• Did you think it would turn out this way? 
  • Do you sometimes wish that you were seeing something different?
  • Do you realize that given how things are being done by those in whose hands you are leaving it to be done – it can’t happen any other way?


What you really need to know is that things are happening this way due to how the problem is being addressed, and due to the specific tactics that are being used to achieve these goals.

Did you know that every single man, woman, and child living on the Earth at this time in history has an important role to play in achieving our collective FREEDOM? 

It is the sad truth that many people are not being allowed to use their full potential, and are actually being sidelined either by self limitation, or by the limitations that are being unfairly being placed upon them by others.

So, if the END GAME is not going as fast as you’d like, then you only need look into the mirror to find the first person that needs to be dealt with concerning the way it is all rolling out, because we each have an important role to play here.

This being said, there is plenty of BLAME to go around for the slow pace at which this is unfolding, and for why this is taking so long! 

Even though I could do so, I am not going to point out every single facet of this Beautiful Diamond of the Great Awakening individually, nor will I show you how it could all be happening very differently, because it would take an encyclopedia to explain it all.

However, what I will say is that I can see it all!  GOD has blessed me with this ability, and I’ve said so many times.  This has never been kept a secret from anyone.

Sadly, because of what has been done to me (for almost all of my life) as well what has been done to my family, and because of what continues to be done to me as we speak by way of an intentional Black Op started years ago by Barack Insane Obama, I am more or less forced to sit on side lines in this battle and simply reduced to writing about what I know is happening, and about what is coming based upon all of the moves on the chess board, and occasionally choose to reiterate in writing that I do know how to fix all of it, if only someone would simply ASK.

The very fact that they don’t ask, says an awful lot about who is in charge of this and what their goals are!



The left hand of Satan is lies, deceit, cheating, conning, and mis-informing.  Both of these go together, and are used just like you would use both your hands to complete a task.

So, let me first address the military.   (I will address so many others as time goes on in other posts).

I do know they are trying very hard.  I know that they are trying to reverse what they have done in the past, because for many years, they actually helped the Cabal to enslave us all. 

I know that now, they have made sacrifices, but I also know that they are playing in the Sand Box of the Luciferians when they continue to engage in secrecy.

I have written about this dozens of times on sixteen pages of posts located here:

The highest level Luciferians invented secrecy!  All you have to do is look at these very ungodly SECRET SOCIETIES to get the picture.

They invented subterfuge!  They invented spying.  They invented propaganda, they invented double agents and infiltration!  They have been doing this kind of thing, and using these very tactics for over 6,000 years!

Not only that – but they also use Black Magic,Witch Craft, and Demons as tools of war!

The Luciferians (as opposed to Spy Agencies) do not even need to use Satellites to spy on their enemies, because they can simply conjure entities and summon invisible demonic beings who will watch whomever, and then report back to their masters what you are doing, and how, when, and where.

Furthermore, there are many complex hidden rules of CAUSE and EFFECT that come into play that are part of the rules of the game on the much higher levels of the Game Board, and unless you have MASTERS working with you on those higher levels (like the Dark side does) and who can block these rules of Cause and Effect for you, then you are shooting yourself in the foot by using “dark tactics”.

These rules can not be circumvented or undone unless dealt with on the higher levels!  They were put in place by GOD HIMSELF.



Please read the above article!

So here is a word of advice to the “GOOD” Military that is now operating all around the world. 

Please STOP using the same tactics that you were taught to use by the Luciferians while you are now trying to beat them.  You can not beat them by using their own tools and tactics against them because they invented ALL DARK TOOLS.

You have to start thinking differently about how to beat them.



The worlds militaries are used to using Dark and Regressive tools to fight their battles.  They learned these dark methods and tactics from the Ancient invading extra-terrestrials who came to Earth long ago, from the Fallen Angels, then the Luciferians and the Satanist operating in the world today, and finally from the Regressive ET’s like the Draco, the Orion Greys, and the Zetas!

Even the well known Movie THE PATRIOT recognized that you can’t use the standard Battle Tactics against the very people who invented them.  Start at the 2:00 minute mark to hear what you need to hear:

Instead of using all of the Luciferian/Regressive Alien War Tactics they have learned over the countless centuries, the Military could be doing far better in this battle if they would simply “come clean” about so many of the things that they have done in the past, tell us what they have been hiding from the rest of us,  ASK US ALL for our forgiveness, and finally ASK US for our help and our support in this very difficult battle!


They should do this because GOD did actually send VERY HIGH SOULS into incarnation in the here and now who know this kind of stuff, because GOD always sends exactly what you need even BEFORE you need it, not after you need it.

The problem here for the hierarchy of the Military is that none of the people I am talking about (who love God) would even consider joining up in their ranks before being specifically asked to help with the END GAME, due to the possibility of being forced or ordered to do things that were dark and evil, which they would refuse to do.

These souls are actually far smarter than any General might give them credit for, and also know countless things about the Universe that the Generals do not know.

Using them would be engaging in a battle tactic of the LIGHT and of LOVE – because it is not using any Luciferian tools, all of which draw their power and their energies from a polluted well!

What I mean by this is that the Luciferians and the Satanists draw their power and energy from the DARK FORCES of the Universe on multiple levels of the game board.  Dark Tactics only work well, when engaged and put into play with the use of the forces of evil, and the polluted well of power.

If the Military was serious, and wanted to use pure power and pure energies, then they would need to use a New Battle Tactic that makes use of the forces of Light and of Love, and bring in PURE PEOPLE that can draw in the pure power and pure energies of the GOD/SOURCE alone. 

They would need to do this because GODS power come from an unpolluted well, and therefore these energies are very pure and will not harm them, nor will it harm their mission, their goals, or slow them down in what they are trying to achieve!

If they keep using the power and energies from the polluted well, they are forced to take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back with every dark tactic they use.  This is the PRICE to pay on the higher levels for using such tactics.

As SIMPLE as all of this is to say – all I can do is sit back and wager on just how many people will even read this post, much less act on it in a way that helps.

The Military wholly underestimates the contributions that GODS EMISSARIES could make toward helping with the liberation of Earth by drawing on the Power of God.

Of course, like I said, this would call for an APOLOGY and some HUMILITY in the beginning.  This, by the way, is the very thing that GOD our loving Father wants from them the most.  Enslaving and diminishing so many billions of his Soul Creations for so long warrants such an apology.

5-D Chess is not an easy game to play!  It requires understanding of multiple levels of the game board.


Stop drawing energy from the polluted well of Satan and his allies, and stop using the battle tactics of the Dark while trying to defeat them.  Lies and Secrecy have to go!

You will being doing far better by learning how to fight using the pure power and pure energy of the GOD/SOURCE.

All my love,

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