By: Bradley Loves

This is just a short post to remind all of my faithful readers that this blog is being written on many levels!

I want to thank all of you so much for coming here to LOVE TRUTH and for spending your very valuable time on what will eventually be described historically as a MASTERPIECE OF PURE GENIUS!

Now – if you will – please allow me to have a little bit of fun and let’s look into a “Joint Meeting” of the C_A and the NSA while they try desperately to decode today’s posts from LOVE TRUTH…

Joint Meeting of the C_A and the NSA


BIFF: That Blog “LOVE TRUTH” is really giving the higher ups some sleepless nights!  So we’ve really got to come through on today’s posts and try to decode them.

First – he reposted an older installment of his END GAME series – does anyone have any suggestions as to why he posted Part 14 today?

BOB: Well, it’s actually the 14th of February today – so maybe we should look at the number 14.

CARL: It’s also Valentines day today – maybe he wanted to send us a Valentines day message.

BIFF:  Yea, but the content of the post is all about Secrecy, Lying, and Subversion – anyone care to comment on THAT?

GROUP: Crickets

BIFF: Well that must be a co-incidence right?  Let’s move on.  I noticed when we compare the older version with the newly updated one, he’s added a few images.  Any thoughts on what they might mean?

BOB: Well he posted new images of a young Jesus Christ, a Guitar, and a meme of Adam Schiff.

BIFF:  Any ideas on the Jesus one?  No, how about the Guitar?

BOB: What kind of guitar is it?

BIFF: It’s a damn guitar – what does it matter?

BOB: No – I meant what brand is it?

BIFF: This guy is not that smart – he doesn’t get paid like we do!  We’re the smart ones here, not him.

CARL:  So what about the Adam Schiff meme?  Anyone have a clue on that one?

GEORGE:  What – you mean Adam Schiff’s picture in an Article about the Cosmic Fallout of  Secrecy, Lying, and Subversion?   Uh…, no I can’t say that I can really make the connection there on that one – got nothing!

CARL: Yea, but his picture wasn’t in the first installment of the original post – couldn’t that possibly MEAN something?

GROUP: Crickets

BOB: It’s almost like he’s telling us that there is some sort of Cosmic Connection between Adam Schiff’s Secrecy and Lying and Donald Trumps success at being acquitted during the Impeachment Trial.

GROUP: Crickets

CARL:  Maybe the Jesus image in the beginning of the post suggests that there is a COSMIC “cause and effect” taking place that we can now see clearly – an effect that was not evident the first time he posted it?

GROUP: Crickets

BIFF: Naw, it can’t be that, what are you smoking – let’s move on.  Did anyone figure out what brand of guitar was in the image?

BOB: It’s a Hohner

BIFF: Anyone ever even heard of a Hohner?

GROUP: Crickets

BIFF: Okay, so the guitar means nothing.  Moving on, why is he updating this particular series, I mean it’s already been written – why rewrite it?

GROUP: Crickets

CARL: Hey, maybe we should ask that BIG GUY that we never pay any attention to!

BIFF: What – you mean the elephant in the room that we are all sworn to ignore?  That guy?

CARL:  We’ve got nothing – what could it hurt?

ELEPHANT: Oh my god – someone finally noticed meeee…., do you know how long I’ve been standing here…?, Do you know how long I’ve waited…?, Do you know how lonely I’ve been…..?

BIFF: Don’t let it go to your head Ele, you’re not supposed to be acknowledged, we’ve got orders.  So, you got anything to add to the conversation or not Mr. phant.

ELEPHANT: Well, it could be that all of the original installments were written to be intentionally vague!  It seems as if he is now cleaning them all up and making them far more clear the second time around and doing so at a much later date – he is also adding completely obvious examples of recent events into the posts as proof that what he said was true all along…

GROUP:  Crickets

BIFF: Naw, it can’t be that…, damn elephant!  Should never even have acknowledged you!

ELEPHANT: boo-hoo-hoo

BIFF:  Okay – we got nothing!  Let’s just tell the higher ups the same story we’ve always told them!

BOB: What – that this guy is totally whacko – insane – and mostly crazy?

BIFF: Of course.  That way – we keep getting our paychecks – and he still looks like an asshole!   We look like a bunch of crack code-breakers, and this guy gets the big raspberry.

BIFF: Oh, and by the way Carl, turn UP the DEW’s on this guy – he seems to be thinking more clearly these days!  Call up the assets and step up the gang-stalking – uh..,  you know the drill – fuck with his computer – fuck with his phone – just fuck with him in general- etc…, show him just how smart we really are.

Oh and you C_A guys send him a notice from GAB into his e-mail with a cute clown face on it – just to show him we are watching.

BOB: None of that seems to work with this guy!

BIFF: Don’t tell that to the higher ups, cuz if we tell them that he can’t be broken, our collective asses will be on the line!

BOB: You mean LIE to them?

BIFF: Of course! Lying is the spice of life….



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