Over long periods of time – planetary societies and cultures are allowed to develop on their own and without outside interference for many reasons – but again, as I’ve written many times, protecting FREEWILL is the most important reason for this by far.

Every single “soul” has the solemn right given to them by the Great Creator to “choose” how fast they will develop.
As I’ve been reading though the many countless “tweets” of MJ-12 – made over the last few years and then collected into an aggregated document – I got more and more disturbed at the insanity of their off-world antics, their discoveries, and the various problems they created that we are all being affected by.

I decided to pray about this and have a tiny conversation with GOD.

As I prayed, HE allowed me to understood the “WHY” of it.

I understood “Why” all of humanity had been so suddenly placed under such an incredible burden of surveillance. Why everyone living here was being treated like a criminal and much worse – like an animal.

I knew why everyone was being watched, tracked, monitored, had their DNA being collected and recorded, their bio-metrics collected and being used behind their backs, and why their lives were suddenly EXTREMELY complicated – even though no one had any clue what it was all needed for.

The “WHY” of it is because our so-called leaders are dealing with off world beings, and other off world races. Therefore, they have placed EXTREME measures into place to identify who we are, and who they are, and simply refuse to “adequately” inform the rest of us.

I complained deeply in my prayers about this and GOD showed me even MORE of the “WHY”.

He brought to my attention just a few of the Star-gate SG-1 Episodes that I had watched over the years, (and one pointed out specifically by MJ-12) where something called a “Mimic” device was revealed and disclosed in that Episode that had the power to holographically project the “image” of a human being in such way that one human being could look exactly like someone else, and no one would even know the difference.

I realized that this would be very dangerous technology and could be used for very evil purposes, not the least of which would be to take over an entire planet – which was the very theme of this particular SG-1 Episode.

Then GOD told me something very striking.

HE said that THIS is exactly why developing cultures are always left alone and are intensely “protected” from interacting with other far more technologically advanced species.

HE said that the more advanced ones – if not adequately developed in their spiritual understandings of love and the unity of all life – will always use technology to find ways to enslave and dominate others.

This happens every single time! He added.

GOD further pointed out that Earth – by opening up Pandora’s box of using Star-gate technology in order to go to other planets, solar systems, galaxies, and by inter-acting with other species – had propelled itself forward (without being ready) into a super technological age where very extreme measures of restricted freedoms were now necessary to guard against the many forms of technology itself.

He showed me that every man, woman, and child living here on the Earth was unfairly being subjected to these extreme protective measures in ways they could not even imagine simply due to the antics of a mere handful of human beings who had developed advanced technology, were participating in “breakaway” civilizations, and who were now regularly inter-acting with other planets and species.


God showed me that once an entire planet or species organically develops to a point where they are capable of interacting with other species – the entire culture should already have this knowledge – and having been WELL informed and having been made well aware of the many risks of the technology that other species have and are currently using – and they all come together to agree – through the use of their collective freewill – to give up certain rights in order to take high levels of precautions in order to interact with these other species.

In other words, it is a “collective freewill choice” that the entire planet makes together.

These cultures, after due consideration and common choice – do this because they want the benefits of trade with these other planets and are prepared to “give something up” in order to do so.

GOD showed me that other planets have traded for and worked hard to achieve very high levels of beneficial technologies from other races which makes their lives far easier, but that it always comes at a heavy cost to personal freedom.

The “cost” is that huge “protections” and “safeguards” must be put into place to GUARD against the misuse of such technologies – and those safeguards ALWAYS reduce and restrict their right to “choose” in the end.

This “mutual common agreement” has never happened on the Earth, because it never took place.

Instead, GOD showed me that the entire species is being unfairly and criminally treated – while only a handful of the most corrupt few – gain all of the benefits, all of the profits, and all of the wonders of the advanced levels of technology now being traded for – and yet they DARE to shift the entire burden of dealing with that high level of technology coming in onto the backs of every man, woman, and child living here, none of whom are getting ANY of the benefit from it.

Thus, GOD showed me that life here on Earth has moved from the simplicity that it once had in the 1920’s and 1930’s into a technological nightmare where people everywhere are being tracked, surveilled, recorded, monitored and very literally invaded in their privacy without the gaining of their consent or the informing of their knowledge, and have therefore had most of their freedoms stripped from them already – but – they have been given nothing in return and have also not even been informed as to the “WHY” of it.

GOD showed me that this is a COSMIC CRIME for which punishment is required and will be handed out. It is required simply because this sad condition has removed every single soul’s freewill right to “choose” from the entire equation.

Strangely, God added, most of these men would never even think of going to another planet and removing the freewill choices of the individual beings that they encounter there – but yet they are perfectly willing to do it HERE, on this planet, with their very own – which shows their extreme disconnect from the reality of their own actions.

I then DEMANDED that something be done to these greedy, cowardly, recalcitrant and evil monsters who I immediately refused to call human.

GOD calmly pointed out once again that it is a HIGH-LEVEL COSMIC CRIME that is being committed here by only a handful of people in these highly restricted and secret programs against the vast majority of the Earth’s entire population – and that they will indeed pay for these crimes.

I was still angry however and had to take some time to calm down.

Aren’t developing planets and civilizations “protected” from those who have far more technology than we do? Isn’t there something like a “PRIME DIRECTIVE”?


However, your own leaders signed treaties behind your backs with some of the most deviant and darkest of these off world races – even though they were WARNED not to.  They wanted technology – and were willing to do almost anything to get it.

When they did this, they removed the very “protections” that were being enjoyed by Earth and overseen by powerful and high-level races – only because “consent” had now been given by treaty.

In other words – without telling you – THEY gave permission for the Earth to be interacted with on several levels – most of which they did not understand at the time – and STILL DON’T REALLY UNDERSTAND.

How so, I asked.

Most of these advanced races have TIME TRAVEL – they use it as a means of long-distance travel, and what your leaders failed to understand is that to give these beings “permission and consent” to operate here on Earth in the present moment – was ALSO giving them permission to operate here on the Earth at any time in the past, the present, and the future, simply because TIME is not what they thought it to be.

They were out bargained at the bargaining table – because they were not aware enough to think of every single consequence of signing these treaties. Again, they WERE warned ahead of time.  By signing these treaties, they cast the rest of you into the DEEP END OF THE POOL with none of you even knowing how to swim.

GOD showed me next that the kinds of crimes he was describing are all the more severe because every single benefit of interacting with these other species and worlds – (now that the box has been opened) – are actively being hidden, kept secret, and held in the greedy hands of only a tiny minority – while the REAL TIME BURDEN of the day to day interactions with all of these species has been shifted unto the backs of the entire planet of men, women, and children – most of whom have no idea why they are being so restricted in their lives at this point in time, nor what all of the endless trillions of missing dollars that are being stolen from them are getting used for.

It is grossly unfair that humanity is actually paying for this in every single way – but has not yet gained a single ounce of the benefits of these vast technologies – most especially in the medical fields where holographics and harmonics could literally wipe away all sickness and disease very quickly GOD said.

Please show me just who these people are that are keeping these things so secret– where are they and why are they still breathing? Why are they still walking among us? I said angrily.

After a while, I regained my composure and GOD once again told me that HIS WAY was always the better way – and HIS RULES were put into place for a very good reason and that is why they were there.

“Freewill” GOD said – is absolutely imperative in every aspect of a soul’s existence for its proper development.
A society, a culture, and even a planet’s development must always honor individual freewill in order to move forward organically and to come together in unified “agreement”.

He said that this is what “living together” really means.

We must decide – AS ONE – how fast, how curious, how motivated we all are to move toward technology – AND we must choose together just how willing we are to do this – when we are ready, and exactly what we are going to give up “collectively” in order to get there.

He then showed me that Earth could have done this all very differently, but that the real culprits were several hidden groups of beings operating behind the scenes who were worshiping SATAN and LUCIFER – beings that had long been a scourge and a plague upon the Earth (even in Jesus’ time) and who – by the way – had been “allowed” to exist and had been allowed to operate by the countless militaries, police, agencies, and protective groups all over the world for centuries – and that this is what caused the very problem to arise that we are experiencing at this point in time.
He then showed me what I already knew. That the Earth was now involved in a TIME TRAVEL WAR – with many of the so-called visitors who came much later – going back in time, planting a flag on the ground and then claiming to have been here first!

That, GOD said, was another consequence of the “treaties” that no one thought about.

GOD showed me that Earth had been given plenty of “TIME” to sort out this unholy mess, and that those working in high positions of leadership and authority ALWAYS (every single time) allowed their own greed, corruption, and cowardice to influence their decisions against taking any real and true action to rout out these hidden evils, and therefore the ones in positions of power and authority never informed the entire populace of mankind what it was actually dealing with.

GOD then showed me that coming together and loving each other was a command that was given to all of us 2,000 years ago – for a VERY GOOD REASON.

He further showed me that this command had not been followed by those who needed it the most and because there was still no true unity happening here on Earth in this time period – and because these Luciferians and Satanists had never been dealt with or gotten rid of over the centuries – mankind was now not ready for the greater things which depended upon that very unity – and therefore mankind was not ready for the challenges of meeting other species, and most importantly interacting with their extreme levels of technology.

He further showed me that almost all agents, police officers, military men, and so-called “protectors” or servants of the people who had ever gotten PAID a salary by the people that they served – had committed high crimes and treason against them – and also high crimes and treason against the entire species – by not informing them and not protecting them as they had promised to do – especially with regard to these Luciferian/Satanists and their cannibalistic ways.

He showed me that their souls will suffer in the EXTREME for this cosmic injustice.

It was for the most part cowardice, greed, corruption, laziness, fear, lust, debauchery and other sins that compelled them all in this direction, much of which could have been avoided simply if these men had listened to what Jesus had told them and had spent time in prayer and had engaged in helping others and uplifting others for the benefit of planetary unity.

At this time, GOD pointed out, mankind is suffering due to the continued greed, cowardice, corruption, laziness, fear, lust, and debauchery of its very leaders, its military men, its police, its agents, its corrupt Judges and corrupt Lawyers, its corporations, and various other organizations as it moves into dealing with other species, other planets, and other civilizations that are far more technologically advanced!

The biggest problem however, HE reminded me once again, were the various treaties that had been signed behind the peoples backs without gaining the consent of majority of Earth’s populations.

I agreed with GODS revelations.

I could see that HE was right and that what he was showing me was correct and true.  I could also see that mankind was suffering once again due to lies, deceptions, and hidden things – all of which had no business being hidden.

I felt that if mankind was going to be forced into these extreme measures of surveillance, and was going to be limited from the countless freedoms that only decades ago we all used to enjoy at our pleasure – then these damn recalcitrant monsters who had opened up pandoras box behind our backs without our knowledge or even the gaining our consent – had better (and I mean right by god now) start sharing the benefits of the various wonders and technologies they’ve gained so that mankind (at the very least) is getting something for all of the pain and burden that it has now been placed under.


I then asked GOD if “we” as a species would have any recourse against these various souls – our so-called leaders – if they continue in their secretive and monstrous ways – and then HE showed me that indeed, “we collectively” could hold them accountable for not informing the rest of us of what they were up to – to the extent that those actions they took directly affected our individual and collective lives – which at this point in time is almost total – and which is impossible for them to deny.

HE showed me clearly that their biggest mistake (which was their only protection from us) was in NOT informing us as to what was occurring behind the scenes AND in not allowing us to choose collectively and for ourselves whether we wanted our cultures and societies so dramatically changed.

FREEWILL – GOD SAID – was not negotiable, since it was a gift that HE gave to each of us.

And to the extent that our “freewill” right to “choose” had been taken from us – we could most certainly punish each soul involved. GOD then reminded me that Atlantis had dealt with a very similar problem and in the end, it destroyed the planet. They wanted to “force” everyone (all cultures) to accept high levels of technology – and some just did not want it.

I then asked GOD about the extreme burden that all of mankind was now under due to the highly advanced technologies of many other races and various other species having found their way to the Earth and interacting with just a few. GOD sighed and said that mankind had been very unfairly cast into the deep end of the pool by its own secretive and corrupt leaders throughout what we understood as history, and now it was going to be either sink to the bottom and drown, or it would have to learn very quickly how to swim.

TIME TRAVEL was the single problem they failed to think through when they signed those agreements. They did NOT account for that. By “signing” a treaty that says:

“We” give you access to the Earth and its people for certain technologies, experiments, and various “other” needs such as “bases” and “facilities” …,

…they failed to think through or take into account that these species would then TIME TRAVEL back a million years and start engaging with people then, claiming they had been given this right by humans from the future.
The entire history of Earth thus “changed” in the blink of an eye. Once again, anger swelled inside of me as I thought of the millions of men across the Earth over the ages who had chosen to be evil, cowardly, secretive, greedy, and corrupt and by doing so had brought us all to this point in time.

Every “secret” society needed to be blasted into obviation and removed for the good of the human race I felt. How dare they become so vile and so corrupt at our collective expense.

Then I got angry with the millions of men in the military, the cops, the judges, the government officials and all those monsters who claimed they were there for our collective benefit – but were instead working against the honest and decent people of the world and in just a handful of decades had turned Earth into a living hell.

Is there any treaty or contract anywhere at all that has taken into account TIME TRAVEL, “other dimensions”, “unseen beings”, and these other hidden things that is valid in your eyes and could put a stop to all of this?

GOD smiled. You should know this already; I gave you one!  Read it again with new eyes! It is called:


It is for all of mankind. Use it that way.

What about those leaders who are ready to hand us over?


I give you permission to take your power back from them.  Since they have not informed you, and they have not allowed you to have an informed and collective choice, and they have very unfairly taken away and restricted your Freewill in these last 80 or 90 years, then you are NOT obligated in any way to listen to them or to do a single thing they say.

You are FREE!
I made you FREE!

Furthermore, GOD said, I have told your world leaders repeatedly through various beings that they had to come clean with all of you and needed to do things differently.  What I told them was for their own good.

They have refused over and over again to listen to ME.

Their “time” is coming however. The full weight of the entire Universe will soon be brought to bear upon these men – these recalcitrant monsters – as you call them!  Do not fear – they can NOT escape what is coming for them.

You know very well – because I have shown you – there are FAR WORSE THINGS than death.
Death simply leads to more life.

However – for those who continue to do harm to others and who continue to take away the FREEWILL right to choose – for those who continue to keep secrets and by doing so – cause extreme hardship and burden upon their brothers and sisters all over the Earth – well let’s just say that these men and women will wish they had never been born into these incarnations – because the cost and the consequences to their own souls will be beyond the scope of their tiny imaginations.

I then thanked GOD for HIS LOVE, HIS GLORY, and HIS GRACE.

I then prayed that every man and woman who came against We the People of the Earth – and who had lied to us and put us all under this extreme burden, would be punished as severely as Comic Law could possibly allow for!

I also prayed for the proper punishment and justice for the many Satanists and Luciferians who for no good reason – had hurt and harmed so many of us across the Earth for so very long.


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