By: Bradley Loves

This is going to be a very hard concept for people to wrap their minds around!  The reality is that there are some “dots” in the puzzle that they have failed to connect.

One of the most basic “dots” they have failed to connect is that almost ALL EVIL being done on the planet involves DOLLARS or MONEY!

There isn’t an assassin who will kill a target out of the “goodness” of his heart!  There isn’t a mercinary who will travel to a middle eastern country to fight a “fake” war if they are not well paid to do so.

There isn’t a cop on the street…, who abused his fellow man and beat him with a club at a protest rally…, that didn’t do that horrible evil for DOLLARS!

In the Grand Scheme of working out exactly how it is that we pull ourselves out of the Satanic Pit that we have fallen into…, human beings have to learn what is valuable and what is not!

When man walked with GOD and felt the “spirit” flowing through him…, he realized that his fellow man was like him and therefore valuable!

When the suggestion came to BETRAY one of his fellows for something as useless and worthless as dollars…, men used to laugh at the stupidity of such an offer.

At this point in our history…, DOWN (pure evil) has become UP (good), and it only takes an offer of DOLLARS (money) for one man to turn on his brother and then hurt, maim, beat, cheat, or kill him in order to collect.

For those men and women who claim to be awake and aware…, but still can’t see this as the truth…, forgive me if I call a spade a spade.  You are NOT awake…, and you are NOT AWARE of anything.

It is this willingness to do practically anything for dollars that has ruined our world!

You think I’m kidding?  You really think that I’m kidding…, don’t you?

Let’s look.

  • Every Scientist that works for a pharmaceutical company that produces drugs that do not work…, does his work for dollars.
  • When that drug does not do what is claimed it will do…, the results are falsified, and the people who are supposed to  speak up are silenced by an offer of dollars.
  • The rating agency who has not seen adequate evidence that the drug works or is not dangererous to the public…, okay’s the drug only after an offer of plenty of dollars.
  • The Lawyers who work for the Pharaceutical Company and know the drug is dangerous say NOTHING…, because they are getting plenty of dollars by working for the company.
  • The doctors and hospitals administer the drug even though it does not appear to work well…, because they get dollars from the pharmaceutical companies for using their drugs.

Do you want me to go on?   I could…

This is just one example inside of one industry on the planet.  In each example…, there were men and women (just like yourself) who turned a BLIND EYE to what has happening, and sold out their fellow man for dollars (money).

Let’s look some more…

  • Every person who makes military weapons (does so for dollars).
  • Every Pilot who sprays Chem-trails in the sky…, does so for dollars.
  • Every scientist who genetically modifies food so that it has NO NUTRITION does so for dollars.
  • Every Archologist who says nothing about the super advanced ancient ruins he finds while digging on Earth…, says nothing after getting many dollars.
  • Every legislator who passes laws that will remove civil liberties and enslave the people ONLY does so for the promise of millions of dollars.
  • Every NSA/CIA/NRO goon walking and breathing on the planet does incredible evil daily…, but only does so for dollars.

What am I missing here?  Am I wrong?  Can you find fault with what I am observing?

As I said in THIS article…, I just don’t understand this place!

As we speak.., we have endless men and women waiting desperately for an RV!  They have lots and lots of one currency…, and want to exchange it for another.

They want to exchange it into DOLLARS!

They do not stop to think however…, that EVERY EVIL taking place on the world at this time is done for dollars!  Perhaps that is okay…, as long as these people personally have enough “dollars” to save themselves.

My question to these men and women however is this:  Do you really want to save Earth…, or, just improve your status and position within a very dark and EVIL system?

The system of dollars IS SATANIC…, you know that right?

Babylonian Money Magick…, is the creation of money out of thin air!  And is based on a Luciferian concept.

I could go on (I really could) and list about 10 thousand examples of how EVERY (and by that I mean every) man and woman who works a job has turned a blind eye to injustice and blatant harm done to a fellow human being in exchange for dollars.

But why?  Deep down you know….




All my love…


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