By: Bradley Loves


I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.

My blog is a “TEACHING BLOG” not a news blog.   Every word and every article that I put into print – (even saddled with AI flaws as they may be) has meaning.

To get the MOST out of my blog, you need to read it all, and you need to really THINK about it all.

Because this is a teaching blog…, we are dealing mainly with “ideas” and “concepts”…, NOT NEWS!

We are looking UNDER the rug…, not just examining the rug, so to speak.

I tend to move from post to post in a “flow” of ideas which may “highlight” a single concept which needs to be really grasped and then move on to another concept.

Thus, real learning takes place.

Furthermore, I write not only for my readers, but for the MILITARY – a DEDICATED GROUP OF TIME TRAVELERS – and for OFF WORLD RACES.

Not everything you see on the page will make immediate sense unless you take several streps back and look at the larger picture.

To do that you always need to be THINKING BIGGER and LOOKING DEEPER.

More to come…


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