Not that many of the “former” members of that group didn’t deserve every bit of what I wrote yesterday, but…, there probably are some current members of Majestic who really do want to see disclosure, and really have had a change of heart. 

There, nuff said! 

Still, I can not agree with their methods…, methods which almost any moral person would cringe at because their methods involve sacrificing the most innocent as expendables, (targeted individuals) – while they leave the biggest and most ardent criminals installed in positions of power and authority who almost always take out their vicious revenge on the innocent ones as they are going down in a blaze of glory.

Human beings are not just “eggs” to break so that someone else who thinks they are a “god” can make a good omelet after enough eggs have been broken. 

  • Playing “god” is just WRONG – no matter who does it, and it never turns out well in the end.

Not only do they get immensely full of themselves – thinking that they know pretty much EVERYTHING…, as seen above, but you could very easily exchange BAAL in the video for the likes of George Soros and countless others – like Bill Gates – and the effect of what you see would be pretty much the same thing. 

  • These lame asses think they are “gods”.

Now, “gods” as it turns out, have some pretty nasty habits…

They love to surround themselves with half naked – mind controlled children who serve them and even protect them from harm.  This truthful FACT was shown to us all in the original movie STAR-GATE.

Only years later do we see the likes of Bill Gates standing toe to toe with Jeffery Epstein and many others who are completely full of themselves, and are occupying their time here on Earth by playing the roles of “gods” and you guessed it – surrounding themselves with half naked – mild controlled children who are used in every way you can imagine.

Now, if you thought that YOU were a “god” – and believed it – what limitations do you think you would place on your own actions? 

  • Would there be ANY at all?

Do you suppose that the “fun and games” in the “underground tunnels” of Little St. James would be off limits if you thought (and believed) that you were a literal “god” ??

And, if you were willing to do pretty much anything you wanted to do to a young child for your EATING and ENTERTAINMENT purposes – then how much further would you be willing to go?  

  • Would creating a world-wide global pandemic AND a so-called “vaccination” to go along with it – designed to kill huge swaths of the global population – be “off limits” to you as a living “god”?

What part of “DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR” confuses you as far as these half wits are concerned?

However, as with everything else “THEY” do…, they themselves tell us openly AND in plain sight – that our young kids are in danger – from them.  And they’ve been doing it (warning us all) for years.

But do we ever listen to the signs and the symbols they put out for us to see ??

Of course now – the time for “warnings” is over.  There is nothing more that can be said because we are currently in the biggest battle we’ve ever seen, and it’s a HIDDEN battle.  It’s a battle for the Earth, and to have all of it’s people enslaved for the next thousand years.

Who knew it would come upon us so quickly?  I mean, who out there was warning us for the last five years or so that some REALLY BIG THINGS were soon coming down the road?

Yes, I’m sure that someone was warning everyone…, now WHO could it be?

Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come to me.  I’ll remember it sooner or later.  In the meantime, just remember what I said to you yesterday.  THEY think they are “gods”.  And as such, they also think they can do whatever they want to any of us.  In other words – we have no choice – because they are so far above us. 

  • Does anyone else besides me have a PROBLEM with that?
  • If so, what are you going to DO about it?

Eating “popcorn” and “enjoying the show” only works if you know for a FACT that everything ends well. 

  • But does it?

Those that seem to know – aren’t saying a word – and are becoming “part” of the TRUTH embargo by signing their OWN non-disclosure agreements with the higher ups (usually for the promise of money) – and where have we heard about THIS before??


Finally, those of us who have worked the hardest to expose the most – are not able to “enjoy the show” because as we speak – we are being hunted by police, etc. after having been “set up” by Black Ops “order followers” who had nothing better to do than to get ready for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Here is where the “newly improved”MAJESTIC 12 – needs to do some house cleaning and start going through all of the old files concerning the countless  “targeted individuals”  that those who were their former members and their former leaders wanted to take out at all costs!  And paid millions of dollars to private contractor agents to do their dirty work and ruin countless lives.

  • Someone has to “pay the cost” and “pay the bill” so to speak.   In other words – with so many of these poor souls still alive – it’s not a “write off” just because you switched from DARK TO LIGHT.

The newly improved MAJESTIC 12 does not get to “inherit” all of the toys and technologies left to them by their former members – to make the world a grand and glorious place, but NONE of the liabilities and the horrors that were committed by their former members along with the SUPREME OBLIGATION to make it right for every single one of these souls.

In other words – don’t sit down at the table to eat (and make profits) – until you’ve CLEANED UP the mess. 

  • Who says so – GOD says so!





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