This article is  VERY LONG…, but I highly recommend it!  It points to something that I personally have been desperate to write about…, but did not know where to start!  It is so comprehensive that it might take a day or two to get through!

If I had written this piece…, then I would have said many of the same things!  This is NOT your run of the mill “channeled” excuse for spirituality…, but a REAL and down to Earth explaination for what is happening in our reality!

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Here is “Part Three(a)”


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Another Article from Eric Raines: (In his about this blog section)


  1. Not sure how real this is. The main issue is that it cannot be proven by current technology, and thus easily dismissed as a theory.
    If it is indeed real, the issue of both proving it, that it’s true and getting rid of such influence makes it close to impossible. As it’s stated, the best idea is to not succumb to ‘dark emotions’, as to not ‘feed’, whatever that thing is.
    But that needs a very good mindset, as to have the ’emotions educated’ into a good mindset.
    As for finding the mindset, in my case it started with the virtues and studying a lot of philosophy to get there…

    If ‘etheric implants’ are real, the next question is, will next generations that come after us will be more vulnerable and affected, or not? And what are the decisive factors that increases the ‘vulnerability’?
    And if there is justice, won’t these go away? Or is it because of lack of justice that these appear?

    Anyways those are my thoughts. Thank you for the articles.

    • STW..,

      Thank you for the comment. Your position that this is all “unprovable” is nonsense! IT HAS BEEN PROVEN. The countless men and women who are experiencing this type of thing as we speak is the PROOF!

      I have personally talked with a several dozen people experiencing this exact thing!
      There are also very good hearted spiritual people (who refuse to be conned) that have the ability to SEE into the higher levels and can SEE these etheric attachments, machines, technology and such at work!

      If you read more about Eric Raines…, you will find that he is actively HEALING people of these problems.

      Cameron Day is another “light warrior” who is also healing men and women of this!

      As far as I’m concerned ….. THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING…, HAS BEEN PROVEN…, and is the very thing we as human on Earth need to be most concerned with!

      Any other hypothesis…, Channeled message…, and such needs to be placed on the back burner!

      In addition…, John Lamb Lash…, who has studied the Nag Hammadi texts of the Gnostics (recovered from being buried in the desert) says that this “PROBLEM” was known about in the time of Christ! They knew our MINDS were being hacked by “something” back then. They were the ones who gave them the name of Archons.

      It is my contention that those men and women AT THE VERY TOP…, have always KNOWN that this was happening… And are aiding and abetting in the control system!

      They (having been let in on the idea of advanced technology) which was already around at the time of Jesus Christ… (Simply hidden) was and still is being USED to keep humanity in a very WAR LIKE state of mind.

      OUR MINDS HAVE BEEN HIJACKED…, and the people who “protest the most” are the ones who claim to have “made friends” with “inner voices”.

      These “inner voices” are the voices OF THE ARCHONS!

      They are the CHON – AR (tists)…., Con-artists…, which is a reversal of the word AR-CHON.

      There is naught a single word of TRUTH that they have ever told anyone living on Earth.., especially the NEW AGERS who love to “tune in” and “channel” supposed ENTITIES which are just beyond the veil…, but are (in reality) the AR-CHON/CON-ARTISTS…, and nothing more!

      Nothing that you ever hear that comes after a “dear one”…, with ever be the TRUTH!
      It is simply the “Intelligent Program” desperately trying to keep the “FOOD” from leaving the table!

      Human beings are FOOD ENERGY…, and that is why every single Channeled Entity says: Don’t worry and look the other way at all WAR, MURDER, and DEATH…, which is exactly what creates the “FOOD” the ARCHONS love to eat the most!

      All my love….

      • My position is not ‘unprovable’ regarding that aspect, but very close to.
        And the aspect that I am pointing out is the ‘scientific proving’, which is somewhat impossible to do by the scientists themselves(because they would not have much of an incentive to prove it yet, and, well, no interest by current science circles to make it public). I never denied anything, just pointed out there is ‘Lack of Interest’ for such things to be tested, proven and made public, as of this moment.

        It’s a good thing you pointed out names and information. Testimonies of people dealing with it can be helpful. Thank you for the information, that is all.

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