For those of you who may be new to this very unique blog, much of what we are seeing taking place in the world today is stuff that I predicted (in over 5,000 articles) would happen if nothing was done to put a stop to it.

The Laws of Cause and Effect are impossible to get around and once something is set into motion, then that effect has to come to pass.  The only thing I can think of that can adequately describe what I am trying to convey is an example that I’ve used many times before…

If you walk off of a cliff deliberately – then you will fall and also will most likely die!

“Action” – is followed by “Re-action”.    This is called:  CAUSE and EFFECT.

When I started writing in the last part of 2014, the Holy Spirit had made it clear to me that given what the Deep State had already put into motion, the entire world was going to suffer quite badly. 

In other words, all of the parts and the pieces of the world’s destruction had already been set into “motion” and simply could not be stopped.  However, if real action and intervention were taken, (and a certain amount of repentance for past non-action was had among us) then the evil that was coming could possibly be “steered” into a much lesser effect.

Barack Insane Obama, the Clinton’s, and all of the renegade agents inside of the D.C. SWAMP had planned to destroy America for a long time, and all of the parts and pieces of that destruction plan were put into place very quickly during the first 4 years of Obama’s term.

By the time 2013 rolled around, America was already on the very edge of the cliff and was teetering as if it would fall off soon.  Regardless of what you may think of me, or what was happening to you personally at that time in your own life, the stage had already been set behind the scenes and America was walking quickly into it’s own destruction.

This had been long planned and deliberately designed to take place from behind the scenes and Obama was the main Deep State Agent behind it rolling it out.



In late 2014, the Holy Spirit asked me to start a massive writing project that would be based on Love, Truth, and God’s Vision through the Holy Spirit.  I was told that as long as I “listened” to what I was being told and shown, that everything I wrote about would come to pass. 

I was told that many souls had promised to do this very job I was now being asked to do, and that every single one of them (for one reason or another) had reneged on their soul agreement.  I was told that I would have plenty of help and to allow God to steer what I wrote.

In the beginning of this writing project (up until about 2019) even though I was writing constantly (sometimes up to three articles a day) very little about what I was writing made any sense and much of it seemed like outlandish predictions and fairy tales at best.

I was told to keep writing however and by 2020, everything that I had written about up until that time (as God’s warning to humanity) suddenly became very apparent and all of the plans that had been put into place to destroy America years earlier started to become very visible.

Since the beginning of 2020 and up until this very moment, we have all seen and experienced the entire ROLL OUT of the very things I was writing about (and warned people about) starting in late 2014 until the end of 2019. 

If you doubt that I did indeed make these predictions, then I invite you to read every series listed in the header of the blog above:

If you read them all, then you will see that much of what we seeing happening today was indeed written about where you could easily read them and take action.

These are the things that I was shown were possible and would indeed come to pass if humanity did not WAKE UP and did not change it’s path, or it’s current trajectory.

I was told that God ALWAYS gives humanity a fair warning as to what is coming, but humanity very rarely ever listens to what God has to say.  Instead, humanity usually abuses, beats, and even kills those sincere men and women who are trying to give them Gods warning, and that is exactly what happened to me.

In the last part of 2019 (Five years after I began this massive writing project) the Holy Spirit told me to write this series.


I was told that this was a very important series to write, and that it had to be time stamped before the end of 2019 because it would serve to prove that I was telling the Truth.

Once again, I wrote what I was shown to write and did not question it.

I was told to write this:

Whatever happens on the Earth will affect the FATE of the entire Galaxy!  As goes the Earth, so goes the Galaxy!

And now, just three years after writing this important series called AMERICA AND THE PROPHECY…, the FATE of the entire Galaxy has indeed been changed by what has happened here on the Earth.

See this short interview clip between Dr. Michael Salla and Elena Danaan:


As you can see, God does not mess around!  There is far more going on behind the scenes than we here on Earth can possibly know about, and it is my opinion that the lesson that God is trying to teach all of us by asking me to write on Love Truth Site is that it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to listen to God and to trust God than to talk endlessly to God and tell Him how WE are going to do it.

If we listen to what we are being told and shown by Spirit, then we will make far better decisions in our lives in the long run.

If we are constantly trying to do things our own way, then we forget that there is a much higher power and a larger authority out there that can take care of things for us FAR BETTER than we can do on our own.

While the Democrats/Liberals are insanely trying to write God out of the picture here on Earth and are trying hard to insert themselves (as well as the Government and the State) into the role of playing some sort of pretend God…, the real Spirit of God is working hard from behind the scenes and helping everyone who cares to listen.

The “pretend God” that the Government and the State will ultimately become if we allow it will have no love, no compassion, no care, and no concern for human life whatsoever.

This is why we must do everything we can to REJECT their false god which ultimately is an A.I., and is a pathway to connect every single human being up to Artificial Intelligence.

The Democrats/Liberals/Satanists want AI to be their “God” because a machine can never judge them for their immoral actions and behaviors which are wholly and totally deviant and go against life itself.

AI will allow them to do Ritual Satanic Abuse, Mind Control others, Cast Spells, Torture others, drink human blood, and eat human meat.  AI will allow them to do whatever they please.

This very same mistake has been made by countless planets in the Galaxy in the past, and must not be made here.

God – the real God – only wants what is best for us and because God cares, He has placed rules for our behavior which protect everyone.  This is something that the Democrats/Liberals/Satanists just can not stomach, and so they are in active rebellion against God.

If you want to know how it is all going to turn out – then please by all means continue to come to Love Truth Site and continue to read what I write (as given by the Holy Spirit). 

My only mission is to tell the truth, and that may actually scare some people because REAL TRUTH is not usually told here on planet Earth.  Like I said, it has already scared the Deep State so badly, they tried to kill me three times starting in the spring of 2019.

None of the prophets were treated any differently, and many of them were beaten, jailed, and even killed.  Things are no different today, and those who hate me the most think they are the most “godly” – when they know nothing of God and know nothing of what God actually wants.

All I can say at the end of this article, is that if you really want to SEE and KNOW the TRUTH, then all you have to do is OPEN YOUR EYES…

All my love…


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