By: Bradley Loves


The W.H.O. – World Health Organization – having been fully exposed by Donald Trump as a rogue organization that was working at the behest of CHINA, and working against the interests of the American people at the outset of the Corona Virus Pandemic – has decided to come out of hiding and show its true colors!

Having lost much of its financial support and funding from America – the W.H.O. has now gone full NEW WORLD ORDER and is telling the world that children and young as 4 years old should be taught about masturbation and should be taught (by an adult) how to explore their genitals!

Don’t you just wonder who will be applying for those jobs ??


This outrageous directive PROVES that the W.H.O. is fully on board with the RADICAL LEFTISTS AGENDAS of the Democrats and the Socialists who see children as property of the State and does not think that parents are capable of teaching their children properly.

It also leaves little room for GOD and little room for religion inside of its directive!

See this article:


The Christian Institute has slammed World Health Organization (WHO) sexuality education guidance recommending that children under four should receive information about masturbation and their “right to explore gender identities”.

The WHO Regional Office for Europe and Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) document, titled ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’, contains a “Sexuality education matrix” recommending that, among other thing, children aged 0-4 should be given information about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation” and “the right to explore gender

The matrix further recommends that children aged 4-6 should be given information about “same-sex relationships” and the “skills” to “consolidate their gender identity”; that children aged 6-9 should be given information about “the positive influence of sexuality on health and wellbeing”; and children aged 9-12 given information about “first sexual experience” and “gender orientation” as well as the “skills” to “Enable children to… make a conscious decision to have sexual experiences or not”.


The INSANITY does not end there however.  The provably insane BBC – home of Jimmy Saville – is now telling children that there are over 100 genders to chose from!


The WAR for humanities very soul is heating up…, and this WAR is for all the marbles as I’ve so often said!  

THAT is why they want you at home – locked up inside your house!  Because they FEAR YOU!

They are going to try to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER BY DECREE while you are locked away inside of your home – and can not do anything about their decrees to fight back against them.

While you are under the threat of arrest for even leaving your house – (because pandemic) they are going to CHANGE THE WORLD BY DECREE – and when you finally get to leave your house – you will have to have a NEW WORLD ORDER LICENSE to do so – (aka VACCINATION).

Notice to people in Great Britain!


The English people are going to lose their country!

Meanwhile, under the cover of  having no one to see what they are doing – Nigel Farage has tweeted out that he is witnessing huge numbers of MIGRANTS being imported into England with the help of the British Border Police!

Come on people – the WAR FOR CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE WORLD is taking place – and you are sitting at home on the couch watching movies!   Time to get a grip and get into the game – IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A COUNTRY LEFT!


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