By: Bradley Loves

If you took the time to watch the most recent Interview that I posted HERE…, you would see that an American General has basically called the USA Corporation an EMPIRE!

He has also said that the entire purpose of endless WAR is to support the:

….Military – Industrial – Congressional – Complex

In his epic and historic farewell speech, President Eisenhower warned us of the:

….Military – Industrial – Complex…,

but the TRUTH of the matter is that the word “Congressional” was omitted from the speech at the last minute!  It was actually there in the speech originally!

What this really says is that there are members of CONGRESS who “know” absolutely everything that is going on…, and are USING their elected positions to help Corporations to “make money” and “fund endless WAR” all over the world FOR PROFIT!

Then, after they are done in Congress…, they move into the Defense and Weapons industry so they can earn “THANK YOU” salaries of over a million dollars per year for their service in aiding and helping to create, and continue endless WAR!

These men and women in Congress are NO BETTER THAN WHORES…, who have sold their souls and their bodies for money.

This is what I am talking about…, each time I pick up the pen (or in this case…, the type pad) and write an article or a post.

Human beings…, are selling out OTHER human beings simply for a paycheck or for money!  And there are those who now say this has become NORMAL.

When will it STOP?

They say we are supposed to be Ascending…….

In my humble opinion…, there is NO ONE on this planet that is ready to “ASCEND”…, like has been talked about for so many years now, when this type of thing is going on…..


Because on the one hand…, you have those men and women who are doing evil things to their fellow man…, and don’t care one whit about it…, and on the other hand…, you have (so-called) spiritual people including NEW AGERS…, that don’t care at all that this is happening right in front of them…, as long as THEY PERSONALLY can escape all of this by either being “SAVED” or “ASCENDED” out of this hell hole and leave it all behind them.

Forget about trying to “right the wrongs” or “fix the problems”…, oh and God Forbid…, “EXPOSE THOSE WHO ARE DOING EVIL”.

Darkness can only exist when NO ONE is willing to shine a light on it…, but in my humble opinion…, ALL OF THOSE MEN AND WOMEN who came here to “shine the light” on the Darkness and to EXPOSE IT…, are now caught in the “there is no such thing as darkness LIE”…, and therefore they have taken the light they came here to shine…., and placed it under a basket so that it doesn’t expose ANY of the darkness it is supposed to expose!

(READ:  Oh…, I’m not here to “judge” anyone…, so therefore…, I will just keep silent about all that I see going on in the world…, sit in my house and OHM all day long…, and overlook every evil thing that I see!  

Sorry to all you little kids getting raped and sacrificed.., I’m not here to help you, or expose the evil being done to you…, I’m just here to observe, and then escape as soon as I can!   I’ve got my OWN ASS to save…, so I don’t CARE about yours!)

In my opinion…, GOD JUST LAUGHS at these foolish men and women…, and says:


And all of the so-called “Ascended Masters” and “channeled entities” who are “telling everyone” to do NOTHING to help anyone on Earth…, are giggling at the effectiveness of their ridiculous lies.

Now naturally…, you have to be smarter than a rock to really understand whats going on with these entites!

Certainly they are not SAYING:

You must do NOTHING.

But, what they DO SAY in almost every message is:

Everything that ever happens to anyone is ALWAYS THEIR KARMA…,


….those people asked for what they are getting before they got here, and they KNEW it was going to happen to them, so why worry about it, just let them go through it….

So my question is this:

IF this “idea” were the TRUTH (and it is a total LIE…, just so you know ahead of time)…, then WHY would anyone EVER under any circumstances WANT to help another human being experiencing pain or in trouble….. “IF” they believed this was really the way it was?

You have to look deeper to see that this is actually a LIE!

It is a very clever lie…, to be sure…, but a LIE just the same.

And if you CAN’T SEE that this is a lie…, then you have now very sadly lost ALL connection to your heart…, and ALL connection to your humanity…, and are well on the path toward being a BORG!


That is ALL that we are here to do!  End of story!

However…, you can’t be “helping” someone else (as we are here to do)…, when you think that EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to that person who is in distress…, is something that they wanted, and so therefore, you need to stand down, stand aside and DO NOTHING!

So the real question to be answered is this one!

Why do NEW AGERS “want” to believe in this “teaching” so desperately??

I do have an answer for that too!


They really do not want to confront anyone…, nor do they really want do anything that might make waves or cause issues in their lives…, so this one “teaching” has given them complete and utter permission to DO…, exactly what they wanted to do all along…, which is NOTHING!

Covenient isn’t it?

Remember…, every “word” of this “idea” was “channeled” by someone who was getting a message from some unknown entity broadcasting on another frequency.

The SOURCE of this “idea” is dubious at best!

Still, as I go through the BLOGOSPHERE…, I see “daily” and “weekly” newly channeled messages…, REPEATING and REPEATING this teaching and idea over and over and over again!

Can you say: BRAIN WASHING?

Can you say: Programming?

Why do so many channeled entities repeat and repeat and repeat this idea…, even now over and over?  Could it be that it is not sticking in the way they want?

It’s HARD to program love and compassion out of a human being!  It needs constant re-inforcement if the reprogramming is going to take.

Those damn humans keep slipping back into compassion!  They keep going back into their hearts and helping others….., DAMN THEM!

….get out another channeled message telling them that everything that happens to others on the Earth is KARMA…, and that everyone asked for what they are getting…, and hopefully they will draw the conclusion that it is NOT NECESSARY to help anyone!

Then we can simply “walk in” and take over the place…….


The WORLD is in the condition that it is in…, because GOOD PEOPLE have been convinced that they need to do nothing!

I can’t put it any more simply or plainly!  And if tomorrow you go to your favorite Channeler…, and he/she…, REPEATS this very idea and message yet again…., or you read it in some stupid book…, like:

The RA MATERIAL that the likes of David Wilcock loves to push….


All my love,



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