By: Bradley Loves


Love is one of the most natural and most normal things a human being can do.  Far from being a thing that must be taught…, it is simply a natural and normal desire of our species.

Yet, we are a species that rarely does what is natural to us.  You see, we have been “trained”…, “told”…, “taught”…., and “programmed”…., that we must NOT do what is natural…, but instead follow “teachings”…, of other people who are are NOT US.…, in order to LIVE LIFE PROPERLY.

Programming and “de-humanizing” us starts almost at birth!

It starts with religion.  This “training”…, is nothing but an outer “control system” placed upon the participant.  It not only steers the mind, but commandeers the emotions and the body.  It is an enslavement tactic.

It continues with public education…, and the “creation” of teacher/heros…, who seem to have all of the answers…, but sadly are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

The “mistake” here is not the endless “training” human beings are given…, the MISTAKE is in the taking of any information from ANOTHER HUMAN BEING outside of yourself…, as appropriate to your life…, without serious consideration.

You see…, beyond the perpetual programming, what I am starting to realize is that the world is filled with USED CAR SALESMEN.  Each person…, has a used piece of junk to sell…, and they want YOU TO BUY IT.

This “junk”…, is their old, worn out “beliefs” which they think YOU MUST BUY INTO…, in order to be “okay”!

Beliefs about this…, and beliefs about that…, and beliefs about how things really are, or should be…, are being auctioned off to anyone willing to step up.

Whole industries are based upon SALESMEN who propagate beliefs to any and every person willing to listen.


Not only is this happening on an Industrial Scale on the physical level…, and coming at you from every direction…

It is coming from other frequency levels too.

Don’t think for a moment that CHANNELED MESSAGES are not coming from Cosmic Used Car Salesmen!

These beings…, just like the preachers of old…, have some “sales” to make…, and some energy to harvest!

And you…, who are willing to listen…, are the fool who is being “harvested”.

If we can have “con” men (or con women) living here on the Earth…, then what makes you think that the higher levels do not have their “version” of CON MEN?

Who told you that the higher levels were perfectly pure, and everything there was rosy?

Have you ever been there?  Have you ever seen it for yourself?  So then what do you really know about the “higher frequencies”?

Just like here on the Earth…, the higher frequencies are filled with beings who want to “make a sale”…, and get a human being “hooked” into a belief system.


Because there is “energy” to be harvested…, and “energy” to be directed!

The directed focus of a human beings very powerful MIND, creates serious energy which gets sent directly to the object of the focus.

And if you personally can not find a suitable pastime for your mind…, then I guarantee you that there a many, many people (as well as higher frequency beings) who are willing to take advantage of your inability to direct your focus toward something that benefits YOU…, and redirect your focus toward something that benefits them!

Learn to “think” for yourself!  Learn to engage your heart and mind in LOVE.

Learn to use your energy in ways that will benefit your life…, and your progress…, as well as the lives and progress of your greater human family!


Learn what you really are!  And watch out for the salesmen who are desperate to SELL YOU a belief system.





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