By: Bradley Loves


I came to my keyboard this morning quite prepared to write an raving article about how too many human beings are just lying down every single day…, and “looking the other way” when confronted with pure evil!

The word: COWARD does not even adequately describe what I think of these people who just can’t be bothered to stand up for decency and for love!

They SEE what others are doing in the world around them…, and yet do not bother to call them onto the carpet for who they are, and “what” they are supporting with their lives and their actions…, namely…, a Luciferian world takeover!

However…, after watching (this video) linked below…, I decided to wait for a single day…, all thanks to Mike Cernovich!

This man just DID exactly what I wish every other man or woman (with any human decency) would do every minute of their lives…, and “question” what the hell those who do NOT stand against evil” think they are doing!!

Mike just pulled no punches, and called out one of his “journalist” collegues as a supporter of the Satanists!

Please watch the video below and see if you agree with me that this man (Mike) has real courage!




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