By: Bradley Loves

How are we doing so far?  Is everyone keeping up?  Am I going too fast?  Give me some input so that I know how well you are understanding this new information!

As I’ve said…, I’m willing to go as slow as necessary!   Also…, I will be willing to answer questions (which take a lot of time) if they pertain DIRECTLY to the matter of magnetic and harmonics (without getting too far ahead of where we are at).


Because we are dealing with magnetics and magnetic fields in our discussion of “thoughts” and how reality is created…, we are finally starting to address the hidden side of a subject that for thousands of years has been seen as a “mystery” to the masses.

Instead of seeing this as a very natural “methodology”, or a mathematical proceedure that could be undertaken with ease and with certain results…., it has been shrouded in religious dogma…, blatant lies, and mis-directions, all done in order to keep a human beings REAL POWER hidden from them.


The spiritualists have told us for years to STOP THINKING…, and to simply move into “faith” or “belief”…, and to stop thinking about what we are not capable of understanding.

I’m here to tell you unequivocally that this was done very purposefully IN ORDER TO CONTROL US.

Faith is a necessary component of creation only AFTER…, you have very carefully THOUGHT OF WHAT YOU WISH TO CREATE…, fully visualized it…, and then “planted” that thought into the Magnetic Field.

Faith is the WATER…, faith is NOT THE SEED!

You only water the seed after you’ve planted it…, NOT BEFORE!

[Channelers would have you believe that “sorting” through your thought seeds in order to choose which ones you wish to plant is a bad idea…, but my question is this:

How in the world will you ever get to the “carrot seed” which is mixed in with hundreds of other seeds…, unless you SORT THROUGH THEM ALL…, “judging” which is which…, until you get to the one you want!

Also…, who is to say that it is “wrong” to “throw away” all of the bad seeds…, (negative ones) while you are sorting through them the first time…, so that next time you go through your (thought) seeds…, you don’t have to re-sort the good from the bad all over again?]


The illuminati…, the dark CABAL…, call them what you will are very busy!  Through their understanding of “reality creation”…, “magnetics” and “harmonics”…, they are very busy seeding MILLIONS of evil and satanic “thoughts” into the MINDS of every living man, woman and child…, through their abject control of the media, education, television, music, and every other form of “mental input”.

This is part of their SILENT WAR on all of mankind…, and what they are doing IS BEYOND ABSOLUTE EVIL!

The only thing I can say here is that I am truly sorry that YOU (the reader) can not see this.

As a side note…

[I’ve tried…, (really I have) to open a conversation on a front that would actually help all of us, and save us from what is being done daily in the media, education, television and the rest!

But I’m going to call a “spade” and “spade” here…, and say that my small blog is being DROWNED OUT in the noise of the NEW AGE.

Im willingly to admit it.  I alone can’t compete with hundreds of people all over the world “tuning into”  fake broadcast frequencies…, many of which are being put there by the shadow military industrial complex (which has super advanced technology) developed for just this purpose and is being run from secret bases.

In order to “keep the real truth” from coming out…, what they are effectively doing is HIDING IT…, by dumping thousands of useless channeled messages into the minds of unsuspecting (and willing) participants who are convinced that they are connecting with real and loving “spirits”.

I can’t say it any more clearly than that!  This is a Lawyers trick.

If a Legal Team knows they are most certainly going to lose a case by having to hand over some very damaging information (about their client) they hide the few pages that are damaging inside a MOUNTAIN of useless paperwork…, which would take years to go through.


The TRUTH of your own personal power is ready to come out…, it is simple and a few good pages of information that is an absolute TREASURE to those who would find it…, but almost everyone who would be willing to hear this information at this moment in history has their  MIND preoccupied with absolutely USELESS information at the moment.

This is not my fault.

THE CABAL…, will not allow you to get to this information easily, and thus they are dumping mountains of USELESS information on top of you…, and then saying HERE…, sort through THIS (if you can).

You’ve got to be smarter!]


Getting back to the subject at hand…

Everything ever created in the physical realm started out as a THOUGHT first.

This is how things are made to manifest.  Whether you are living here on Earth (on the so-called lower densities or dimensions) or you are on the higher levels…,

Everything ever created starts out as a THOUGHT first.

What  you need to take away from this post is this:

  1. The entire Universe is a FIELD of manifestation.
  3. Your thought “seeds” are magnetic.
  4. Anything that you embrace as necessary (think of the old cliche’ of “death and taxes)…, if you “believe in these things”…, they YOU are helping to MANIFEST them into reality.
  5. Your belief and faith (in things that are not good…, but are abject EVIL) will help to manifest that EVIL into existence!
  6. The MINDS of every man, woman and child living on Earth are being HI-JACKED and used by DARKNESS.

This is enough for today.

All my love!

Think on these things by precious readers.












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