By: Bradley Loves


Taken from the Q-Anon research board:

SyrPer has just learned what has been suspected all along: Senator John McCain is receiving money from Saudi Arabia for backing the Saudi obsession with ousting Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.

This information has several sources.

The first is Chinese Intelligence which picked up open telephonic conversations between McCain and Bandar Bin Sultan, the disgraced Saudi head of the National Security Committee who has been effectively fired as evidenced by his sudden removal to the U.S. for “medical purposes”.

The Chinese relayed their intelligence to the Russians who then informed Syria’s General Security Agency and Lt. General Abbas Ibrahim. John McCain is recorded negotiating with Bandar “sufficient amounts” to compensate him for work in convincing Congress of the need for the U.S. to both arm the terrorists fighting the Syrian government and to attack Syrian military bases, especially airbases to blunt the successes of the Syrian army on the ground. Lt. Gen. Issam Hallaq, Chief of the Syrian Air Force, was informed about this.

McCain is recorded asking for “millions of dollars” which Bandar agreed to pay. The actual amount negotiated the first time on November 22, 2012 was $75,000,000.00 (75 Million) to be deposited in the Saudi Arabian British Bank (SABB).

According to my source, Bandar hesitated to pay “up front”, preferring to deposit $5,000,000.00 first with the balance to be paid upon an American air assault on 10 SAAF bases which Bandar actually named.

McCain asked Bandar whether he wanted to have “Assad bombed in his bunker”?

Bandar replied that he would view that as a definite “winner”. That was the word he used, a “winner”.

My source says that McCain did not want to deposit money in a Saudi bank but that the situation with Switzerland was “dicey”. He told Bandar that he would inform him as to his preference once he knew the 5 million was deposited and he had had the chance to explore bank options in Panama or the Cayman Islands. Bandar is said to have suggested the Isle of Man in England.

The Saudis also discussed other avenues to help McCain.

According to my source, Bandar has exploited his relations with Mossad to prepare the groundwork for a deal with AIPAC, the American “Israeli” Political Action Committee. It was Bandar’s hope that the Zionist lobbying and financing group would give McCain much-needed help for the next elections in Arizona where he is now extremely vulnerable.

It was Bandar’s plan to have money siphoned into McCain’s coffers through AIPAC in order to avoid strict American campaign funding laws and an older treaty between King Saud and the U.S. which bluntly prevents the Saudis from interfering in the internal affairs of the U.S.

None of this should surprise you.

McCain’s outrageous behavior can only be explained by a personal financial interest. The man has no moral background which could flesh out his bizarre actions during a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting convened to hear Syrian Christian clergymen describe the horrors that Christians in Syria are facing at the hands of McCain’s terrorist heroes.

McCain barged into the meeting and conducted himself so brutishly that his ally in sending weapons to Al-Qaeda, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, had to apologize to his nonplussed guests.

Judicial Watch thought the bias on the part of McCain was due to his relationship with humiliated fake scholar and outed hypocrite skag Elizabeth O’Bagy. That is not correct. You now know why McCain is doing what he is doing and why he hired O’Bagy, after she was fired from her former job. McCain has betrayed the people of the United States.

He is, just as a citizen of Arizona, said, and right to his face during a town hall meeting: “Mr. McCain, you are a traitor”.



In addition to this, we have Q-Anon posting these images of Senator John McCain standing right next to the leader of ISIS!

Next we have this second image below…, where Q asks:


Look at the writing on the tent!   It says:  US AID

Secondly, looking back at the picture above it, there are SPIDER WEBS on the glass behind the men in the picture!

Q then asks us:


Thirdly, the Capital of Syria – Damascus.., strangely is shaped just like a Spider Web!

Next, I am posting a color coded MAP of Syria with all of the various factions and alliances who are fighting, and have “skin” in the game.

Notice that ISRAEL has “occupied” a portion of Syria, which is notated in BLUE!

Israel has ALSO starting drilling for OIL on Syria’s own territory most likely so they can STEAL THE OIL!

Here is who they (Israel) have put in charge of stealing that OIL!

All I can say is this:

OH what a tangled WEB we weave, when at first we practice to DECIEVE!!!


Addendum:  What is exceedingly important to note is that John McCain (although a Republican Senator) did ALL OF THIS during Barack Obama’s Presidency!

How can you possibly BE the President, and NOT KNOW ????







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