unclear, has suddenly over time become VERY CLEAR!

The Great Plan-Demic has become more and more unstable and “unsustainable” in it’s ability to con and deceive normal everyday people, and that was the very purpose and intention of this highly important MIRRORED SERIES.

You see…, “mirrors” are very important when “magicians” want to send messages to one another. Now, even though it is quite clear for all to see that I am not a magician per se, let’s just say that I am quite well versed in all of their DIRTY TRICKS!

Speaking of DIRTY TRICKS…, those among you who are the “code-breakers” just might want to try to understand WHY I am so familiar with DIRTY TRICKS.

For the rest of my loyal readers however, beyond THE GREAT PLANDEMIC, there is nothing left for this SERIES to expose really except the TOTAL DRACONIAN TAKEOVER of the planet by dark forces who are currently in the process of failing to achieve their goal!

So, shall we continue then??

Shall we continue the exposure??

Shall we treat those human/reptilian “traitors” and “terrorists” as nothing more problematic than a cloudy day and perhaps a fart in the wind?

Shall we giggle and laugh hysterically at their feeble attempts to silence TRUTH TELLERS and THE GREAT CREATORS own ambassadors (by beating, shooting, and jailing them) with the simple “knowing” of our hearts, minds, and souls that there is nothing they can possibly do to stop what HE will do to them?

If so, then let’s continue!

Let’s make it right for ALL OF HUMANITY!

Let’s continue with: ENDGAME – THE GREAT CON OF MAN

Stay tuned for PART FIVE

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