LISTEN to what this lady Doreen Dotan has to tell us about the temple on Epstein’s Island !

The temple in Turkey after which the temple on Epstein’s Island is supposed to be modeled after. In Safed ( Israel ) there is a mausoleum which is used as a freemason lodge.

IT LOOKS VERY SIMILAR like that temple in Turkey and Epstein’s Island ! Rothschild also seems to have A LOT of buildings due to HAVILY INVESTMENTS in the town of Roch Pina ( Israel ) 3 to 5 min drive from Safed. And here it comes : Roch Pina means ” The Cap Stone” !!!!

A play on words seems to be involved also.

” Pi ” in Hebrew means ” Penis” and ” Roch ” means ” Head “.

Rich Pina means ” The head of the Penis ” which is the ” Cap Stone ” !

A sexual connotation is connected with the issue of a capstone in freemason architecture.

She poses a direct quest to the Anons ( researchers ) about the VERY rich and powerful Shoosterman family who run nothing but research institutes. ( psychological, AI, HR…you name it )

One of the research institutes study the ” abuse of children ” !? and children “at risk” !?

Lynn Shoosterman runs the foundation now since her husband Charles Shoosterman passed away.

Her maiden name = ROTHSCHILD !

Their daughter Stacey married someone form the DOW family. She looked if there was a connection between the Shoosteman’s and Epstein but couldn’t find any. ( so far )

What she did find was that the Shoosterman foundation recrutes for LESLIE WEXNER’S program for Jewish leadership in Israel and North America. And much more in the video !

Pls watch and connect the dots !

Link to ” The Bleu doors of Roch Pina :

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