By: Bradley Loves


Life will not go back to normal until there is a Vaccine!  

We will not open the economy back up until there is a Vaccine!  

You can not go back to work until there is a Vaccine!  

No one can move an inch until there is a Vaccine!

So this is what we are being told by those who call themselves the “authorities” – and this is EXACTLY WHAT “THEY” WANTED!

For the Luciferians – the Vaccine is EVERYTHING!  It is the KEY that opens the door to their NEW WORLD ORDER!  

Regardless of what “THEY” say – regardless of how THEY” say it – that Vaccine will NOT be given to you to heal you from the Corona Virus – a Virus “THEY” created.

Of course, the money Dr. Fauci will make on a vaccine is NOTHING compared to the AGENDA he and others like him believe in.  It is the AGENDA that they want to see taking place – and making money on all of it is just a nice side affect!

In truth, the “need” for the Vaccine is a red herring!

The Vaccine is a TROJAN HORSE that “THEY” want you to accept into your body willingly (with your consent) because you “believe” that it will heal you – when the truth of the matter is that it will contain everything they need to TRACK YOU MIND CONTROL YOU – and even KILL YOU if need be!

This is for ALL the marbles and all the chips on the table, and they are playing it as if their very lives and survival depended on it – because it does!

Your own life does NOT depend upon the Vaccine – you don’t need it to live – but the lives of the Luciferians, and their quest for a NEW WORLD ORDER ends if they can not get every man woman and child on the planet VACCINATED PROPERLY!

And so, every single one of their minions is out there barking at you like a junk yard dog – ORDERING YOU LIVING and FREE SOUL with DIVINE RIGHTS to do exactly as you are told – to stay at home – to wear a mask – to be totally obedient – and not to do a damn thing until they get that F”ING VACCINE PUMPED INTO YOUR ARM.

The AI is now ready!


Of course if anyone had actually read my first series with this name:  THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME  – then you’d have been prepared!  You would have known about and understood each and every single step that they have taken long before we got to this point!

You’d have known how they were doing it – and why!

I wrote that particular series hoping that it would go VIRAL!   Only a handful of people even read it!



Because so few people even read it (much less understood it) we are now all having to look in the MIRROR!

We are now having to use an old cliche’ that people often use when they’ve made a horrible mistake – or have been taken to the cleaners – or have not paid the proper amount of attention!

They sometimes say:

Well, HINDSIGHT is 2020 I guess!   Sure wish I hadn’t made THAT mistake!  Oh well…

Just as I stated in the first installment of this new series – Hindsight is also MIRRORED SIGHT – and the only reason that we are collectively having to look into the MIRROR is because too few read this series as I wrote it THE FIRST TIME AROUND.

I’m sorry to have to be so blunt here – but I do not like to waste words!   I certainly did not spend my precious and very valuable time writing THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME for my own health, for riches, for fame, or for status!  I got exactly NOTHING out of it!


It was a handful of very precious pearls that could have saved the entire human race if anyone had cared to see the beauty and the TRUTH of what I had written then!  It was an honest call to wake up and take notice – because things were about to get REALLY BAD!

Now look where we are!

We are on the other side of THE PLANDEMIC!   The whole – entire WORLD was affected by this GREAT CON which was very carefully deployed.  And yet, every single clue to show you how it was going to happen was laid out for you in advance!

Re-read the series – you’ll see…, it’s all in there!

Their battle tactics, their strategies, how they operate, what tools they use, what their game plan is…, IT IS ALL IN THERE!

I honestly wonder how many readers who see this article will take to heart what it says this time, and then WORK VERY HARD to make it go viral???

Or…, do you prefer SLAVERY & MIND CONTROL?


Of course, if you don’t like the way I say it – there are other bloggers putting two and two together!  POLITICAL MOONSHINE – does it very well – and goes over the entire ordeal since day one when Donald Trump became the President!

Not only that – he goes back into the Obama years to describe the insidious infiltration of the entire Government that took place!

Making the Case for Treason


Give it a read – you’ll be glad you did!  

For now, just remember that your duty is not simply to go back to work – but instead it is to WAKE UP and in the process WAKE EVERY OTHER MAN, WOMAN and CHILD living on Earth up as well!

There is not much time left!

Stay tuned for Part Three…


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