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  1. John

    Thanks Bradley and Megan for yr kind elaboration about the matter.
    3 see and feel more then one.
    Let’s keep being vigilant and ADD what we all as unique beings have to add to the whole.

    much love,

  2. Megan

    Hi lovetheworld77,

    I feel that Robert Steele is a very sincere man, I understand that he is very experienced in his field of work and that the info that he shares with us has been examined very closely by him before he presents it with us. Events may change along the way and may not happen in the way Mr Steele has foreseen. That doesn’t mean that the info he has shared is false it just means that things have taken a different turn for whatever reason. There is so much going on and so many players that things can change from moment to moment. That is why I said it is wise to listen and watch to see what is happening and if it resembles the info that is shared and not because I think Robert Steele is giving disinformation.

    I really do hope that the roundup of these criminals is swift and to the point and that the transition to a happy and loving and abundant world for all happens in short measure as a result.

  3. Megan

    Thanks John for your comments also, I was a daily reader of Jean Haines blog and remember all the interviews Jean posted with Neil Keenen. Also how Jean in her kindness to him was frauded out of her savings. I also am aware of the constant suffering that Jean has had to endure because of the truth that she so vigilantly has shared with us all.

    There have been many who have been sharing info with us for a very long time but nothing has come of most of it as yet. However, we have been observing that things a heating up very rapidly of late. We are constantly being bombarded with information at a rapid pace, therefore it is important to listen, take a step back and consider if what has been said is actually happening. Things are not always as they appear, even those in the know don’t always know for sure and they have to be as discerning as we do.

  4. John

    sorry about all the uploads Bradley. Made some corrections text wise. Pls only use the LAST ONE !
    Thank you !

  5. Megan

    I think Bradley has a good nose for truth, and that the possibility of what Robert Steele has said is very high. I don’t think Bradley would post this if he wasn’t certain that things were really happening. It is just necessary to mention that for so long people like Robert who say they are in the know and give out information only for nothing to happen has made people stand back and watch instead of taking the information as a given. People very rightly are being cautious. I for one sure hope Robert is spot on with his info but we would be wise to stand back and observe to see if what is happening matches what we have been told.

    • John

      Thanks Megan for yr feedback.
      I think I may say all or most ppl who read and follow what Bradley shares have a nose for truth, and I sure coun’t myself in it.
      Nevertheless, the interview with Steel, who IS a former CIA CLANDISTINE Service Officer, and indeed played a major role creating an Open Source Movement ( UNRIG ) after his service together with Cynthia McKinney, raised some red flags for me.
      If he mentioned that he is/was good friends with Fullford I got goosbumbs.
      Personally I believe Fullford is a CON and controlled opposition. He’s been telling the same story for YEARS now, and most of it was/is bs. Not trustworthy to say the least….

      Then he mentioned another CON called Neel Keenan who seemed to have passed away recently.

      This man first of all stole money from somebody who ( ) trusted him.

      She ( Jean from ) so far has never got or will see her money again. Jean is also a targeted individual because she is a truth seeker.

      Isn’t it curious that real ” truth seekers ” are targeted individuals ?
      I might be wrong, but I don’t see Mr. Keel having issues concerning being a TI…

      Check out all about Keenan being a fraud here :

      Tmho…with this kind of individuals presented as references one should be VERY VIGILANT about the info presented by Steel….

      But hey, who am I… 😉

      • John and Megan,

        In the case of Robert Steele, I’ve offered this interview as a possible piece of the puzzle.

        Here is “my” two cents on the interview…, (since you both had your two cents).

        Few people in the world have a DEEP grasp on all that happens in the world around us. Even at the level of CIA and NSA.

        What you have to remember is that men are men, and women are women just like us.

        Because I worked in the Construction Industry for over 30 years, I talked to some of the most “important” people you’d want to know, and just because they have “high” position and title does not mean that they are far better off than you or me.

        The first thing that I learned is to NEVER put a single man or woman on a pedastal and think they are ABOVE ME.

        In the case of Steele…, he has feeling! He showed emotion about what he was talking about.


        Not that he knows everything…, far from it. But he has an emotional INVESTMENT in his feelings.

        THIS IS THE KEY.

        Psychopaths can NOT FEEL. I’ve dealt with countless in my life! Not only psychopaths, but also pathological LIARS who could not tell the truth if their life depended on it.

        These people are far more difficult to weed out, because they DO have an emotional investment in what they are saying, and hide their lies well. They want you to believe every single lie and so LIE with charm!

        The only way to deal with these people is to CHECK what they say and VERIFY every single thing.

        The good news here (for newbies) is that pathological LIARS can NOT TELL THE TRUTH (ever)…, it’s impossible for them to do so. So…, once you’ve assessed that they are lying about the last 15 things they said…, then you know that NOTHING THEY “EVER” SAY IS THE TRUTH. Hillary Clinton is a pathological LIAR!


        I’ve said it before…, not even the words “and” and “the” coming out of her mouth should go without verification.

        David Steele is NOT a pathological LIAR! (I’ve dealt with them before)
        David Steele is NOT a psychopath! (He has tremedous feelings)

        So what he is.., is a guy who is in the fray, doing his job, and does not KNOW all there is to know.

        But, he does know SOME STUFF.

        So we should not discount him.

        Listen to the first part once again.

        I have never heard a man speak SO HONESTLY about pedophilia, child rape, Satanism, and admit so openly that the ELITE all participate.

        This is someting “they” want hidden at all costs.

        For him to open up about this one thing says that he is disgusted about it…, AND…, wants it to end.


        So, for that reason alone…, we have to listen to his interview and sort out what we can use, and what we can not use!

        I hope this helps!

        All my love…

  6. John

    I agree with Megan, and can’t help but wondering why of all ppl Bradley is so exhilirated about who knows another CON statement ?

    Especially of those who have been/seen the insides if the most horible gouvernment organs ever existed…

    What makes it that you are so positive about this interview dear Bradley ?

    Truly looking forward to your feedback !

  7. Megan

    A very interesting discussion! I just hope that all of the items discussed come to pass very soon, it’s long overdue. People are hesitant in their belief of the take down of all of the evil because we have been told so many lies for so long. We will have to see if this is the truth or just more BS!

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