Before you read this post – consider this: 

There are many souls who were born here on Earth in the last 70 years that specifically came to help. These souls have VAST KNOWLEDGE.  However, they have NEVER been able to share that knowledge with the masses, and have never been asked a single question by the so-called leaders in Governments across the world as to how to fix things. 

They have never been given the opportunity to do what GOD sent them here to do.  Instead, they have been secretly sought out and “Targeted” – “Harassed” – “Tormented” – “Abused” – “Psychologically Attacked” – and far worse.    By far worse (as in the case of Doctors of Alternative Medicine or scientists who bring forth methods of Alternative Energy) I mean that most of these people simply end up DEAD.

This is how GODS EMISSARIES are being treated by the so-called “leaders” in all of Earth’s Governments as we speak.  So please do not think that GOD has not sent you any help in the last 70 years.

HE sent so many that your minds can not comprehend the number, and the people that YOU put in as your leaders KILLED most of them – and destroyed the lives of the rest.

Unless and until you square yourselves with this – GOD is not going to make your lives any easier – or better in the coming months – because YOU are asleep at the switch and you just don’t CARE (apparently) what happens to those HE sends to give you aid.

The help that came here in the form of many, many, human beings who volunteered to come  were “termed” persons of interest by the worlds Governments and YOUR Governments did in fact look for them. 

They spent BILLIONS of your dollars in top secret and hidden programs looking for them. 

Not to consult with them or to learn anything from them by the way, but instead to “destroy” them and “neutralize” them long before they could say a single word to help the suffering masses. 

They used “LOOKING GLASS” Technologies as a weapon of search and destroy.

This is the corruption that I am talking about, and this is what almost everyone living on Earth – STILL – does not understand and does not want to come to grips with.  GODS EMISSARIES became “targeted” and “tortured” individuals at the hands of Governments, Police, and Agents who worked for YOU!

I will be writing MORE about this later. For now – please read today’s post:


Never before have I seen the type of corruption that we are now experiencing in America. Long have I lived and breathed in the land of the free and the home of the brave and deeply loved what we call America.

Now, all I can see moving around me is pitiful husks of used to be humans who cowardly slink from one place to another keeping their heads down, and trying desperately not get in the way of power-hungry fiends who want to kill most of the adult population on Earth.  They wear their masks only because they have to, and like docile sheep get their shots and vaccinations in order to keep their jobs and not be harassed by sycophantic enforcers of evil.

So many of  those who died to keep this country free and safe are rolling in their graves as we speak. They are looking on from the other side of existence and tears are falling from their eyes as they watch what they could NEVER have believed would take place in this country.

The number of callous and cold hearted men and women who – “SOLD OUT” – who took money and took bribes – who had no use for “people” and instead began to think and believe that “things” and “possessions” were far more important than all the people around them – simply boggles the mind.

Melania Trump puts it perfectly:


A complete reversal of American philosophy and theology has taken place and as a result, America has turned into something dark and evil.  America over the last few decades has become obsessed with Hollywood and the News Media.

The mezmerization that comes as a result of following these Mind Controlled and Satanically inclined “pulpit preachers” and “stars” who – just like the pied piper of Hamlin – are leading all who follow them totally over the cliff and into hell – can not be over stated verbally OR in print. 

It is an accurate assessment of just how far gone so many formerly “good people” really are, and yet they will deny it till their very last breath. They will claim that all of their “actions” and “non-actions” had nothing to do with where we are as a NATION, as a PEOPLE, and as a CULTURE.

They could not be more in error and GOD is watching everything.

The “philosophy” and the “theology” of SATANISM has taken over here in America. The troubling thing here is that very few people actually realize or understand what satanism really is.  Here is a short video from Mark Passio to help us with that. If anyone should KNOW what modern day satanism is – he would.



People have got to get just WHERE the New Age really came from.  Most of the “books” all across the New Age were written by high level Satanists.  I know – believe me – that this is a very unpopular point of view.  And this is why people who follow the New Age literally have a melt down when they come fact to face with this fact.

They will DENY it immediately.

This is why New Age blogs who do nothing for you, and give you “advice” that only works part of the time – are highly popular and actually make lots and lots of money.  They are  handing out feel good candy to people who are addicted to “good feelings” and only want to hear what makes them happy. 

They only want to hear that they have done nothing wrong, and that they are NOT responsible for how the world looks at this moment in time when in fact every single one of their thoughts, words, and deeds is what helped to CREATE what we are now seeing.


Without the help of people like Barack Obama, who as President did everything that he could do to wipe GOD from the minds and hearts of all Americans, and without the help of so many other so-called figures of authority and finance who took the money from the likes of the Rockerfellers whose only goal was to control all Americans, and most especially control what they “think” – this could not and would not have happened.

America has been brought to its knees


There is no other way to say it that is honest and to the point.

COMFORT and LOVE OF THINGS – instead of love of people is the single most driving reason behind the rotting of our country from the inside. And whether you know it or not – the LOVE OF THINGS OVER PEOPLE is SATANIC in its origins.

What we are seeing play out in the present is merely the RESULT of what has been seeded and planted in this country over the last 40 years.

Once Bush Sr. took the reins of power – and gave the nod to the New World Order – the destruction of America in the future was fully guaranteed IF no one was going to step forward and put a stop to it.


It was a two-fold punch in the gut of America.  On the one hand – seek out and destroy all of the “good people” who came to help – and on the other hand make certain that those placed into positions of power were wholly compromised, bribed, and willing to sell out.

Until you understand this – you can NOT get the changes you want.  You must realize and understand just how EVIL this all was – and who did this to you!

More will be coming…

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